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At the start of our iPhone 4S battery life analysis I mentioned that I wasn't happy with the current state of our battery life benchmarks. On the network side, we've done a lot more to prevent aggressive browser caching of our web pages.
We also increased CPU workload along two vectors: we decreased pause time between web page loads and we shifted to full desktop web pages, some of which are very js heavy. The downside to starting with a new battery life test is that we don't have a wealth of older data to compare to. While our new web browsing battery life tests do a good job of showing the impact of network, display and CPU on battery life, they do little to stress the GPU. Moving on we have our WiFi hotspot test, which measures how long the device can last acting as a hotspot for a wirelessly tethered notebook. Compared to other modern platforms the iPhone 5 should be competitive in day to day power usage, even compared to devices with somewhat larger batteries (~7Wh). These days for me is battery life and then screen usability, so my next buy will be 720p, with iPhone5 setting the bar, i hope other android makers will follow.
Right, so if you have good vision, like I do, then at a foot away, you can see those pixels. Apple confirmed it may have not fixed all of the bugs affecting battery life and announced further improvements with the future iOS software program updates.
Step 3: Reboot your iDevice and set it up as new, reentering personalization data as necessary. Generally this has lead to a better battery life of the devices tested; nevertheless, complaints are still coming open, and these issues will probably be fixed within the newest software updates and releases. There’s some difference in how each website does phone testing and it comes out in the various battery life figures.
Issues like this, for the record, are why I personally don’t update my phone when Apple releases a new operating system. Apple claims that their engineers constantly work on ways to improve battery life, and these fixes are rolled into updates. I’d be interested in hearing what those actually on Verizon are seeing, as well as folks on other CDMA networks like Sprint that use the same A1429, albeit with a locked nanoSIM slot. I’m on Verizon and by the end of the day, my phone is dead and I don’t even use it that much other facebook? Ars Technica has a long, storied history of doing some of the most thorough, detailed, operating system reviews on the entire Internet.
How can one claim to have the most comprehensive review, and not have the AT&T iPhone 5 for comparison? What they need to do is stop being obsessed with a thin profile and make some thicker phones that have enough juice to last 24 hours. If anyone has any suggestions (as I see some of you all were beta testers), recommendations, any advice to help me with this problem that would be awesome. You’ll say that till galaxy s5, s6 and s7 are all released within the next two years. I just installed the ios 7 on my iphone 5 and I can’t get the weather to show up on the upper pullout tab!
The biggest area of improvement for battery life is when the screen is off and the device is idling or running music. I have a feeling that 7.1 will be released by the time the latest generation iPad comes out in October. With an increasing focus towards beefier hardware -- faster processors, more RAM, larger and higher-resolution screens -- it's easy to lose sight of an important part in having an enjoyable smartphone experience -- battery life. It's no surprise then that smartphones quickly run out of puff after a mere couple of hours of intense use.
The UK "consumer champion" tested a number of popular high-end smartphones available today, including the aforementioned three and the HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, Sony Xperia Z and Google Nexus 4, and concluded that the Galaxy S4 is the one you should get for the best battery life performance, based on call time, Internet use and charging time. The Samsung-branded smartphone tops the charts for call time -- 1051 minutes -- and Internet use -- 405 minutes -- but came in third place when it comes to charging time -- 164 minutes.
In the third category the Galaxy S4 was bested by the Lumia 920 -- which ranks second with 152 minutes -- and the iPhone 5 -- the winner with a time of 141 minutes.
The smartphone that you shouldn't get is the Lumia 920, which came in last when it comes to call time -- 444 minutes -- and Internet use -- 235 minutes. Of course, results may vary significantly depending on a number of factors which include sync settings for email accounts, browsing and call times, app usage, cellular signal, weather condition etc.
Unfortunately, you’re finding that due to the exceptional performance of the iPhone, the battery life suffers.
Update: if your problems started only after updating to the latest version of iOS, then check out my post on solving battery problems after updating. Tip: you may also want to disable Auto-Brightness so that your phone doesn’t change back without you noticing! Push notifications are a great way of staying up to date with your favorite apps but any Apps that you rarely use should be disabled.
Go to Settings > Notifications to see what Apps are currently listening for these notifications. Many Apps ask to track your location so they can do stuff like find the nearest Starbucks or add Geo-Tagging to their social network. Disable as many as you want (they will just ask you for permission again if they need to) or disable all location services using the override switch. Tip: only the Apps displaying the location icon in the list are actively using your location so it is only these apps that are really affecting your battery. When you hit the home button and exit an App, it automatically enters the background of your iOS device. The only way to actually quit these applications completely is to Double-Tap the Home Button, then press and hold one of the icons in the Application Tray that pops up (as if you were going to delete it).

Your email is probably set to be constantly listening for new emails to retrieve in order to alert you as fas as possible that you’ve got mail.
The screen lock time won’t make a huge difference, but when the phone is unlocked there are more processes likely to be running.
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Reducing how long it takes for your iPhone or iPad to switch off its display really helps conserve battery life. Turn off the parallax effectWith the new OS, Apple enabled a new snazzy-looking 3D effect on the Home screen. Turn off Raise to SpeakThe Raise to Speak feature of Siri can be useful, but it does require the proximity sensor to work overtime.
Why didn’t Uncle Levi buy a Chevrolet with all that filthy lucre and get a real truck?
And once again another iPhone article is reduced to attracting Android fanboys and their stupid dumbass fucktar comments.
Been seeing these article about iPhone battery life regurgitated right and left, and they all say to turn off the same things. What no one has done, however, is actually TEST the changes and suggestions in order to see which ones (like, say, parallax) aren’t going to have any significant impact whatsoever. The first incarnation of our smartphone battery life suite was actually a port of what I created to test battery life on Mac notebooks years ago. After testing a number of options (and using about 16.5GB of cellular data in the process) we ended up on an evolution of the battery life test we deployed last year for our new tablet suite. The end result is a CPU usage profile that mimics constant, heavy usage beyond just web browsing. The why is quite simple to understand: the faster a page is able to fully render, the quicker all components can drive down to their idle power states. I did my best to run whatever we had access to at the time, but there simply aren't that many devices in these charts compared to our older ones. Keep in mind that the workload between all of the devices here is constant, if you use the faster performance on the iPhone 5 to browse more web pages or use your apps quicker then you may not see an improvement here. At least at 28nm the slower air interfaces simply have to remain active (and drawing power) for longer, which results in measurably worse battery life.
Despite being on a slower network, Intel's platform appears to do a good job of aggressively pushing down to idle. In this test we're playing audio through two phones (one of which is the phone being tested) and measure the call time until the battery is completely drained. The trick to all of this of course is whatever performance advantage that the iPhone 5 has coupled with lower idle power. Because first of all, it doesn't have an 1280x720 resolution, but a 1136x640 one, and second, Android devices have been sporting 720p displays since a year ago. Apple released iOS 5.1 with March, which while using release notes additionally deals with bugs which often affect battery life, but it really nevertheless did not to stop the exact complaints. The performance improvements are significant, even on older hardware, though reviews indicate that the three year-old iPhone 4 struggles with the new animations and transitions. I got burned with iOS 4 and the Apple 3G — after the update, my phone was far slower, even when performing simple tasks like launching applications immediately after a reboot. On my BlackBerry Z10 it takes about 24 hrs to fully settle and then the system tunes itself down.
A minor point update or firmware change that Verizon did on some phones that shipped after certain dates, subtle variations in chip version, maybe even a corner case where under certain circumstances, the radios stay open due to malformed packets.
Albeit the hardware and capabilities of the phones continues to jump forward which will require more and more power but when are we going to start making leaps and bounds in batteries?
The sheer performance has significantly increased over time due to a drastic technological advancement in chip making, but batteries are mostly the same now as they were a couple of years ago (only bigger). So what if you want a top-of-the-line handset that is also an excellent battery life performer? By contrast Apple's handset came in the penultimate place for both call time -- 499 minutes -- and Internet use -- 261 minutes. You bought the iPhone for its 4G LTE Capabilities and Apple claims that being connected to LTE shouldn’t hurt your battery life. This means that the Application is running only the bare necessities in the background, but it is still running. It will come up with a little red and white quit icon which you can tap to actually quit that App and regain bonus battery minutes. Basically, when push is enabled, your phone is constantly checking back to the mail servers to see if there is any new email available. Generally, if you raise your phone to your ear Siri will perk up and listen for instructions. Just switched from BBerry, and all the info in the contacts seems to be for peoples house information…must be another sub menu somewhere that I am missing. When your device is put down on a table, for example, it can take a minute or two for the display to turn off. While the new features and redesign are incredible, the performance and battery life of older iOS devices has suffered. The Mac suite has evolved over time, and we've made similar evolutions to the smartphone suite - just on a less aggressive pace. The premise is the same: we regularly load web pages at a fixed interval until the battery dies (all displays are calibrated to 200 nits as always). Brian made sure that despite the increased network load, the baseband still had the opportunity to enter its idle state during the course of the benchmark.
Everything you do on your smartphone ends up causing CPU usage peaks - opening applications, navigating around the OS and of course using apps themselves.

The data below may not look like a lot, but it's the result of running over 300 hours of battery life tests to not only understand how these devices do under load but also to find out the best test to use as the cornerstone of our new suite. Although the One X is equipped with a larger battery, it also has a bigger screen and slightly more power hungry SoC to feed as well.
Again, the thing to be careful of here is there's usually a correlation between network speed and how aggressive you use the device.
Here I'm including two sets of results, our most up to date LTE hotspot battery life tests as well as the chart we included in our latest iPad review.
If talk time is of the utmost importance to you, you'll want to look at some of the phones with much larger batteries. In short, if you use your device a lot, don't be too surprised to see it lose about 10 - 15% of its battery life for every hour of use.
Battery life could be better or worse and it'll likely depend heavily on your workload.
I’ve reviewed a great deal of hardware, after all, and I can speak to the general point. When will I have a phone that can handle moderate use and last closer to 2 days with no charge? I tried starting the weather app and it wasn’t showing my location or any weather info.
But when you’re only receiving a 3G connection or no service at all, the radio in your phone is constantly scanning for a nearby LTE connection.
It makes your phone into an iPod though, so don’t forget to check your messages now and then. Now my iPhone 5 is easy to be low power after using 1 year, it’s not convenient because of its irremovable battery. The data on the previous page showed just how good Apple is at driving down idle power consumption, and through some software optimization it got very good at winning in our battery life tests. The differences between this test and our previous one boil down to the amount of network activity and CPU load.
Our 5th generation web browsing battery life test should map well to more types of smartphone usage, not just idle content consumption of data from web pages. With a workload that scaled with network speed you might see closer numbers between 3G and 4G LTE. The iPhone 5 does comparatively quite well here, despite being faster it's able to outlast the S4 and Tegra 3 based devices.
In both cases the iPhone 5 does relatively well, lasting just over 5 hours as an LTE hotspot on a single charge. Where things get complicated is if you use the faster CPU, GPU and network connectivity to increase your usage of the device. Much like how we saw notebooks cluster around the same 2 - 5 hour battery life for years, I suspect we'll see something similar here with smartphones.
I killed the weather app and restarted it and after a few seconds the weather data populated. Reason is some apps can run unseen and sendnotification, told me to get killer app from apple store.
With these six simple steps, you can minimize the lag, improve your iPhone or iPad’s battery life, and keep browsing all day. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC.
The major difference this time around is the burden of a really large battery isn't as big as it is in a notebook. We contacted Andrew Cunningham, author of the Ars review, who confirmed that the Verizon phone was tested twice, on both operating systems, with full factory resets in between each test. Tap the Reduce Motion button, and then toggle on this feature.Turn down your brightnessThe screen is one of the biggest power hogs on any iOS device. The other devices can't hit 30 fps in this test and as a result have to run at full tilt throughout the entire benchmark. The RAZR MAXX is the perfect example of a still very portable smartphone that comes equipped with a huge (by today's standards) battery.
Whether that reflects a software bug, corner case, or carrier oddity, it’s something that could make the upgrade experience less fun for someone who grabs the newest version without checking first. The RAZR i is the only exception to the rule, but it is considerably slower than everything else here (averaging below 8 fps) which could explain the very high result.
If the WiFi radio is sitting open constantly, or a CPU core is spun up and looping rather than falling back to sleep after the page load, it would explain why the chip is blowing through its battery life in dramatic fashion. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell where the issue actually lies, and whether or not the Ars results are an odd anomaly or an indication of what Verizon iPhone 5 owners (or all iPhone 5 owners) can expect. If you’re just playing an offline game, toggle on Airplane Mode in the Control Center to turn off all your radios. Luckily, you can pick and choose which applications are allowed to refresh content in the background. From here, you can toggle each multitasking app, or you can simply turn off this functionality completely.Turn off SpotlightSpotlight has to frequently index the files on your device, so it can really start to chug if you have a lot of flash storage.
If you don’t mind losing the search function, you can simply disable Spotlight indexing completely. Mind you, you do have granular control here, so you can disable only selected data types if you so choose.

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