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After personally updating a handful of devices to iOS 7.1, a few of them re-enabled Background App Refresh seemingly at random. Speaking of features turning themselves on, Bluetooth turns itself on for every single update to iOS since the 7.0 release. Second, forcibly restart the iOS device by holding down the Home and Power buttons concurrently until the device reboots itself. No, actually there was a noticeable difference in my battery life and also my backlight wouldn’t go off.
After update to 7.1, I noticed that when my phone is near TV, the TV makes the noise (like when someone call you, or you call someone in the start of the call) but my iPhone does not ring, no one call me. One change I did make on mine that helped a bit was to disable push mail, but to check for new mail only when I open the mail app. We’re so threatened by your condescending attitude toward freedom of opinion and complete blind faith in Apple. Just randomly turning off features in iOS does not constitute an effective way to deal with the issue and it further handicaps the user experience.
Phone life has decreased a bit, but not a lot on my 4S, did a clean OS install and killed all the features I do not use. My battery life got back to normal after installing the iPhone 5 ipsw via iTunes, before that it was the worst ever. According to Apple Support articles, closing out the apps doesn’t help the battery or the performance. Anything that uses GPS and location data in the background, or is updating in the background, causes notable battery drain. I’ve got a 4S and have done everything from a hard reboot to several resets and rebuilds, including one full factory reset.
A new fast charging battery tech could mean the end of inconvenient waits when it comes to juicing smartphones up.
It’s always a major pain when you realize you forgot to charge your handset, and haven’t much time before you leave the house -- meaning you will likely run out of battery well before the day is out.
The battery has been prototyped by scientists at Stanford University, and is also safer than the traditional lithium-ion efforts. The battery is also more durable, and the researchers reckon it can go 7,500 charge cycles without losing any capacity, compared to 1,000 charge cycles for today’s typical lithium-ion power pack.
The battery could also be very handy considering we’re looking at the emergence of flexible phones now. Previous attempts at aluminum batteries have failed -- they generally died after around 100 charge cycles -- but the Stanford invention seems like a strong bet, and is featured in the online edition of the journal Nature. Let’s hope it moves on from the prototype stage to become a reality, because a super-safe and superfast charging battery is one thing any smartphone could use. Recent HeadlinesGoogle's latest diversity report shows the company making slow progressUnhappy with Evernote's new pricing? Xtigi has today launched the latest smartphone in Kenya exclusively on e-tailer giant Jumia. Customers who purchase the smartphone will also enjoy a free 8GB micro SD card and a free glass screen protector besides free deliveries in Nairobi and all major towns that Jumia offers alongside a free return and exchange policy of 7 days and the option to pay cash on delivery.
According to a white paper released by Jumia, Kenya’s leading online retailer in June 2015, 33% of the respondents indicated that their purchase for a mobile phone is driven by the size of the device.
Everyone has realised that they can do multiple tasks and substitute the laptop for a device with a larger screen that is portable, they want to check their email, research, work on spreadsheets, download and watch videos while stuck in traffic or on that long and boring upcountry ride. Most phablets have high screen resolutions thus offering a sharper and brighter experience. 59% of the respondents in the Jumia white paper survey cited frustrations with battery life demonstrating a preference for mobile phones with a longer battery life well, consumers have realised that most phablets offer that and more. The Nexus 6 has a turbo charging functionality that fills its battery in 15 minutes saving time and the hustle of an overnight charge.
When you own a tablet, you will probably need a bag to carry it around and of course both hands to operate it but for the phablet it’s easy to reach all corners with your thumb as the phone rests on your palm. Forum Motorola Android Phones Motorola Droid Turbo Why is my battery life draining so fast with so little use? I would think about using either automatic screen brightness, or try using the app Lux to manage automatic brightness. Ok, all that said, all I need for my phone to do is to get from the time I take it off the charger when I wake up in the morning to when I go to bed and put it back on the charger.
I don't care about hitting a 48 hour mark with the phone but I do need it to function for a full day.
Originally Posted by incessance Why is it better to do lots of small charges instead of big charges?
The answer, I think, is that lithium ion batteries deteriorate more with bigger charges than they do with smaller charges, and the rate of deterioration is higher when the amount of charge is higher.
There are many way to waste UE battery power but there are some ways to save this rare and useful resource.
In CELL PCH UE need to inform UTRAN whenever it camps on a new cell which belongs to a different location area.
3GPP RRC was initially designed with CELL_PCH state and URA_PCH state to allow UEs to consume less power. There were many proprietary fast dormancy methods implemented before it’s standardised.

Release 8 fast dormancy is well described in WCDMA for UMTS: HSPA Evolution and LTE by Harri Holma and Antti Toskala. Many times these features are configuration dependent, means the fast dormancy feature will be there in UE modem but need to be activated.
Feb 29, 2016 By Tuan Do Leave a CommentBefore reading the post, I need to disclose that I’ve been a loyal Samsung user for years and I bought the phone for reviewing, so all of my opinions are completely honest. Despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy S5 was not a successful product, there are still a lot of reasons to love it. As I used the Galaxy Note 4 before switching to the S6, I can see that the S6 is smaller and much more manageable. It is not really necessary to test the display on Samsung phone because it is always known as the best in class.
In theory, the screen should be more brilliant than the Galaxy Note 4 but I hardly can see the difference on such a small screen. The camera also supports recording 4K videos at 30fps, 720p slow-motion and fast-motion videos.
Most of my recent phones like iPhone 6 Plus or Galaxy Note 4 have decent batteries and they can last more than 1 day and can reach 2 days sometimes. The good thing is that the S6 has the fast-charging feature, and it can charge to 50% in less than 30 minutes.
Before reading the post, I need to disclose that I've been a loyal Samsung user for years and I bought the phone for reviewing, so all of my opinions are completely honest.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Another tip for those who DO have issues, try cycling the battery a couple times (charge to 100% then drain until it shuts down – repeat).
If iOS 7 is any indication of what iOS 8 will be, it will be a disaster, and perhaps the end of innovation at Apple. Tried to force it on, but could not start the phone up, then the dreaded charge me thing appeared. This is an observable occurrence and fact by anyone, repeatedly testable (launch Maps in the background with directions, your battery will last 30 minutes), despite what Apple will tell you.
And while there are quick-charge technologies out there, the new battery -- an aluminum-ion affair rather than lithium-ion power pack -- can be charged in just a minute flat, as opposed to a matter of hours. Hongjie Dai, a professor of chemistry at Stanford, said: "Our new battery won’t catch fire, even if you drill through it". That figure alone is substantial, but more so when forecasted to a few months, chances are it could even double. They want to send that email, take that video, pictures, download those affirmations, audio or visual books and do almost everything they want. The Infinix hot note for example has a 4400mAh battery whose 20 minutes charge can last over 7 hours of normal usage. Previously I used a Droid Razr Maxx which even after over two years still had great battery life. Poor signal tanks my battery, can you show your graph in battery settings showing the depletion relatively to signal quality? Phone's about to die now at 1% after 1 hour 40 minutes on screen time, 36% used by screen 27% by cell standby 13% android os etc. That's a pretty high cell standby figure, considering you have so many gmail accounts and an exchange account running. If your phone is doing that, forget about the 48 hour advertised time and just run your phone that way. I'll try ditching the task manager - I really just wanted it to see what bloatware was running initially so I could disable it. Occasionally I'll end up working 20 hours straight in back to back events and my old phone was able to keep pace. In case when location area is changes UE need to move to do a cell update to move to CELL_FACH state for a limited period of time to sen CELL UPDATE message.
As UTRAN registration area is a bigger geographical area so updates are sent less frequent than CELL_PCH state.
UE is connected using DCH (Dedicated Channel) or High Speed Shared Channel(HSDSCH) or Enhanced Dedicated Channel (EDCH). But many networks are configured with relatively long inactivity timers for CELL_DCH, CELL_FACH states. In proprietary implementations UE sends a simulated Signalling Connection Release Indication to RNC. According to the standards UE can send Signalling Connection Release Indication to the network to show its intention for releasing the packet conniption but network is in care of the whole process.
Timer T323 tells how much time the UE need to wait before sending the next Signalling Connection Release Indication Message. RRC Connection request shows release version of UE but it does shows whether fast dormacy is supported? Therefore, I expected that the new Galaxy S6 will bring some more improvements to make the phone even better.
I used to love design of the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but now the Galaxy S6 has become my favorite. The back glass is so gorgeous but it also can catch fingerprints easily, so you’d better clean it very often.

Now I can launch the camera app easily by double tapping the home button when the screen is still off, so I can capture moments much faster. I had to turn off the useful feature on my Galaxy S5 because it was so slow and inconvenient.
While we haven’t got a unified wireless standard yet, Samsung decided to support both PMA and QI, the 2 most popular standards at the moment. This is what I expected because the plastic phone is much more friendly to signal reception. It features a front-facing 5MP camera and a rear 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization and auto HDR.
Unfortunately, the Galaxy S6 has a smaller 2550mAh battery and it is running out of juice pretty fast.
This is a great price for such a flagship, but if you already have the Note 4 or iPhone 6 Plus, this is not really a necessary upgrade. Also, the iOS 7.1 update may have re-enabled a few settings that were previously turned off, so the reduction in battery life may simply be a matter of toggling those settings off. The battery life issue (along with the interface fiasco – why Jonny Ives still as a job is beyond comprehension) has plagued iOS 7 users since day one. You can bend it and fold it, so it has the potential for use in flexible electronic devices. Another important feature to note is the battery, a 3100mAh battery that can support a 15 hour non-stop usage. I have a task manager running and have disabled many of the apps I didn't feel were necessary and don't use.
As others have said, cell standby that high usually suggests that you have a poor signal at some point in the day. It is much, much better for the battery to have a lot of small charges than fewer big charges, so if you are at a point that you can charge the phone - commuting to work in the car, etc. I usually prefer fixed brightness to variable cause I'm picky about how it looks (I don't like it changing) and considering my last phone was ok with it hopefully this one will be too.
Fast dormancy was introduced in 3GPP release 8 of the specifications after that it was a huge hit among all the smart phone manufacturers.
Apart from that UE monitors the Common Pilot Channel (CPICH) of the cell where it is camped. The biggest advantage of PCH is that UE does not need to establishing RRC connection when needed as RRC is in a connected state. In uplink RACH (Random Access Channel) is used and in the downlink FACH (Foreword Access Channel) is used.
Samsung no longer uses a plastic or faux-leather back cover like we saw in previous generations.
I no longer have to swipe my thumb on the Home button, now I just need a single touch on the button and my phone will be unlocked. At least I haven’t got any dropped phone call and the Wi-Fi and LTE signal are still better than on iPhones. The non-removable battery can last just 1 day, basically I always have to charge my phone at the end of the day. So if you want to accuse someone of trolling, perhaps you should take a look at yourself in the mirror.
With only 1 hour and 13 minutes of on screen time, 23 hours on the battery, my phone is at 12-13%.
I know batteries get worse over time and it is alarming to see it die after a day when all I really did was a little browsing and some text messaging.
Before the standardisation many proprietary algorithms were used to solve this issue which some times termed as “Autonomous Signalling Connection Release”.
UE RRC connection is disconnected, so for doing some operation RRC connection is established.
UE can operate at very low power consumption, which is determined by the DRX cycles of the PCH states.
In some instances UE need to set up more than 25 connections in less than 5 minute period in commercial HSPA network, which is a lot of signaling traffic.
Believe me … I have a thorough check-list of all the possible settings and my phone is locked down to just the barest minimums.
Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads Unlocked!!! In the following sections the PCH state could be either deployed by using Cell_PCH or URA_PCH or both. Even at that the battery went from 75% to 47% in less than an hour – although there was no activity. I feel like I have barely used the phone relative to how I would sometimes use my old phone, especially for work where I will need to be able to download and view short video clips while onsite.

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