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Thankfully the bigger iPhones seem to have allowed Apple to include a bigger battery, as Apple claims that iPhone 6 Plus offer longer battery life.
So it’s quite clear from the comparison table above that if battery life is your biggest concern then you should get the iPhone 6 Plus, assuming you can rock the bigger screen. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc.
Note: All those features and expected hardware specs are based on rumors and some leaked concepts.
Wireless charging is nothing new, and it is already available on the Lumia handsets owned by Nokia. Dual-core A6 processor currently runs on iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 is expected to ship with dual-core A7 processor.
Apple releases the new models roughly at the same price as the old ones, and we can't see the price of iPhone 6 to be quite high as there's quite a though competition in the market with the likes of Samsung, HTC as well as Chinese companies. So┬áit didn’t come as a surprise to find that battery life was one of the top features that readers were most excited about.

The Finnish company is working with a wireless charging pad for Lumia 920, and has also ensured compatibility with old devices as well Apple could boost up their advantage if they offer wireless charging on iPhone 6. It's expected that the fruit company will place the Super HD camera for high-definition pictures, and the resolution of photos expected is 13 mega-pixels. While all current iPhone models may not have the best battery life, Apple is planning to solve the problem with the user of Ulysse Nardin kinetic battery technology, which will allow users to enjoy a better battery life. Although not many details are currently available on it, what has been revealed so far looks pretty neat. It's also noticeable that Apple may offer a big 128 GB model for iPhone 6 as well, just like they did for the iPad 4. Peter Misek, a popular analyst at Jefferies, stated in a note to investors he expects iPhone 6 in June 2013. There are plenty of features and apps expected, which would bring a lot of new areas for users to explore. This means they would have an edge over Samsung and Google as they still haven't tapped into this area yet.

Many reputable sources as well as analysts have said iPhone 6 will come with a finger sensor that's built-in and the device will become better at security than all previous models. Jony Ive, a popular executive is taking head of the development of the latest firmware according to Wall Street Journal. Large memory would certainly appeal many, as there is significant space taken up by the memory as well.
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