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Although hybrid car battery life has been greatly improved over the last several years, batteries used in hybrid vehicles will eventually need to be replaced. Honda hybrids can continue to be driven with a bad hybrid battery pack, but the Prius can not continue to be driven for long with a failed pack. The Honda Civic’s hybrid battery has had a tumultuous history.  As the Civic’s battery pack ages, it has shown life expectancy problems that have been well publicized. The first one is: how old is the vehicle?  An older model with high mileage is a different case than a more recent model with typical mileage. While vehicle age, operating conditions and performance factors are always important, sometimes your plan for the vehicle takes precedence over everything else.  If your window of ownership is short, it doesn’t make economic sense to invest heavily in a battery problem resolution.
Once you take all the aforementioned factors into consideration, it makes it easier to determine the best choice in dealing with your battery situation. From our experience, the potential of refurbishing or conditioning Honda Civic packs without some component replacement are relatively low simply because of the variety of problems the Honda Civic packs are experiencing and the failure modes they’re exhibiting.
When we look at the rebuild versus replace option, there is one other significant consideration with the later Honda models  – 2005 and newer– a required reflash of the vehicle’s control module. So , reflash concerns  may lead a customer more towards a rebuild because the rebuild does not require a reflash of the control module. If you have any questions please post them in the comment section below or just click the bottom below to get an immediate quote on servicing your Hybrid Vehicle. If you're faced with replacing the battery on an out-of-warranty car, there's no need to panic. While there are many theories about how to make batteries last longer (coasting, slow takeoffs, etc.), they haven't been shown to actually extend battery life and are impractical anyway. All batteries wear out over time, but several factors influence when that happens—battery chemistry, the number of charge and discharge cycles, temperature extremes, even humidity. Boost the power and performance of your Toyota Prius by a battery upgrade with brand new cells for $2,295. Some buyers opt to install the packs themselves though you will have to deal with the return of the old core and shipping charges.

We use good, tested cells from newer battery packs, making sure our re-manufactured high voltage batteries work properly and efficiently.
So when you start looking at the options available to deal with its life expectancy challenges- namely: replace, rebuild, or recondition the battery, there are a number of considerations that come into play.
Older vehicles with higher mileage make it more difficult to justify costly solutions when the remaining utility of the vehicle is likely short lived. All highway mileage in a temperate climate with little elevation change is drastically different than extreme temperatures,  short haul driving in mountainous terrain. The longer your ownership horizon is, the wider your options are because the cost can be spread out over the length of time the vehicle remains in service.
A shorter ownership period with a high mileage vehicle may warrant the least expensive alternative. We are seeing modules within the Civic battery pack assembly that are coming to end of their life in ways that will result in repeat failure if they’re  simply conditioned. The rebuild process then again comes into question, specifically – how is the battery going to be rebuilt? The cost of a new battery pack continues to decline and now stands at about $3,000, not bad when you consider how long they last. There are strict regulations for the handling and disposal of old batteries, which can leak hazardous materials. Simply maintaining your vehicle as recommended is the best way to ensure your battery stays healthy for as long as possible. You must register to create topics or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Conversely, a longer ownership period with a lower mileage vehicle may support the decision to invest heavily in a new battery.
That being said, that doesn’t mean all of them are that way, it just means that a significant percentage of the ones we are seeing are experiencing failure due to the pack design.
So if the Honda Civic owner is concerned with performance changes in their vehicle where the vehicle may not accelerate as well as it used to, then potentially putting a brand new battery in might not be the best option.

Is it going to be rebuilt with used parts or is it going to be rebuilt using new aftermarket module assemblies? If you're the original owner of a hybrid vehicle, chances are you won't ever have to replace the battery pack because it just wears out. The gas engine will run almost constantly and your fuel economy will take a noticeable hit. The good news is the car will still run with a bad battery, but a new one should keep your car running like new for years. Hybrid technology trained technicians eliminate the hassle of searching for a mechanic that’s willing and able to install your new HV battery.
If you decide to go the rebuild route, insist on getting specifics as to the process and components that go into the rebuild.
Almost all replacements are performed by dealers, who have the experience and know-how to do it the right way. While your car may run for some time on a bum battery, its performance and efficiency will steadily decline until it's replaced. Retail price for a new hybrid battery is $2589; with labor, it should be less than $3500 total.
New dealer-installed batteries come with full warranties, so you may be covered for the remainder of your ownership.
They will perform the battery installation around your schedule and even right in your driveway. The cost of hybrid batteries is never going to be low, but it doesn’t have to break the bank, either.

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