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Chris Chavez reports similar up-and-down performance, with his first day being a bit dreadful, but the second day faring a lot better.
Our developer, Steve, also decided to chime in, though you should note his statistics are a bit skewed.
T-Mobile Tuesdays has been off to a rough start ever since it was announced, after another disappointing week, it may be time to pull the plug or change the process.
With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s launch right around the corner, we now have a detailed look at the next version of TouchWiz which could be pre-installed on the phone when it shows up in early August. If you were waiting for the HTC-build Nexus phones this fall, you might want to wait a bit longer. Want to view your smartphone notifications on your computer, send a text from your computer or seamlessly transfer files between your Android device and your computer?
See past editions of Android Wallpaper This week marked the 20th anniversary that the Nintendo 64 first became available in Japan.
The Yahoo Mail for Android app has received a pretty substantial update that is rolling out to everyone’s devices starting today.
View the infographic to the right to learn what you can do to increase the battery life of your wheelchair or scooter. After a quick stint in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tim moved to Austin, Texas at the ripe age of one. Just like the iPhone, Android operated phones use battery life in a number of different ways. In contrast to the iPhone, Android OS users say it is best to charge your battery whenever you can.
If you have a phone with an AMOLED screen, like in Samsungs, HTCs or Nokias, there is no backlight in the phone, and each individual pixel is turned off or on. Even though most iPhone users swear by auto-brightness, it can actually be brighter than what you need in most instances.
The biggest drain on any cell phone battery is the screen, so set your black out time to as short as possible.
When you are sleeping, or in the rare instance you don’t have your phone with you, there is no need to be using data via WiFi or cell coverage.
If you aren’t traveling, or are at home with WiFi, you can turn off GPS and your cell coverage.
This can be done manually instead of automatically, and likely the data stored on your phone doesn’t changed so drastically that it needs to be updated every hour.

Used together, we hope these tips will save you a great deal of life in your phone battery.
The non-touch version of the Dell XPS 13 lasted for a very strong 11 hours and 54 minutes on the Laptop Battery Test, which involves continuous surfing over Wi-Fi at 100 nits of brightness. In December 2015, Dell released a BIOS update the improved the XPS 13’s battery life by almost 25 percent. The display on the XPS 13 can get quite bright, registering 318 nits on our light meter. The display is one of the largest power drains on any computer, and keeping it at 100 percent brightness is a sure way to burn through your battery.
The XPS 13’s battery settings offer an option to lower your TDP, which stands for Thermal Design Power. When we ran the Laptop Mag Battery Test at 100 nits of brightness (our standard for the test) but with Low TDP settings, the XPS 13 lasted 12:38, 44 minutes longer than our original test.
We run our battery test on a 802.11ac Wi-Fi network, which is the latest version of the wireless standard.
His latest cycle was interrupted by a decent period of charging, so the 22 hours you see in his screenshot (below) probably isn’t the best representative of true battery life.
We’ll be keeping an eye on battery life over the next few days for our full review, but we want to get an early idea of how things are going for the rest of you.
No matter your console affiliation, there’s no denying the profound impact the Nintendo 64 had on the world of gaming. For Samsung, Motorola and LG owners (to name a few) knowing how to minimize battery use is a great deal different than with an iPhone. The Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery (either of which is in most Android operated phone) does not have the same “memory” that the iPhone battery does, and therefore does NOT remember when you last charged your phone, or what strength your battery was at. If you have a lock-screen or home-screen background that is black or dark, the pixels will basically just be turned off, therefore conserving your battery. A phone that blacks out in 30 seconds will save a great deal of battery life versus a phone that blacks out in two minutes.
You can set your sleep mode to be between specific times of the day, or change it manually. You can also turn off your WiFi roaming while you are traveling and keep your phone from doing search after search trying to find a connection. Whether they are updating the app itself, or refreshing new information, they are most likely using battery power. If you use this feature often, we understand that might not be feasible, but if you don’t, you can change the setting so that your phone is only listening while you are in the Google app.

However, when you use the laptop, its endurance will vary, based on the screen brightness, the workload and your configuration (the 4K screen gets much lower battery life).
Our review unit went from 9 hours and 37 minutes to 11 hours and 54 minutes. Go here to find out if you require a BIOS update and to learn how to install it. We tried dimming it to 10 percent (20 nits), which was dark but still legible, and the laptop ran for ran 38 minutes longer, a total of 12:32.
When we ran our tests at 100 percent brightness, the laptop ran for 9 hours flat, losing almost three potential hours of use. This is the highest amount of heat that your CPU will produce when running, and the CPU tends to produce more heat at high performance level.
We ran Geekbench 3 on low TDP settings to see if performance would take a hit, but didn’t see any noticeable difference. Today has been a bit more mild for me, though I have yet to go through a full charge and discharge cycle so I can’t get an accurate beeline just yet. That means it uses the power of Chrome, but it doesn’t get lost in the mix of the Chrome browser. The dashboard shows you every piece of information that Google collects and associates to your Google account and gives you the opportunity to review and delete items as you please. Of course they are eventually going to need to be replaced, but there is a lot that a customer can do to extend the life of a set of batteries. If you lower your TDP, your CPU won’t perform as strongly, but it may save some battery life. If you’re running intensive programs, you may see some stuttering when utilizing this function. If you have an 802.11ac network, try to keep your XPS 13 (or any laptop that supports it) connected to it for a potential battery bump. Whatever the case may be, reports are all over the place and we’re wondering how things have been faring for those of you who were able to get a Nexus 5 unit by now.
We are sure that if you search, there are even more ways to extend the life of your battery.

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