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The Microsoft Band is now in the hands of thousands of users but with limited time upfront, it was hard to determine if Microsoft's claim of 48 hours of battery life was simply marketing, or a fact. During this time window, we used all of the device's features except for the GPS tracking. While there are other dedicated devices that do less but can run longer, this is about twice as long as you would get on a typical smartwatch too. The quoted statistics for any given phone are all but meaningless because it is impossible to take into account the myriad app configurations and usage patterns that exist.
At the moment there is too much focus on creating devices that are wafer thin and feather light.
People who are running few or undemanding apps can opt for regular capacity battery versions of their preferred handset, while those with greater needs could plump for one with a larger battery. Part 2 of our Microsoft Surface coverage includes tons of battery life analysis, a look at what it takes to slow down Tegra 3 in Windows RT, a demonstration of the first tablet able to extend the Windows Desktop, and some clarification of display quality. Last week we published our first impressions of and experiences with Microsoft's new Surface tablet in Microsoft Surface Review, Part 1: Performance And Display Quality.
The Surface does surprisingly well in our first test, which looks at battery life during the playback of an H.264-encoded movie at 50% volume. As some of you have noticed in past tablet reviews, our Web browsing benchmark is more taxing than the video playback workload. As a result the Surface touches six hours of battery life in our second suite, topping a number of the tablets it previously lost to. Here's the thing, though: we ran those figures with each tablet's display set to maximum brightness. So, we take the extra time to go back and run the same tests with each tablet fixed to the same luminance level. When we switch over to Web browsing and music playback, the Surface runs for two hours longer than it did at maximum brightness. Powerful graphics architectures make lightweight gaming a reality on today's tablets and smartphones.
We've found this game to be unforgiving of Tegra 3-based tablets because it's specifically optimized for Nvidia's SoC, taxing it with additional quality enhancements.
As the Surface delivers comparable battery life as Apple's third-gen iPad, it also impresses by enabling much speedier recharging times. For every minute you spend browsing the Web and playing music on the iPad, you need to spend the same amount of time charging it back up. The Asus Vivo Tab is much better than Microsoft's own version of surface, the display is much brighter, the keyboard dock has a battery, usb and SD card inputs.
I hate when I'm looking at a computer screen and from that trying to see which picture is better of another computer screen. Keeping in mind that most of Tom's Hardware writers use Macbooks, iPhones and iPads, so they're immediately in love with any kind of walled garden.
One of the reasons Microsoft created Windows RT was because they wanted to get Windows into the tablet space. With fairly heavy use (lots of browsing, Jetpack Joyride), I get 9 to 10 hours out of it as well.
Microsoft has finally come out with some definite pricing information about the Surface Pro.
While responding to a query from a Twitter user, Microsoft mentioned that the new Surface Pro will have just about half the battery life of the Surface RT.

The Surface RT was tested and found to be quite impressive with its average 8 hours of battery life over standard use.
Rajib Mukherjee is a freelance article writer specializing on technology, digital photography & travel related topics. With dual 100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries, there is not a lot of juice in this device but our early testing shows that you can get more than 48 hours out of your Band. But, if you turn GPS tracking off while doing your runs, you can get longer than 48 hours out of your Band. It was not until 3 PM on Sunday that we had to put the Band back on the charger, roughly 52 hours after it was last charged with continuous use.
We had all of our desired notifications turned on, heart rate monitoring on and even slept with the device too.
Whether you’ve opted for an iPhone, a Lumia handset or a device running Android, the chances are you’re not going to switch allegiances no matter what others may do or say to try to convince you otherwise. Apple, Samsung, HTC et al keep releasing slightly tweaked versions of last year’s handset, perhaps adding a faster processor, a larger screen and more memory. In spite of this, there are probably very few smartphone owners (or tablet owners for that matter) who feel their device's charge lasts for long enough. Bigger, better and faster is always requested, and it seems that battery technology is failing to keep pace. Yet the ever-growing market for rechargeable battery packs and cases with built-in backup batteries shows that many people don’t mind carrying around some extra bulk.
Fatten up the iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7 with a bigger battery and -- despite complaints about needing more juice -- there would almost certainly be protests from people unhappy at the extra weight and bulk. It's something that would be made easier and cheaper to achieve if more manufacturers stepped away from the idea of sealed-unit phones with integrated, non-replaceable batteries and made the power pack something that could be easily switched out.
There is a lot that can be done to improve the efficiency of apps with code optimization -- too many apps have grown into sprawling, bloated behemoths that need taming.
The option of dropping a camera in favor of clipping in a higher capacity battery empowers the customer with choice. In that piece, we covered the platform's underlying (familiar) Tegra 3 SoC, a handful of browser-based benchmarks, and an analysis of display performance at maximum brightness.
We have a comprehensive look at battery life with the tablet at maximum brightness, and then normalized to 200 nits, a second analysis of Windows RT, a demonstration of external monitor support, initial experiences gaming on the Surface, and additional discussion of display quality. Microsoft's tablet lasts for more than seven hours, besting a number of notable tablets, but trailing behind some of today's most popular models like the third-gen iPad and Nexus 7.
This is because most SoCs are able to offload the most intensive aspects of the decode pipeline. This is problematic in its own right, since we'd be inclined to dial up the brightness on a low-gamut display.
Although that's an hour less than the Nexus 7, the delta between both devices is narrower here than it was at maximum brightness. Unfortunately, it's difficult to pin down cross-platform tests because there are so few games that run on iOS, Android, and Windows RT. If you game on the Transformer Prime or Nexus 7, you'll see additional details like water splashes that don't show up on other tablets. You can browse the Web at full brightness for six hours, and then spend three hours to charge back up to 100% capacity again.
This SoC is already outdated.I wouldnt buy a device today which i know is going to be upgraded in a few months with atleast a better SoC, and probably a better display.

Along with that we also have a few bits and pieces of information about the hardware itself, thanks to the official Twitter account of the company. With this statement from Microsoft users can expect to use the Surface Pro for 4 hours straight before needing to re-charge it. The power of Windows, the productivity of Office Home & Student 2013 RT Preview, and the joy of Xbox – not to mention apps, social media, music, and more. It would be naive to think that phone manufacturers are not heavily invested in advancing battery technology, but worrying about whether a charge will last the day is something that plagues us all. The faster processor, the bigger screen, the more graphic-intensive games suck up battery power greedily.
If you've opted for a charging case such as those from Mophie, would you not prefer that a larger battery was just built into the phone by default? There are also other avenues to investigate such as integrated kinetic charging which could help to keep a battery topped up throughout the day. The point is that there is much more that could be done to help smartphones make it through the day without needing a charge, even under heavy usage. However, it's not a scientific-enough measurement to stand alone because each tablet's screen is different, resulting in different maximum brightness levels.
Riptide GP is a rare exception, which makes it possible for us to use the game to test battery life. Interestingly, though, the Surface outperforms the other Tegra 3-based models, even exceeding the third-gen iPad's battery life, all the while giving you better visuals. We're only missing one piece of this power puzzle: what impact does charging more quickly have on the Surface's battery's longevity?
Yet, with a higher resolution display and a more powerful processor beating away at its heart, it is not surprising to hear about the reduced battery life. However, once the new Surface Pro is available it shall be thoroughly tested to see how the battery performs in real life conditions. Surface is also cloud-connected with SkyDrive, so you can access your content from anywhere, at any time. Use your phone for little more than making the odd call and sending texts, and you'll almost certainly make it through the day without an issue, but factor in web browsing and playing the occasional game of Candy Crush and you could probably watch battery percentage dropping before your very eyes.
If you're carrying around a battery pack and a USB cable, would it not be easier if your phone's battery was of a higher capacity to start with?
Apple has shown that people like a choice of screen sizes, and most manufacturers give consumers a choice of storage capacity. She just plugs in an extra monitor and USB hub (for full-size keyboard and mouse), and she is all set for productivity. This is however going to disappoint users who were hoping that the Surface Pro would have a slightly better battery life compared to the earlier model. We did not experience any hardware limitation related issues (obviously office doesn't start as fast as it does on a x86 PC with SSD).Based on our experience with the Surface RT I will definitely buy a Surface Pro for myself (I need Office with macros and addins for work) and hopefully finally have a PC that works both as a productivity tool as well as entertainment gadget.

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