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Apple demonstrated the improved GPU performance by showcasing EA’s game Real Racing 3. Battery life is another thing Apple have worked hard to improved after battery life issues on the iPhone 4S. Under the hood, the iPhone 5 has an upgraded processor, the A6, which Apple says is twice as fast as its predecessor in both the CPU and graphics departments.
Despite the upgrades to CPU and wireless, Battery life is rated at 8 hours on an LTE connection, and 10 hours on Wi-Fi, which I assume they achieved thanks to the new low-power display. Video mode offers 1080p HD capture with improvements to image stabilization, as well as face detection, and the ability to snap stills while shooting. Of course, Apple will gladly sell you some ugly, but necessary 30-pin-to-Lightning connector adapters for $29 a piece. As anticipated, the iPhone 5 will ship with iOS 6, which is loaded with lots of goodies, including improved phone call handling (such as sending a text or SMS when you can’t accept a call,) Facebook integration, upgrades to Safari, Mail, Facetime and Siri. The new Passbook app will let you organize tickets, coupons and gift cards in one neat digital wallet. The iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order starting this Friday, September 14th, 2012, and will land in stores and homes in North America, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore on September 21st. With all the leaks from parts makers over the last few months, there were no real surprises in today’s announcement, but the iPhone 5 still looks like the most impressive phone Apple has made to date. Nice Style, Better Usage, Better Battery, Better Camera, New Features, Siri is Better, lighter, bigger scream, more portable, better applications, better memory, photo stream, camera stream… and much more!
The best thing I see about this phone is LTE and besides the fact that every smartphone on the market supports LTE, Samsung is already suing Apple for their LTE patent infringement.
Apple rolls out free Battery Replacement Program internationallyHaving iPhone 5 battery problems? The iPhone 5’s battery life is greatly reduced depending on the strength of the cellular signal received by the phone, according to extensive testing performed by iLounge Monday. When routing data via LTE cellular networks, battery life was significantly below Apple’s advertised 8 hours. As no model of iPhone contains a user-swappable battery, customers concerned with battery life may wish to consider a case with an included battery or a portable battery charging device.
I don’t have any Bluetooth accessories for my device, so I keep Bluetooth turned off.

When charging your phone, take it out of its case and place it on a cool surface that can draw heat from it, say a dinner plate. On the backside of the unibody aluminum case, you can see a two-toned matte finish which looks nice and is should be way less susceptible to breakage than the all-glass back of the last generation. And thank goodness, Apple has finally jumped on the 4G bandwagon, offering 4G LTE high-speed connectivity. The front-facing FaceTime HD camera offers 720p resolution, with backside illumination, face detection. One can only guess that Apple will make tens of millions of dollars selling these over the next few months. Shared Photo Stream lets you share images with family and friends, and allows comments and likes as well. However, it looks like Apple chose to forgo NFC (Near-field communication) technology for now, which certainly doesn’t help the fortunes of that budding technology. I mean, I have a 4S and I don’t see anything that I should get rid of 4S and go for 5!!
I used to have the 3, 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s and now have the Galaxy S3 which is by far the better phone. Even with iOS6, and the new iPhone 5, Siri still won’t do email.We need true email inbox management that’s eyes-free. While all cellular devices experience decreased battery life when cellular signals are weak, the relatively few areas with strong LTE signals means that iPhone 5 users may see less than half of Apple’s advertised running time. AT&T LTE browsing lasted 4 hours and 44 minutes, while Verizon LTE browsing fared only slightly better, at 5 hours 15 minutes. Consequently, it’s advisable to keep a charging cable nearby, lest you find yourself out of juice at or before 5pm.
As carriers continue to transition to and expand their LTE networks, many iPhone customers may find themselves with only one or two bars of LTE signal strength in areas in which they previously had four or five bars of 3G strength. Here in Britain we have EE (Everything Everywhere) who is the sole provider of 4G LTE services, in just a handful of cities at the moment. If so, you might enjoy hanging out with other like-minded folks on the Mac Geek Gab Facebook Group. Whilst watching videos you’ll also be able to get 10 hours of battery life and under standby mode there is 225 hours to be had.

While Apple has already upgraded its bundled apps for the taller screen, existing apps will be centered on the screen with tiny black bars above and below. A new dynamic low-light mode provides 2 extra f-stops of performance compared to the 4S too. The only real concern here is how accurate and up-to-date Apple’s mapping data will be in comparison to the years of information Google has collected.
There’s a NEW smartphone app called Talkler — billed as “email for your ears.” Talkler is a free smartphone app for heads-up, hands-off, reads-aloud-to-you,voice-controlled email. Once cellular data was turned on, even if network traffic was being routed via Wi-Fi, battery life dropped to about 5.5 hours. As noted by iLounge, the LTE tests were conducted with only two bars of signal strength, and those in areas with stronger signal will likely experience longer running times.
The new display is also much thinner, and touts 44% more color saturation than the previous model. The new camera also is faster by up to 40%, and offers a spacial noise reduction algorithm in its new image processing chip. So we can reclaim those wasted minutes behind the wheel, and get to the office with an empty inbox. The camera also supports a panorama mode similar to the one found on Sony cameras, shooting massive 28 megapixel widescreen images.
Bottom line is that since Jobs passed, Apple has sucked and they know they are behind the times, hence why the continue to sue and go after Samsung, LG and everyone because they all have Superior products.
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