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Apple demonstrated the improved GPU performance by showcasing EA’s game Real Racing 3. Battery life is another thing Apple have worked hard to improved after battery life issues on the iPhone 4S.
The more email accounts you have activated on your iPhone, the more battery life it drains. If you do not need to use Wi-Fi for any reason, you should turn it off as it is a drain on battery life to be constantly looking for a signal. If you are not using bluetooth for a wireless headset, turn it off as it uses a lot of battery.
If you wish to keep the screen on so you can view your real time results, then lower your screen brightness. Tap your device home button (the only button on the front side of your device) to exit the app. Double tap the home button to launch your Fast App Switcher Window (also called multitasking window) which appears on the bottom of your screen. Out of all the little gripes there are about the iPhone, I’d heard the battery life was one of them, but I didn’t realise the life of my 3GS would be SO short?! I completely run the phone down flat overnight, then connected it to the wall charger this morning and proceeded to charge it to 100%. I clicked the top button and sent it to sleep, left it in place on the desk and went off for some lunch. Obviously this isn’t the most scientific experiment, and I could do with repeating it a few times to double check the facts, but it got me wondering whether this is normal for iPhone battery life? Or, could this just be down to it being new, and it needing a few charge cycles to ‘bed in’ the battery? Maybe my iPhone read this post, but since the experiment it’s actually been acting really well battery wise.
Bedding in the battery with a few charges during it’s early use might just have been what it needed? Normal usage, though: charge every night, lest be left with no battery while tooling around town the next day.
That’s one of the problem of the iphone I think, the battery is not the best, and normally even if you are not using it, nor receiving calls, nothing if the cellphone is not completely off, is gonna use the network to show where it is, in case some one call or emergency.
With all the options you mentioned switched off I would expect not to even see the battery indicator move after 73mins. I too have been playing a lot, installing apps and browsing, and sometimes I had to charge again by the evening.
I did notice that my iPod ran out of battery power pretty quick for the first week, but now it can last 2-3 days depending on how much I use it. Hardly surprising for apple to make a product with a non user replaceable battery and then insert a lame effort at a battery. I have had my iPhone 3G since launch day, and I have been charging it nightly for as long as I can remember. From what I’ve heard the battery life on the 3GS is actually worse than the 3G, even though they had stated it would be far better.

Reception is 100%, and with it being left in one spot I can’t imagine it changing signal too much. I use a 1st gen, and I often drain the whole thing in a day of heavy use, but can get two or sometimes even three days if its mostly in standby (left on through the night). I have a iPhone 3gs and my phone seemed like it was about as bad as yours but the longer I had it the better the battery gets. I have the TMobile MyTouch phone and when I leave for work in the morning it’s fully charged. Im having much the same problems as chris with my new iphone 3GS.ive only had it for 2 and a bit days and the battery life is shockingly bad! My 3gs lasts about a day usually if I’m not using it much, only have phone and wifi on, no data, no apps. My YouTube gaming channel where I post guides & strategies for your favourite FPS games. If you have an iPhone 6, you will have noticed that one of the drawbacks of having a smart phone is the pace at which your battery dies. If you want to make the little battery you have last as long as possible, the solution lies in your phone settings.
Push notification alerts you when you get any activity via your social network, email and many other applications. If you want your phone battery to last as long as possible, it is essential to ensure that your iPhone is updated. Checking Facebook, Twitter, emails and surfing the web will drain your battery quicker than if you simply used your phone for calls and texts. Unfortunately, the iPhone is under the time constraint that comes with running on a battery. If you are going for a very long ride, you should also put the phone in airplane mode for optimal battery power. Some of the apps that use push notifications extensively (like instant messaging apps) take up a lot of battery life.
This is great for extending battery life and will perform many of the steps listed above for you, although you will not be able to receive calls or texts.
An hour and 15mins of being in sleep mode, with none of its features being used and it’s used 16% of the battery life. I haven’t done any testing like you, but I know it goes down pretty fast even in idle. However, went on holiday, pretty much never used and left in the safe, only to check if had received any texts (thanks mum) and I managed to squeeze about 4-5 days before charging.
I work it during the day checking Tweetie, Mail,, as well as lots of SMS and about 1-2 hrs of iPod use. If you remove your mobileme account + any other email accounts from the phone making sure to remove all synced contacts etc then reboot and put them back in there that fixed it for me.
I could play a battery-heavy game for over an hour, and the battery won’t be to below 84% (like yours), so there must be something wrong.
Often there seems to be no correlation between how much I’ve used it and how much battery is left.

Complaints regarding battery life are common but there are a few ways that iPhone 6 users can optimise the settings to get the most out of their battery.
Simply reducing the brightness of your screen can help to save your battery and you can do this at the touch of a button. Turing aeroplane mode on when you have low battery can help to conserve it and make it last that little bit longer. If you have allowed every app on your phone to use push notifications this will drain your battery significantly.
Having the latest software on your phone will ensure that your phone is running efficiently.
However, you may be wondering if there is any point having a smartphone if you can’t use it to its full potential. Whilst watching videos you’ll also be able to get 10 hours of battery life and under standby mode there is 225 hours to be had. We at Digifit know that some workouts can last several hours, and your iPhone battery currently may not be able to support your long workouts. If you can do away with this novelty, you will be rewarded with a large bump in battery life.
To lower screen brightness, go to Setting -> Brightness, and adjust brightness level accordingly. I’ve now switched back on all the fancy features, including Location Services, which is meant to be the real power hog.
If you are a business man and rely on your phone for email and calls, it can be frustrating when you can no longer connect with your colleagues due to your battery dying.
This feature is great if you need to make a call when you arrive at your destination but you have an hour left of your journey.
That being said, if you check your emails every hour rather than every ten minutes, this will help to prolong the life of your iPhone 5 battery.
Hours after a charge it’s still at 100%, and is lasting around the couple of days mark people have mentioned in the comments.
Similarly, if you are planning to use your phone for entertainment purposes on a long journey, you may not always have the opportunity to plug your phone in to charge.
It is important to note that you will not be able to make or receive calls while Aeroplane mode is on but if you don’t need to, this will buy you a significant amount of time.
The use of Location Services is very large drain on your iPhone battery, especially if you are in an area with a poor GPS signal. Here are five tips that will help to extend your battery life and keep you connected while on the move. If the GPS signal is weak, your phone will have to continually search for a signal, draining battery in the process.

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