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If that’s true, then Barnes and Noble mangled the launch of their touch-screen Nook by botching their description of one of its main selling points. The next day, Amazon claimed the Kindle could also run for two months on a single battery charge — if you only read it for half an hour a day. Replace your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 00D3 Battery or Keep an Extra Battery on hand as a backup. Along with Leather Charging Cover accessory that also serves as a source of extra battery to enhance the total juice of the device.

Amazon says Oasis is 20% lighter and 30% thinner than the previous Kindle, so who is already a fan of the Kindle, they will be surprised when holding a new Oasis. You get a New 4000 mAh Battery, FREE Special Tools (necessary for installation), Video Instructions, AND You also get a full ONE YEAR Money Back Guarantee exclusively when you purchase from us! Oasis also configures more advanced than Voyage when equipped up to 10 LED backlight system instead of only 6 as Voyage. While the screen size of 6-inches that offer a pixel density of 300ppi remain the same as the Voyage.Unlike any previous Kindle, the design of Oasis with a thicker edge and a tapered ergonomic handgrip, combined with dedicated page turn buttons located on the handgrip.

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