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Now that Apple has shared full details concerning its highly-anticipated Watch devices, which goes on sale in the United Stated and eight major international markets on April 24, starting at $349, the Cupertino company has posted additional details regarding its “all-day”18-hour battery.
Before we dive into it, it’s important to note that the battery claims above were derived from a pre-production 38mm Watch.
The “all-day battery life”, as Apple puts it, assumes you’ll be checking the time 90 times per day, checking out up to 90 notifications, spending 45 minutes in apps and doing a 30-minute workout with music playback from the Watch via Bluetooth. Because the Watch pairs with an iPhone in your pocket, it lets you receive phone calls and make outgoing calls from your wrist and Apple is claiming three hours of talk time.
Streaming music from an iPhone to your Watch via Bluetooth will get you up to 6.5 hour of audio playback.
Apple boasted about the Watch’s ability to tell tie within 50 milliseconds of the Universal Time Standard. The Apple Watch has what’s called a Power Reserve mode which disables all functionality but timekeeping whenever your battery “gets too low,” allowing you to continue to see the time for up to 72 hours.
So there you go, this is what you can expect from the Apple Watch in terms of energy efficiency and battery performance. As a rule of thumb, heavy use of the device will consume more juice so you may not be necessarily able to get through the day on a single charge.
For those wondering, the company conducted battery testing in March 2015, using preproduction 38mm Apple Watch units and software paired with an iPhone using preproduction software.
Well yeah when people like me are used to their Pebble watch lasting a good week, one day is going to hurt.
Soooo Apple couldn’t test out battery life on a 42mm this entire time to give us battery life on those??
Anyone know if you can purchase the sports model and then buy the stainless steel bands later and add them on or does each model have a unique connection method? If true then I’m impressed as it should be sufficient for most people to get through the day without checking every 5 minutes to see if a wall hugging session is needed.
To many people, the pebble OS, its screen, the look of it and the level of integration you’d only find from Apple all suck. Not disparaging them, but I am just shaking my head in amused amazement that diehard Apple fans are the only people on the planet who would be rejoicing that their watch will be getting only 18 hours of battery life. So we went to Australia just to get our hands on the new Apple Watch which has officially rolled out on Friday.
The Watch comes in 3 different models – The Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition, which varies greatly in pricing and type of materials used. As this is Apple’s first wearable device, we try to find out what’s the big deal and most importantly is it any good as a smart watch? During Apple’s Q1 2015 conference call, its CEO Tim Cook has announced that its first wearable device, the Apple Watch will start shipping in April.
He mentions that development on the watch is on-schedule and its developers are working hard on its apps, notifications and Glances, a feature that sums up your information. Apple is expecting this to be a hit and us folks in Malaysia would probably need to wait a while after it satisfies its preferred first wave countries.
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The new Watch is Apple’s next big thing that could shake things up for smart wearables this year.
According to the source, Apple wants to make the watch experience as fluid and high resolution as possible.
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About 4 months have passed and the iPhone 6 along with its bigger iPhone 6 Plus phablet is now available almost everywhere including Malaysia. Since its announcement in September, Apple is said to be working hard in refining the new watch including extensive battery testing and improving its inductive charging mechanism.
The metal and glass sport model is priced at US$349 (about RM1,250 in current exchange rate), while its more premium stainless steel and sapphire crystal editions could go beyond US$500 (about RM1,791). Apple iWatch, Apple Smart Watch, Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2015 release, Apple Watch Availability, Apple Watch Official, Apple Watch Photos, Apple Watch Sales, Apple Watch Spec, Apple. Probably the only consolation is that you now have enough time to save up considering the Watch will be priced from US$349 (about RM1,159).
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Jimmy Kinmel crew is at it again and this time they went to the streets of New York to see if they can trick people into thinking that a thinly disguised US$20 Casio is a smart watch from Apple.

It gets funny when the poor unsuspecting victims go gaga over simple features like a large hours and minute display and a built in stop watch. Apple has explained some of the methodology behind the way it calculated that 18-hour battery life claim that comes alongside the Apple Watch, suggesting you'll make it for longer with a usable lump on your wrist if you calm down on the impulsive checking of things. Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. At the Apple Watch event in San Francisco yesterday, Apple took the wraps off one of the most eagerly awaited wearables ever. It should come as little surprise that how you use the Apple Watch has a huge bearing on how long it lasts. If your battery gets too low, Apple Watch automatically switches into Power Reserve mode so you can continue to see the time for up to 72 hours. If this is the case, why is the 'watch only' usage scenario listed as giving 48 hours of life? Use it as a workout tool and you can expect 7 hours of life with a workout session active and the heart rate sensor on. Of course, the Apple Watch battery life estimates provided vary greatly by configuration and types of users. Battery life estimate for Apple Watch – The ideal result in the real world would be 18 hours, users would want much more, but the amount of hours will change a lot when running or for heavy use. If you just look at the time up to 5 times an hour, then you can expect up to 48 hours of life before you need another charge. Another important point to note is the Apple Watch these tests were performed on, which was a 38mm version. I would be quite interested to know how much of a battery life difference there will be between the 38 and 42mm watches. Mark Gurman of the 9to5mac reports that Apple is targeting somewhere between 2.5 and 4 hours of active use ad 19 hours of passive use for its smartwatch. If you’re just going to do things like checking the time, receiving notifications, using apps and doing a 30-minute workout, the battery should last up to eighteen hours before needing to be charged again overnight. I’m just wondering if Apple is going to be as litigious about their Apple watch connector as they have been about their lightning charge cables.
But battery life is never what a company says it is so we’ll just have to see what a majority of the general public have to say on it. To get a better idea what options are available, we visited an Apple Store in Sydney to have a hands-on with the entire range.
This is in-line with its early 2015 targeted release where Tim Cook justifies is within January and April.
Tim added that he has high expectation on the watch and he’s been using it on a daily basis. According to some sources, the battery life on the Apple Watch won’t be that great as it prioritise on high resolution and a more fluid user experience which would take up more resources.
As the world waits for its official release, new information on its battery life has started to trickle out of Apple Watch’s development team. With a Retina-like display that animates at 60fps and a new S1 chip that performs close to an iPhone 4S (Apple A5), its battery life is getting a huge hit.
For constant fitness tracking, it does better at 4 hours, which is more than enough for most workouts. By default, the display is always off when not in use, and it will show the time only when required. What’s remaining is the Apple Watch, their brand new product ever since the iPad was introduced.
After that, it was mentioned to be available in Spring, which is right after Chinese New Year. If there’s no further delays, the Apple Watch which comes with a wide range of custom bands should be hitting stores by end of March.
It gets pricier with premium finishing such as 18 Karat gold and its more fancy Milanese Loop watch band. Like a traditional His and Hers watch set, the Apple Watch will come in two different size (38mm and 42mm) and three different finishes, and it will be powered by means of wireless charging that is inductive, similar to Apple’s MagSafe chargers for the MacBook.
In recent weeks, lots of rumors had crept out about the Apple Watch -- pricing, what it would be able to do, and so on -- but one thing was hotly debated: what would the battery life be like?
Used solely as a watch -- Apple factors in checking the time five times an hour in this scenario -- you can expect 48 hours of battery life. To get this sort of battery performance you'll have to use your Apple Watch for the following activities: checking the time 90 times, receiving 90 notifications, using apps for 45 minutes, and enjoying a 30-minute workout with music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth.

Apple claims that the 42mm version will provide longer battery life, but does not go into further detail. The figures were given after Apple had conducted some testing in March 2015, although this was done with a preproduction version of the Apple Watch while paired with an iPhone. The latter will also impact the real-world results, but many of the rumors have been proven correct with juice lasting not like many would like. This figure drops extremely fast when you start mixing in things like fitness, as you get 6.5 hours while working out. You can however get to 80 percent charged within 1.5 hours, although it will be interesting to see how exact these figures are within real-world tests.
I guess it’s possible that the bigger watches may have slightly largers batteries to compensate for the larger screen.
Of course, no one spends seven hours running or working out so you’ll still have plenty of charge left if you spend about two hours in the gym. Whereas now with the apple watch, Its going to be sitting on the charger, not on my wrist since it needs to be charged almost daily.
But, I think if certain unneeded apps are turned off and for what Id actually be using it for, Im sure I could get 2 days of battery life out of it.
Still, better figures from a company than what I thought was going to be possible to do for that period of time. If I’m gonna spend $350 on something, I should be able to actively use it throughout my actual day. If used solely as a clock, the watch could do a total of 3 hours of on-display time inclusive of all watch animations. In terms of charging, the report says that it takes longer than expected but they are trying to fix it before it gets released.
According to a source close to 9to5mac, the Apple Watch could be finally available by March in the US, as retail training is expected to start sometime in mid-February. So far they have yet to reveal info on its battery life and whether or not it is water resistant. Apple has published usage scenario details that reveal owners of the device can expect to see anything from 3 to 48 hours of usage -- quite a range. Do any more than this -- which will be very, very easy to do -- and you can expect your usage to drop off, particularly if you make calls. Apple aims for at least 19 hours of mixed usage on a single charge but the report indicates that they are struggling just that. But how many people are going to drop $349 plus on a device that can do so much, and just use it as a timepiece? Does the extra check included in the Watch test really strip a full 24 hours from the battery? If you're one of the futuristic folk who like the idea of conducting phone calls through your wrist, you can do so for just 3 hours.
Friday I’ll be getting up at 7AM, heading into work until 5, then driving an hour away to go out with a bunch of friends. It's worth pointing out that all of these numbers are 'up to' figures -- your mileage may vary, etc. I won’t be home until 2 or 3AM, so I would either have to not use my watch all day at work, and bring the charger with me in order to have it fully charged when I leave the office at 5, or the watch will be dead before I even make it home again.
Their 18 hour specs call for less than 5 notifications per hour, (sorry, but I get far more than one notification every 12 minutes), and using less than 3 minutes of apps on the watch per hour during that time.
If you have to avoid using watch apps for more than 45 minutes in the entire day to last your 18 hours, what’s the point of spending $350 MINIMUM on one? I suppose for some people that’s all fine, but I would use twice those notifications, apps, etc. Usually have plans with friends after work, and this thing would constantly be dying on me. Like I said, I love my iPhones, and have had one since the first one launched, but to me, the Apple Watch is a huge disappointment, and I’m not at all impressed.

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