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A simple trick that can help manage iPhone battery life is to set the battery percentage remaining to be visible. Making this change will give you a much better immediate visual indicator of remaining battery life, as well as giving you a rough idea of how much battery certain activities are using. This is one of those settings that I wish was just on by default, and I usually make the change on friends and families iPhones when I see it off on their devices too. Perhaps what would be even more useful would be a time remaining indicator, similar to what battery details you can view in the Mac menu bar, which updates how much time is left on the Mac battery depending on how the computer is used. Show Remaining Battery Life in the Mac OS X Menu BariPhone Battery Percentage Stuck Not Updating on 6s or 6s Plus?
But immediately below is a new category named Storage that contains Used, Available and Manage Storage items.
Contrary to what this article says, the percentage remaining button is not present on iPod Touch, irrespective of the version of iOS. You can enable battery percentage settings on iPad 2 to show the percentage value with the battery icon, so you know exactly how much battery charge is left. Now you will notice battery percentage value with iPad battery icon on the top-right corner. With HTC BlinkFeeda„?, get all your favourite content streamed live onto your home screen, that includes your social networking updates (and now Instagram), calendar invites and all your favourite news feeds. Long press the subject on your camera display that you want to capture, then release your finger once it's locked.
HTC Video Highlights automatically selects the highlights of an event to craft a stunning 30-second show. With the new update, we've included quick settings that allow you to access the most frequently used options in a jiffy.

There are 12 quick access shortcuts to the most commonly used settings like WiFi, Bluetooth and even taking a screeenshot. Do remember to check that box for "Update over Wi-Fi only" which helps conserve your data usage. Android smartphones have a built-in battery analysis tool that displays applications and widgets that consume the most energy.
Download and install the app called Battery (by developer MacroPinch) from the Google Play store. Ever wanted to know the exact percentage of battery life that your iPhone has remaining, and wondered how to turn that on? You will now see a page with information on the the usage of your iPhone including time since last charge, standby time, call time and data usage. That's it, you will now see the percentage of battery life remaining in the top notification bar throughout the operating system screens. This is mostly because its iPhone users who drain down their battery and wonder how much is left, or how much longer the phone has until it’s at a certain level. The percent indicator updates both as the battery is draining down, and as the battery is charging. For example, a 10% drop in battery life is clearly noticeable when the percentage indicator is shown, but without the percent, that sort of change is usually impossible to detect by looking at the icon alone or directly watching usage per charge. That would be a really great feature to add to the iPhone, but for now you’ll just have to enable the percentage and start to learn how usage impacts battery life. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! For more options, simply tap on the "a€¦" key and you'll go straight into the settings page.

While our battery meter displays in a nice graphic, how full your battery is, you will be able to get a battery percentage meter on your status bar. And if live lyrics* are available for the song, they will show on the screen, line by line so you can sing along. Out of the box, the iPhone has a battery meter which is a graphical representation of a battery. We’re going to change this so the percentage of battery charge is always visible both on the lock screen and home screen of iOS, right alongside the battery icon. Another hugely helpful trick in that front is watching the per-app battery usage indicators in iOS too, which can show you what are the hogs sucking down battery life, which are often things like 3D games and video. Not only have we improved the HTC One experience, we've also provided the best of the HTC One features to our previous devices. See your missed calls, messages, or interact with your emails, calendar and other widgets directly and never miss something important again and respond immediately.
You can now have an accurate reading to ensure that you're kept abreast of how much more juice you have left.
This helps you preserve your battery if you forgot to leave it charging as you sleep, and it helps control your data usage too! This will give you a much better idea of how much of a charge is remaining on the iPhone, and also how charged up the phone is before you head out the door.

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