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This business-oriented Ultrabook hybrid is a successful marriage of Yoga design and ThinkPad durability, features, and docking options.
The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga isna€™t as slim or sexy as its colorful consumer-oriented sibling, the IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro, nor does it have the Yoga 2 Pro's alluring 3820-by-1200-pixel display. The ThinkPad Pro also has an innovative "Lift 'n Lock" feature that raises the frame surrounding its backlit keyboard so that ita€™s flush with the keys when the laptop is in tent or tablet mode. The Yoga comes in a pedestrian gray case with rounded corners, unlike the sleek tapered design of the Yoga 2 Pro. Where is it written that business laptops can't have sexy looks or come in a color scheme other than gray or black? But the ThinkPad Yoga is too heftya€”it weighs 3.52 poundsa€”for extended hand-held tablet use. Despite its clever lift-up keyboard, I just couldn't bring myself to place the machine in stand or tablet modes on the kitchen table or anywhere liquid or crumbs might get into the downward-facing keyboard.
The ThinkPad Yoga didn't deliver the highest Worldbench 8.1 score we've seen in this class, but it's certainly not a weakling. But the ThinkPad Yoga's secret weapon is the excellent pressure-sensitive pen it ships with.
The dock is a must-have for big-monitor junkies and peripheral collectors, and a major reason to choose the ThinkPad Yoga over the Yoga 2 Pro. The ThinkPad Yoga delivered a Worldbench 8.1 score of 287, which is typical of this category. Battery life came in at a so-so 5 hours and 40 minutes, which is slightly better than the Yoga 2 Pro's 5:29, but more than an hour less than Della€™s comparably priced and similarly equipped XPS 12 Convertible, (although the XPS 12 doesna€™t have that useful pen digitizer). Business users will appreciate the ThinkPad Yoga for its rugged design, double-jointed hinge, versatile dock, better-than-average performance, and vaunted ThinkPad keyboard. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Having spent over a month with the Lenovo VIBE X2, I got to test the smartphone in its day-to-day usage. If you’re not up to watching the video above, the vibrant coloured wallpaper on the Lenovo VIBE UI matches the tone of the smartphone itself. As with Android UI, you swipe down to reveal the Notification Shade, which houses shortcut toggles (ie, WiFi, Mobile Data connection, Sound profiles etc) as well as any alerts and notification. As you’d expect some bloatware pre-installed apps on any smartphones these days, there are a number of those here on the VIBE X2.
Navigate to the Settings menu, and you’ll come across a number of these cool features. The beauty of Android is the ability to customise your phone’s UI, skin, theme, wallpaper etc, any way you want. Overall though, I can’t quite pin point that one USP (Unique Selling Point) that sets the VIBE X2 from its competition.
The lens at the back of the VIBE X2 is a 13 megapixel camera that shoots 1080p video; and the front camera is a 5 megapixel camera.
The VIBE X2 lets you snap brilliant 13MP photos and 5MP selfies with a new simplified interface. In my review, images are clear and crisp from both front and rear camera in broad daylight and great lighting conditions.Check the front cam picture of me and my dog, clear and nice, right?
However, when you’re indoor, lighting is not great, or worst, at night time, both front and rear camera struggles to focus and capture a decent image, unfortunately.
In my test, as a moderate to heavy user, I came out impressed with the battery life of the VIBE X2.
I easily managed a full work day use with the VIBE X2, until I got home at the end of the day to charge it. It took some getting used to, but I got attached to the way the Battery Life is displayed on the VIBE X2. In my opinion, while good hardware, decent software and features are crucial, I feel the VIBE X2 needs more to make this a strong contender in the market of so many mid-range devices.
If you’re in the lookout for a mid-range device, with Dual SIM support, you would be swarmed with choices, unfortunately.
The Lenovo VIBE X2 is a decent phone, I have recommended this to friends who wants an inexpensive phone, or students looking for a decent priced phone, but it’s hard to ignore the competition. About WinnieWinnie Chen-Head aka WinnieKepala is "THE" Female Tech Blogger in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Lenovo Y50 is a bargain among gaming laptopsa€”provided you can tolerate its subpar display, keyboard, and trackpad. Wea€™ve finally arrived at the long-foretold future where gaming laptops can be slim and light enough to fit comfortably on your lap.

The video card features Nvidiaa€™s Battery Boost technology, which dynamically adjusts the GPUa€™s power draw to keep games at a steady frame rate while putting the lightest load possible on the computera€™s battery.
The left side of the machine features two USB 3.0 slots, an HDMI-out port, Ethernet, and the power input. Much of the problem resides with the Y50a€™s hard drive, which drags down the whole system. The Y50 pumped out a perfectly respectable 92.5 frames per second (fps) when running Battlefield 4 at 1920x1080, medium settings.
As for BioShock Infinite, here the Y50 managed 73 frames per seconda€”slightly better than the Razer Blade Proa€™s 70 frames per second with comparable hardware, although it falls far short of the Alienware 17a€™s 121 frames per second.
The Y50a€™s battery clung to life for three hours and 16 minutesa€”almost exactly the same as the Blade Proa€™s three hours and 18 minutes.
The Y50a€™s performance isna€™t mind-blowing in the grand scheme of things, but bear in mind that I just compared it to two machines that retail for around $2000 each. So what enabled Lenovo to create such a powerful laptop that sells for less than its competitors?
The keyboarda€™s red backlighting is attractive enough, and the keys have a soft and silky finish. On the bright side, the Y50a€™s speakers pump out decent audio with better bass response than the typical treble-heavy laptop speakers deliver. PhonesReviews UK- Mobiles, Apps, Networks, Software, Tablet etcAll about Mobile Phones Reviews & Updates. But this hybrid Ultrabook checks all the must-have business feature boxes, as befits its place in the ThinkPad lineup. Both models have touchscreens with 360-degree hinges, so they can be used in tablet, laptop, stand, and "tent" modes. It's not ugly, but where is it written that business laptops can't have sexy looks or come in a color scheme other than gray or black? I flew cross-country twice during this review, and the "stand" mode, where the screen is upright with the keyboard flat on the table behind it, proved to be perfect for such cramped quarters. Twist-around displays, including Lenovo's own ThinkPad Twist, allow pretty much the same usage modes without the keyboard ever facing down. Its matte finish performs better in sunlight and doesn't show fingerprints as much as the glossy one in the Yoga 2 Pro, but they do still show. I'm firmly in the touchpad camp, and I found the ThinkPad Yogaa€™s five-button glass touchpad to be just average. Another reason is the option to outfit the ThinkPad Yoga with an Intel Wireless-AC 7260 card, as our eval unit was. In fact, ita€™s identical to that of the Yoga 2 Pro we reviewed (which was outfitted with the same CPU, memory, and SSD). Now if Lenovo could just shoehorn an ultra-high-res display into a more-attractive housing, they'd have a hybrid Ultrabook with flash as well as substance.
It’s a rather simplified UI, where you have 4 shortcut icons at the bottom  with multiple homescreens to house widgets and apps.
Apps like UC Browser (I wish everyone should just stick to trusty Chrome), Navigate, Guvera, SCOOP and a bunch of performance management tools like Security, One Key Lock and Clean up.
It moves between screens and apps rather well, even on an (allegedly) low-cost MediaTek processor.
There are increasingly more and more funky, mid-range, solid build, mid-range (price and specs) Android devices out there in the market today.
Multiple shooting modes give you creative flexibility, beautification features keep you looking young, gesture & voice controls let you steady your hand, and anti-distortion components balance selfies perfectly. Images are not edited or resized, so click to view enlarged version, or click HERE to view the full album on Google+. I was hoping for quick focus and great details, but the camera did struggle to focus when I got too close to the subject. As you can see in the screenshot above, it shows you how long your phone was on standby for the day (aka no active usage on my part, but still with push notifications and alerts happening) as well as how long the phone was on active use (ie, phone calls, emails, browsing, social media updates etc).
With Samsung’s plethora of mid-range Android smartphones, HTC has their Desire range of mid-range Androids, you also have a sea of affordable Android phones from the Chinese players to compete with. Blog (written and video) includes all things TECH for the non-tech savvy - news updates, gadget reviews, how-to guides and opinion posts. And Nvidiaa€™s ShadowPlay technology allows you to record game footage without a performance hit.
A hybrid drive is better than a purely mechanical onea€”especially one that spins its platters at just 5400 rpma€”but ita€™s still something of a letdown considering that most gaming laptops are moving exclusively to SSDs. It doesna€™t compare to the raw power of something like the Alienware 17, but thata€™s also a much more expensive machine.

When you move over to gamesa€”in other words, experiences that are less restricted by the hard drivea€”the Y50 begins to hold its own. Youa€™ll need to play games on low settings in a few years, and it will be obsolete soon after that. Thata€™s about 20 minutes longer than the Alienware 17 delivereda€”in other words, ita€™s pretty standard battery life for a gaming laptop. The Y50 is clearly no slouch, and it costs much less than some other laptops delivering equal performance. By shrinking the keys to squeeze in a numeric keypad, however, Lenovo renders typing a pain.
Because ita€™s off-center, I found myself accidentally dragging my left palm or the heel of my thumb across the trackpad while typing.
Manufacturers building computers that retail for much higher prices could learn a thing or two from Lenovoa€™s partnership with JBL.
ThinkPad Yoga adds business-oriented goodies such as a matte Gorilla Glass display, a tough magnesium-alloy case, a port for a desktop docking station, and that classic TrackPoint button in the center of its keyboard. Contrast that with the Yoga 2 Pro, which simply turns it keyboard off when ita€™s flipped around.
The Yoga's hinges are great, not too stiff, and they hold the screen securely at any angle in both tent and stand positions. The stylus proved essential when using the mchine in tablet mode, because many interface elements are just too small for accurate fingertip navigation.
The right side has a second USB 3.0 port, a 4-in-1 card reader, a mini-HDMI port, and a display orientation lock. You can choose different themes, complete with wallpapers and icon packs, as well as customise your Boot Animation, sounds and more. This includes some strong devices from Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei (Honor) and more.
I was quite proud of my grilled lamb dinner, but the camera didn’t do my dinner justice (or make it drool worthy as it is in real life) due to the romantic candlelight dinner setting.
Thata€™s pretty much the same core hardware as the Razer Blade Pro for half the cost, making the Y50 one of the best bang-for-buck mid-priced gaming laptops.
SSDs are expensive, though, so Ia€™m sure that was one of Lenovoa€™s key cost-cutting moves. Ita€™s dim, ita€™s lousy at color reproduction, and it looks even worse when viewed even slightly off-axis. The Enter and Right Shift keys arena€™t liable to give you problems, but the comically small Backspace key probably will.
Even when I could refrain from accidentally triggering the cursor while hammering out a Word document, the trackpada€™s recessed elevation makes for an uncomfortable palm rest. These speakers wona€™t beat any decent pair of headphones or external speakers, but they wona€™t disappoint when youa€™re on the go.
Unfortunately, Lenovo compromised several key componentsa€”the keyboard, trackpad, and (most importantly) the displaya€”in order to offer the Y50 at a mid-range price. On the other hand, these designs are not as rugged as the hinges on Lenovoa€™s Yoga laptops. The 4 coloured multi-layer sides of the phone was a really nice touch, and a clear differentiator to other phones in the market.
This is not including some Lenovo apps like SHAREit and SYNCit which I’ve honestly, not touched. In my opinion, it’s gonna take Lenovo a lot more to make the VIBE X2 a strong contender.
Finally, you can click on the bottom left and right edges of the trackpad, but theya€™re loose enough to produce an unpleasant squawking noise when tapped. The screen is so ugly I found myself not wanting to use the laptop even to watch movies, let alone play games. If you cana€™t tolerate those compromises, you might have to bite the bullet and spend more money for a competitora€™s offering. Despite how little they need to travel to register, I found myself dropping strokes with regularity.

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