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Even at the lowest setting, the Kindle Fire HD has a brilliant screen that’s easily viewable under most conditions.
If you’ve set up the email app to use one of your accounts, by default it will automatically connect to the mail server to check the inbox every 15 minutes. To disable Location-Based Services, open the notification bar and browse to More > Location-Based Services and switch both options to off. When you know you won’t be using Bluetooth, turning it off can add a a bit of battery life. Wireless settings can be accessed in one tap of the screen after swiping down the notification bar.
Replace your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Battery or Keep an Extra Battery on hand as a backup.
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This article will give you 6 tips to increase battery life on a Kindle Fire and some of them can be also used on other handheld devices too.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. All of our used parts are fully tested and in are in Grade A- to A condition unless stated otherwise. Submit your device's serial number or model number to check for compatibility using our built-in system. We have a large selection of free take apart and installation guides on our repair guide page: Mac Repair Guides . Click Here to visit our send-in Mac Service center, or call us at 1-866-726-3342, and ask us to do it for you! Customers who bought this product also bought the following products: This does not necessarily mean these products are compatible with your device. For over 13 years, Powerbook Medic has been providing parts, repair, and service for a variety of gadgets. Amazon is all set to launch the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Fire HD in India tomorrow.
Design and buildThe Fire HD has a strong plastic chassis with an all matte-finish exterior. The display is a large 8.9-inch capacitive 10-point multi-touch IPS LCD panel sporting a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The dual-band Wi-Fi also enhances data traffic by using the 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency, which has the least interference by other devices operating in the 2.4GHz range such as Bluetooth, standard Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, wireless telephones and few others. Lastly, the Kindle Fire HD is powered by a 6000 mAh battery, which is bound to give you continuous usage of up to 10 hours as per Amazon’s claim.
PerformanceAs we mentioned earlier, the Fire HD 8.9 is no alien in the Android Tablet world.
User interfaceThe tablet has no home launcher like those seen on regular Android tablets and smartphones. While most are self explanatory, touching the sync button synchronises the apps you have purchased from the Amazon store while on the PC. The good part is that the apps and files are automatically categorised by the user interface and placed in the respective zones, which makes using the Kindle even easier by eliminating hunting for the apps you need.
On the application front, apps from the Google Play store can be used on the Kindle with great ease. Display and mediaAs mentioned earlier, the display is an advanced IPS LCD panel which can be viewed from almost any possible angle, and this is true. Battery lifeTo gauge the power consumption of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9, we did our battery tests on the built-in 6000 mAh battery. Presently, this is the only premium, dual-core 9-inch tablet available in the market at this price. Yu Yureka Review: Micromax delivers a good, affordable 4G-enabled phablet; Should Xiaomi worry?
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November 20, 2015 by tablet24h NeuTab® N7S is known as a leading product in the world of modern technology. November 10, 2015 by tablet24h Don’t hesitate to take part in the biggest discount occasions, black Friday and cyber Monday to purchase high-quality product - Fire HD 8. There are however, a few tricks that can use to make it even better and truly squeeze every last second of use out of a single battery charge.
Each of these checks consumes battery power, and for many people these checks aren’t necessary. These services run in the background and use information gathered from your WiFi connection to determine your geographical location.
More importantly, disabling WiFi when it’s not in use can enhance battery life by an extra 30-60 minutes per charge. If you’re looking to get the advertised 8+ hours of use out of the Kindle Fire, playing games and other hardware tasking apps isn’t the way to do it. Usually images are essential for a halfway decent web experience, but if you can live without them, you can boost your battery life significantly. In that time, over 300,000 orders have left our facility for US and international destinations to help save old devices from the landfill and bring them back to working condition.
Both devices have done pretty well in terms of sales and customer satisfaction and it looks like Amazon is hoping to create the same sort of buzz here as well.

The front is a large multi-touch LCD display panel with just a front camera that is placed in the centre and on the top when the tablet is held in landscape position. Amazon claims this to be a retina quality display as it has a pixel density of 254 ppi as compared to the iPad third generation, which has a pixel density of 264 ppi. The tablet does not bundle along a power charger as it is an optional accessory you might need to buy separately.
Except for the customised user interface, the Fire HD has used the Android ICS v4.0 operating system platform.
The homescreen comprises a simple recent apps carousal, a top category label bar and a notification panel. These include accounts, applications, parental controls, sound and display, wireless and Bluetooth, device info, keyboard, security and a few others. If one would want to switch on any tablet or phone, he or she would have to press and hold the power button for a few seconds to power on the device. You cannot download apps directly from the Google Play Store like you would with any Android device, because it does not feature the Google Play Store app.
We did not notice any flaw with the display, such as colour changing or inverted display etc. The manufacturer claims the battery will last you almost 10 hours of continuous usage, but the usage was not explained. The tablet is available in two variants—16GB and 32GB versions, which are priced at Rs 21,999 and Rs 25,999 respectively. For almost the same price, you can opt for an iPad 2 or the iPad mini, but you will have sacrifice on the display resolution. Amazon announced a coupon for $50 off any Lenovo Tab 2 device, available in store for today only. And It is that time of the year again, when Samsung puts its tablets on a big sale the Cyber Monday 2015.
If you’re looking for a high-quality and powerful tablet this is the year to purchase one for a great price. It comes with so many amazing improvements that you have never found in any other former versions. Not all of these tips are practical, but employment of them will certainly boost your juice.
If you want to play games, I recommend doing it near the charging cable, or even with the charging cable attached.
This is one of those tips I save for last ditch moments where the battery is running low and I’m nowhere near a charger. Used parts designated with a Grade B condition may have slight damage such as small dents or deep scratches that are noticeable but should not affect the functionality of the device.
What we mean here is that there are absolutely no slots for SIM cards or memory cards for storage expansion.
The Fire HD is powered using a TI OMAP 4470 chipset, which features a dual-core Cortex-A9 processor clocked at a speed of 1.5GHz and coupled with a good 1GB of RAM.
The display panel featured has the technology similar to the 7-inch Fire HD version, which helps reduce glare and improves colour saturation when viewed from any angle. Additionally, once you register the tablet with Amazon, you get around 5GB of cloud storage for free; you can purchase even up to 1TB of cloud storage.
Other features include Bluetooth with A2DP support for headphones and speakers, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and a front 1.3MP camera for video chats. Based on the TI OMAP 4470 chipset with a dual-core processor, the tablet does feel smooth and nice owing to the customisation and tweaks within. There is a permanent, auto-hiding black bar always available at the bottom of the screen (whether used in landscape or portrait modes).
One is Cloud where your purchases made are available and the other is Device where your apps and documents stored on the device itself are seen. In the case of the Kindle, a single press on the power button powers on the device and boots it. Installing regular apps can be done by simply transferring the .apk files to the internal storage and installing it from any file explorer app. We also tried a few HD 720p and full HD 1080p videos on the Kindle to check the video entertainment aspect.
In order to check the entertainment aspect, we ran a full HD animation movie over and over again till the battery died. After using the Kindle for a few days, we have to admit that the tablet is definitely a good buy considering the performance, usability and battery life. Turning down brightness to the lowest possible setting can lengthen battery life by several hours when using it for reading.
Rather than just using a skin over the stock OS, like most do, Amazon has built a custom OS to deliver a different and, hopefully, better experience.
The rear panel has a rubberised surface which is slightly slip-resistant and helps with a better grip. There are only two interfaces or ports available at the bottom of the Fire HD—one for the PC, which is a microUSB interface for charging and connecting the tablet to a PC for data transfers, and the other is a microHDMI video output.
The graphics processor used here is the well-known PowerVR SGX544—the same one that is used in the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. This is done by reducing the gap between the main display panel and the touch sensor and laminating them both into a single layer of glass. The tablet is meant to be used with the camera towards the top in landscape mode or towards the left in portrait mode.
All that is needed is the tablet to be registered with the Amazon website and details of your credit card entered there. This bar features important interface buttons, such as Home, Back, Favorites, Search, that are relevant and useful according to the app being used.
In each section, long pressing on the app or document pulls up a menu where you can choose to remove it from the device or from the favorites section.

This is a bit of a concern because if you are placing the tablet in a bag in power-off mode, the tablet would consume precious power for no reason. Most apps from the Play Store will work, but there are quite a few that won’t due to compatibility issues. The tablet might seem a bit high-priced for some, as you can definitely get a similar-sized budget Android tablet with a better performance (with a quad-core processor) for almost Rs 8,000 cheaper. For enthusiasts, here is a bit of news—the tablet can be rooted and custom Android ROMs installed, but you could void the warranty while doing that.
To adjust screen brightness, open the notification bar by swiping down from the top of the screen. This review will scrutinise the Fire HD 8.9 to see what is different in this tablet as compared to the rest of the Android-based tablets around. In between both the ports, there is a small microphone provided for voice chats and Internet calls.
In order to experience full HD performance from the display panel, the processer used in the Kindle Fire HD has almost 40 percent faster memory bandwidth than the Tegra 3 processor. The tablet also does not feature USB OTG options, wherein one can connect a USB pen drive for additional data expansion. Charging the device from your PC or laptop will be even slower and could take you almost 14 hours.
Since the Amazon store does not feature most of the benchmarking tools, we had to enable ADB support on the tablet and sideload the apps using a third party utility from the PC. These positions make it convenient to use the tablet with the power and volume buttons on the right side and top respectively.
The process is similar to the Apple App Store where free apps can be downloaded and paid apps will ask for your credentials, if necessary. Another point of concern is the charging mode—when in power-off mode, if you connect a charger, the device automatically boots up. A simple case scenario is where we tried installing the famous game Subway Surfers using the .apk file from the Google Play Store.
Watching videos is very pleasant on the screen and together with the Dolby audio engine (and dual stereo speakers on the rear), the experience is even better. The tablet does spell out to be a good candidate for entertainment, productivity, web surfing and e-book reading when on the move. We also ran a battery test on the tablet when in complete gaming and complete web browsing mode. But what defends the Kindle is the build quality, the easy and swift user interface, above average performance, full HD IPS display and good battery life. If your budget is around Rs 22,000 and you are looking for a premium tablet with a large display, we would recommend the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 any day. The IPS panel also features an Advanced True Wide polarising filter, which is applied directly to the LCD panel and helps reduce display viewing angle problems even at extreme angles. The only option you might have is by using a wireless storage or a network share while at home or office. So basically, we recommend charging the tablet with a good 2A charger (like the ones with an iPad) for faster charging. Towards the left top is the notification bar, which is accessible by scrolling down from the top. Moving back to the homescreen, the top bar features quick categories such as search, shop, apps, books, videos, newsstand, audiobooks, web, photos and docs. You can also choose to place the apps or documents by order (in every category)—by recent use, title or favourites. The Kindle-compatible variant is available only on the Amazon store from where you would need to install it. The audio quality from the stereo speakers is nice and loud with a good balance of mids and highs. What can go against the Kindle is the absence of USB OTG for 3G dongles, the non-expandable storage option and optional charger that has to be additionally paid for. Icon toggle switches such as rotation lock, volume, brightness, wireless, sync and more are available here. Most of these are self explanatory, as hitting each category will pull up the respective files and apps in the category. Lastly, the main homescreen displays the most recently used applications in a carousal format.
You can also feel a dash of bass in the sound, which enhances the audio and video entertainment. The Fire HD is definitely on the heavier side and you will need both hands to support it when using it. Moving on, the Fire HD features only Wi-Fi as a connectivity option for using the Internet. Considering the scores, the tablet performs a little better than conventional dual-core tablets in the market. The speakers are placed on the edges with a curved surface, which also helps unblock the sound when placing the tablet on a flat surface or against something flat. This allows reception or transmission over both antennas simultaneously to increase capacity and reliability. This converts to fewer dropped connections and almost 40 percent faster media streaming, enabling you to go further from your wireless hotspot than with other conventional tablets.

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