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If you own the phone, feel free to jump into your Google Play store and check for updates to apps. According to the changelog, the update not only brings a patch to reduce data usage, but it aims to reduce power consumption as well.
Do we know if a tweak there will be enough to drastically or at least recognizably alter battery life for the better? Sorry if this is off topic but has anyone here noticed that chrome or even the stock browser refreshes almost every time you multitask and go back to it?? But I think the features like fast charging and direct compatibility with wireless charging pad, overcomes the issue of battery life. The push update made everything choppier, less smooth, so uninstall, and phone is back to how I like it again. It did not work for me,I used this update this morning and my phone still went from 100% battery life to 83% in less than 5 minutes? AT&T technical support says this is a known issue that Samsung is attempting to remedy further but the battery life as it stands today is still abysmal for me. So, something is actually working, after this push update, I fully charged my Note 4, restarted it and right now at 50% battery, with location services kept on (power save mode) staying on WiFi, auto brightness, sync kept on I’m at 4 hours and 35 minutes (fairly heavy web browsing as usual). Hey Sammy, can you push me that 100 G of Onedrive that Furizon scraped off before it reached me? I think this is more a win from the standpoint that they are updating devices without an ota update.
Truly amazing no one in this thread knows what Samsung Push Service is, not even Droid-Life who is posting about it. Yea, tell me again how 4-5 SOT is bad battery life for a 2550 mah batter, with over a day of standby!
That makes sense, though I have no explanation for the observed improvement (though I’ll not complain that it improved!). I think we’ve both commented in a couple of those threads now that I see your handle. Well for people who don’t have it disabled, this update stops the app from chewing through battery I would guess. So far with Lollipop I have definitely noticed worse battery life on my Note 4, Tab S, N7 2013 and N10. I think lollipop in general, despite project Volta (fail) is the primary culprit in piss poor battery life. And see, I was under the impression that improved battery life was supposed to be one of the promises of Lollipop. I actually found that I had a relatively large jump in screen on time (nearly 1 hour additionally, I’m now pushing 5 hours) after updating my Find 7 from cm11 to cm12. My Moto X 2nd gen gets about 5hrs of OST a day and I get to teh end of my day from 7:30AM to when I get home 7PM and still have 20% lefts. Seems to me that battery life seems to be much worse on backported devices than it is on newer devices designed around Lollipop. PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates.
From a new Ultra Power Saving mode to taking control of screen brightness and apps there are many ways to get better Galaxy S5 battery life without buying an extended battery or giving up the features that you love. This guide will show Samsung Galaxy S5 owners how to make the included Galaxy S5 battery last longer so there is no need to carry around a spare battery or to spend the money on an extended Galaxy S5 battery. This guide will show you how to get better Galaxy S5 battery life by changing small features and limiting when your phone connects and uses power. Users can pull down on the notification bar with two fingers for fast access to many of these settings, so it is easy to toggle them on and off as needed. This is the easiest way to get better Galaxy S5 battery life without switching up settings on a regular basis.
Set the display to auto brightness most of the time, and dial it down lower when you need to. You can also turn auto off and manually turn down the brightness, but the sensors are good enough that it makes more sense to use the Auto mode. The Galaxy S5 Power Saving Mode is one way to limit the phone to get better Galaxy S5 battery life. Turn this on by pulling the Notification drawer down by two fingers and tapping on Power Saving Mode. Set Power Saving Mode to turn on automatically to start saving battery life when it hits 20% left.
Choose to Block Background data if you want to maximize battery life while preventing alerts from apps that check for email and notifications in the background. You won’t want this on at all times, but it is handy to use when battery life is super important. Samsung packs in an even bigger power saver mode that can turn 5% of battery life into 24 hours of standby time. Ultra Power Saving Mode turns the display black and white, and limits apps for extreme battery savings. Don’t use this mode all the time, but when you need one tap to incredible Galaxy S5 battery life, this is the option to enable. Controlling how long the screen stays on when you set the Galaxy S5 down is an easy way to get better battery life without giving up any features.
Bluetooth and HFC are great for connecting to cars, the Gear Fit, headphones, speakers or for making a mobile payment, but if you really want to boost battery life you will need to turn them off. You can kill multitasking apps to see if that helps, but if an app is bad you may be better off looking for a replacement than continually closing multitasking apps. If you want to boost battery life at the expense of precise location info you can switch from using GPS for the location to using WiFi and mobile networks only. The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a collection of battery saving software, but if you install the free SnapDragon Battery Guru software you’ll see better S5 battery life with changes you rarely notice. This is an app that works on any Snapdragon powered device, and delivered great results on the Galaxy S4, and early tests show it is helpful on the Galaxy S5 as well. I am quite impressed with 2800mAh battery of my 1 month old Galaxy S5 that after full charged on qi wireless charger runs throughout the day.

Great tips but I don’t see the option to automatically switch on Power Saving Mode when the battery reaches are certain point like you have in the screen capture. The Galaxy S6 Edge may tick a lot of boxes, but on paper, therea€™s at least one area where Samsunga€™s curved flagship could be undone: the battery life. Samsung claims the handset will survive an entire day in the right conditions, but just how good is the battery life? My initial experience withA the battery life was that, like with most smartphones, the first few days can be misleading. When considering how best to determine the average battery life, I thought about how the average consumer a€“ i.e. Using this average use case an example, the Galaxy S6 Edge average battery life is 14 to 18 hours battery life with screen auto brightness set to between 40 and 60 percent. Therea€™s one big issue with the Galaxy S6 Edge though: using the handset for gaming or video playback does drain the battery. I mentioned screen on time and this leads me to a debate that appeared on the most recent FDP episode of the AA podcast. If you happen to use your display more often, Ia€™ve found that an increase in screen on time to between four and five hours will reduce the overall battery life by about three hours.
The battery life on the Galaxy S6 Edge has certainly been interesting, and, as a Samsung user, the lack of removable battery was always going to be a challenge.
While Ia€™ve been testing the battery life, there have been times where I couldna€™t charge overnight and Ia€™d wake up with nowhere near enough for a full day.
Yes ita€™s certainly not perfect and yes, it wona€™t be good enough for everyone, but,A for me, Ia€™m willing to make the small sacrifice of battery life for the other positives a€“ and therea€™s a lot of them a€“ of the S6 Edge. Let us know your thoughts.A What’s your average battery life and screen on time from your experience so far? Then buy a phone that matches your most important feature rather than complaining about a phone that you want to buy but can’t because of your limited view of your most important feature. I bought it when I went to rural Spain, hired a car with sat nav, but the sat nav died four hours after picking it up. I have to agree with this, although sadly this does mean that many phones released so far in 2015 are all effectively hard to justify unless you just accept defeat, and buy a large portable battery charger to keep you going a full day. At the end of the day, the ONLY way to make a phone last a full day with ease is to include a larger battery in the first place and it’s disappointing to see batteries going the other way as manufacturers all decide that we want super-thin phones (that can potentially bend) if we carry on using them the same way we did on the phones we had before them.
What are you doing with your miserable life that you spend 5-5.5 hours a day looking at your phone?
I watched episodes of game of thrones and OLEDs consume almost no power while watching video.
This Samsung Galaxy S3 battery is massive, fitting into the back of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and spilling over the back to offer up a much larger phone.
The ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 case comes in black, white and blue and even supports NFC so users can keep using Google Wallet and S Beam. The official Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery arrived in late December with a 3,000 mAh rating. This is quite exciting to see these new techniques for extending battery life work, and we can only hope that other manufacturers will adopt this same method – the longer our smartphone battery lasts, the happier we are. The one thing I did notice is the temp has dropped phone is almost cold now before this it always seemed to be luke warm. The phone is incredible looking but unfortunately they had to seal the battery and that is a dealbreaker for me. I will probably end up upgrading to the G4 when it comes out, that leather looks fantastic. That’s with a few phone calls and lots of Google music streaming over Bluetooth mixed in.
One of the nice features about this phone is the ability to remove the back and swap a battery, but most users prefer better Galaxy S5 battery life over carrying around a second battery. Unlike many of these options, this actually changes the performance of the device and when items sync. If you tap and hold you will see the options and settings that are good to change as needed. This turns the screen black and white, limits the apps that are running and data usage so that the phone will last as long as possible. If your Galaxy S5 battery life drops dramatically you should check to see what apps are using most of your battery life. Thanks for sharing the vital tactics to improve battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5.
The handset is powered by a 2600 mAh battery and unlike past SamsungA devices, ita€™s not removable. Since the handset launched on April 10th, Ia€™ve been testing the battery life; Ia€™ve already shared my first experience followed by an update a fewA days later but now ita€™s time to look back at the past four weeks and answer the real question everyone has been asking a€“ just how long can you expect the battery to last? At first it lasted 14 hours, then dropped rapidly to 8 hours as soon as the brightness was turned up then rose up to just shy of 24 hours as the screen brightness was reduced. Now this includes between 3 and 4 hours of screen-on-time (a topic Ia€™ll touch on below) and various email accounts, information streams and social networks syncing all day.
Ia€™ve found that watching a movie for two hours at full brightness can use 35 percent of your battery or more.
In fact, all camera usage results in lower battery life as opening the camera automatically puts the handset at full brightness.A This was definitely a problem during the recent trip to Malta for the IFA 2015 GPC but one potential solution to this is Quick Charge-enabled portable chargers. As we discussed, screen on time is highly subjective and often a number that gets branded about without being clearly explained.
If you increase the brightness to full brightness but keep auto brightness on, the total battery life drops to an average of between 14 and 16 hours while full brightness can halve the total battery life or worse.
Yet ita€™s proved easier to handle that I thought mainly due to Quick Charging, which has meant I can charge the handset quickly when I need to. This is where Quick Charging comes in; a 30-minute charge can add up to 50 percent to the battery life, while you can charge to full in 80 minutes or less.
If this average battery life wona€™t work for you, luckily not all OEMs have dropped removable batteries and the LG G4 is probably the best alternative to the Galaxy S6 Edge. Not everyone has an outlet around all day, so a phone with poor battery life will be basically useless as it will be dead halfway through the day.

As in a full day, where you use it just as you want to and don’t hold back on doing certain things, or turning features of the device off and activating every power saving feature there is, turning the screen brightness down so you can no longer see it outdoors, and restricting the use of mobile data in favour of Wi-Fi etc. Given the ability to reduce the hardware inside, surely someone needs to use common sense and use the space saved to pack in a bigger battery – not reduce the phone size?
For instance, a few times, I accompanied my pupils on excursions and between taking photographs, whatsapping and sharing media via 4g, my iPhone could easily drop from 90+% to 20% by noon.
The biggest issue I have with all battery tests is that it’s assumed a lot of the time is on Wi-Fi. I watched 2 episodes of game of Thrones and AMOLED screens consume very less power in watching videos. That said, the Galaxy S3 extended battery includes a TPU plastic case that fits over the back of the phone and wraps around to the front for a more ergonomic feel. Adding the ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy S3 battery with a 7,000 mAh rating will bulk up the Galaxy S3 considerably. This model will help some users get through a full day, with a Galaxy Note 2 sized power rating, but it can’t match up to the power packed into this extended Galaxy S3 battery. Take a look at the chart below and please let us know on our Google + Page what you think of this latest battery saving technique and also, what kind of battery life are you experiencing with your own Galaxy S5.
First Samsung phone and it’s a great phone however the constant refresh is really starting to suck.
I’d usually end up with 5 hours 30 mins screen on time and some times a hair over 6 hours. Again this could all be in my head but only dropped 4% in one hour of just random usage, I don’t recall my battery being that good. I set animations to half, besides that nothing, my battery seems fine, chsrges apeshit fast. Most users have no idea how to interpret battery stats and assume all updates must make things go faster and last longer, with no truly objective means of evaluation.
This is especially true if you don’t have a bag that you carry with you all-day every day. On the next screen you can slow down the processor, reduce screen performance turn off the lights on the buttons and turn off GPS to save battery life. If it is not an essential app you may need to simply uninstall it or at least look for updates. After reading this, I came to know that by just reducing the brightness also saves the battery of device.
So forA this piece I am trying to give you a better idea of what the averageA battery life on the S6 Edge is.
From my knowledge, this often means using their phone in the morning and on the way to work, at lunch and then after work, through until the end of the day. This reduces average total battery life to 13 hours, which wouldna€™t be enough in our average use case. From my experience, an average screen on time of 3 to 4 hours on the S6 Edge is satisfactory from a full daya€™s use as I dona€™t spend the entire day on my handset. I, for example, have to walk around town a lot almost everyday and I rely heavily on Google Maps, which is obviously an app that drains battery pretty quickly. Qi charging won’t be fast enough, and I can see the latest crop of phones really increasing battery anxiety levels. Okay, there are some phones from Lenovo, Acer and Motorola has put in large batteries before (Plus Huawei has the 3,600mAh battery in its Honor 6 Plus) but what about from the ‘big boys’? Or recording my lesson for an observation for 45 minutes easily drains more than 50% of the battery. My usage patterns are as above, used on Wi-Fi briefly before work (at home) then all the rest of the day used on breaks at work, and to and from work, on 4g.
The couple times I’ve been largely away from WiFi and using lots of 4G for a day or more, my battery life was remarkably worse. Could it be that Samsung has actually built a solid device, despite the jabs being given to it about the “Band-Aid” looking back on the device?
And while a number of you are reporting better-than-average battery life, we are still holding out hope that Samsung can do something to improve the entire situation. I had attributed that to Lollipop as both tablets have ART enabled but only one is running Lollipop.
This is designed for keeping the phone going for the last couple of hours before you get home or while you are a long ways from power. With Ultra Power Saving Mode the Galaxy S5 will no longer use data when the screen is off and this also disables WiFi and Bluetooth as well as limits what apps can run. When I am working, sleeping, or driving, I don’t really care about background processes and apps. I also take lots of pictures every day, and if the S6 is supposed to be the camera phone everyone says it is, then it should have had a bigger battery as everyone knows smartphone cameras draw lots of energy. Yet with a thinner, light phone and a battery pack, I have the option of deciding between a more portable handset, or a duo-combo which affords way longer battery life when I need it. You’d figure that with 3GB the pages will always be there unless you physically close the app and relaunch. Throughout the day it changes from inside to outside and light to dark to make sure you can still see the screen and get better battery life. However, this is more the exception than the norm, and is not indicative of a typical day’s needs.
I’ve never had a job where this is an option, so have to think mainly about the 4g use.
It makes the phone last sooo much longer.WIFI is almost everywhere, so I rarely even need to turn on my data plan. My htc one m7 gets only about 2 hours max screen on time this way, so hoping the s6 will be a big improvement. We are talking about web browsing using a WiFi hotspot or LTE network, as in both cases the iPhone 5 is the clear winner.The Samsung Galaxy S4 has two advantages when it comes to battery life, longer talk time and it can stay a wake more while being used as a mobile hotspot.

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