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Battery saving is sometimes more important for someone than calling or sending messages from their phones. One of the most important and simple option is to keep the brightness level low, whenever you feel like its not necessary.
Connectivity should be kept at its least when you are not doing anything important or not using the data network.
You should keep the background data set up such that if you want to check the mails regularly, you should keep it set such that the phone keeps checking for the mails automatically every interval of time, and its the best to keep it set for 1 hour interval for the mail checking. There is a setcpu function in the Motorola Droid Razr, which makes the phone internal functioning limited when you are not using it and when it is kept idle. One of the tested results of this optimization is that once the Internet Radio application which had drained a lot of battery earlier, now after all the optimization and settings drained 9% battery per hour with the continuous usage and when this was on, the Internet connection was continuously active.
There are various applications which show you that they would be helping in conserving the battery of your Motorola Droid Razr, but most of them fail to fill the purpose.
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Everyone knows that the single biggest complaint about every 4G LTE phone that Verizon has released to date has been the battery life.
So as my preamble suggested, the 3300 mAh battery is the big highlight feature for the DROID RAZR MAXX. In my time with the DROID RAZR MAXX I never once was able to burn the battery down completely in less than 18 hours and with light usage I managed to eke out over 60 hours on a single charge. Sure that light usage result is unrealistic for the power users, but then again we can’t imagine not plugging our phone in at night anyway. This kind of battery life in a 4G LTE phone is quite simply astounding and gives the DROID RAZR MAXX a huge advantage over the rest of the current crop of devices out there that can often struggle to make it through a regular work day. The 1.2 GHz TI OMAP 4430 processor that powers the DROID RAZR MAXX does its job admirably, just as it did in the original RAZR.
Motorola continues to be my gold standard for call quality amongst the Android manufacturers and the DROID RAZR MAXX was no exception. I’m not a big speakerphone user, but in my cursory testing with the DROID RAZR MAXX it worked as advertised with just a slight hit to the audio quality as compared to the earpiece.
The 4.3-inch PenTile qHD Super AMOLED display on the RAZR MAXX is also identical to that of the original RAZR.
With that said this isn’t a top of the line screen anymore so it will depend on how important that might be to you.
The DROID RAZR MAXX shares the Kevlar backing and splash proof coating of the original RAZR.
Alright, it’s been mostly sunshine and roses so far, but here we run into one of my first problems with the DROID RAZR MAXX.
This was my other big problem with the DROID RAZR MAXX, and fortunately this one can be corrected. While the score may not be terribly impressive that doesn’t tell the whole story of the DROID RAZR MAXX.
This appears to be borne out by the sales as both Amazon Wireless and Verizon have consistently had it backordered since the launch. If the MAXX proves to be a success, maybe we’ll see more manufacturers feature handsets with extra large batteries rather than pushing for maximum slimness.
Your G2 with its 3200 mAh battery is about as thick as Zach Morris’ phone and is therefore disqualified. A good point although that isn’t going to be a concern for the demographic that I see buying this phone.
I can usually get two or more days out of my GSII with my version of normal usage, which is about two thirty minute calls a little bit of internet and wifi usage and at least three hundred to four hundred texts total. Personally I love that extra 15% because it doesn’t make weird lumps or corners on the phone and cases still fit on it, but I got that little boost.
And OF COURSE they made this phone without a removable battery AND THEN they made a phone RIGHT AFTER with a longer battery life. I love this phone, why couldn’t they have just made the original with the bigger battery? I sympathize, my dad bought the original RAZR right when it came out and would have been a perfect candidate for the RAZR MAXX. Battery life is certainly impressive, yet I am spoiled with the larger displays of the Nexus, and Note.
THE MOST important thing about a wireless phone is that you can use it without looking for outlets and plugging in a wire everywhere you go! Could you please make some tests with web browsing and watching videos non stop with 100 % charge ?
II understand its cool that they jammed a big battery in a thin phone, but I don’t really see what the fuss about the awesome battery is about.
Huge difference, and I’m glad I upgraded because I got tired of the extra battery in my pocket all of the time. Just went to get mine today, but they were sold out ?? so it should be at my house in 2 days.
Because the camera is awful, display horrible unless Max brightness, network speeds MUCH slower than my work Razr and wife’s Razr Maxx, I wish I could return the GNex. I hope the radio is improved by updates as well as battery life on the GNex, the display,speaker, camera, I just expect to get better on the GNex. After using the work razr more , now the nexus seems to have a really washed display, birght darks, little color. I hate worrying and running test, at this point i would take a locked bootloader and wait for ics if i could retrun for the razr maxx.
Reading that the sprint nexus will be improved really makes me sick too , it is as if they knew this nexus is flawed, since when would they change Nexus’ specs so quickly??? I agree, they should of released the phone with the right specs and not bothered with the slower one. My friend has an Atrix with a 4″ qHD display and I can easily notice that the pixels on the screen are slightly larger then my Galaxy Nexus.
And the RAZR MAXX Quad HD with an Intel chip a couple of months after that, then Droid RAZR MAXX Quad HD Dolby+. I dont know about the tech catching up (only because the battery is the same, but just bigger), but I am a little upset that Moto can fit this giant battery in the worlds thinnest 4G LTE smartphone and other OEMs (esp HTC) are putting half the size in phones that have the room. If you guys watch the disassemble show of razr , you will notice the internal battery is so thin, just about 2-3mm. Wanna sell it basically because I’m not a huge fan of Snapdragon processors and since its retail bought, it has never been activated, or even has the plastic taken off.

You look like the dumbass right now, and I’m tempted to not correct you, but I guess I will.
Isn’t it bad to keep your phone charged all night because it charges then discharges?
That’s not what the Motoblur Help app told me on my DROIDX several months ago when I was reading it when I was bored when I was home and stuff. The thing is that most phones charge in an hour to two and charging overnight would be like 9 to 10 hours or so, and that means it reaches 100 and then goes to 99 or 98 and it will recharge to 100.
Moto’s statement is in reference to the charger being removed from the wall, not your phone being removed from the charger.
Don’t forget you have to do a full charge every now and then to recalibrate the sensor that detects how full the battery is. Join the South Park boys on Japan's most ridiculous, humiliating, and totally twisted game show! Jump, jump, jump to the top, top, top with Doodle Jump, the #1 smartphone game of all time! South Park 10South Park 10: The Game is based on some of the most memorable moments from the first 10 seasons. MTV Star FactoryCreate the idols of tomorrow with MTV Star Factory, the game that lets you be the music mogul! Tiki Towers 2Swing into action with an all-new set of primate puzzles in the fantastic sequel to the award-winning hit. There are many common-sense tips which usually work for most of the phones, that would help in saving a lot of battery on the same amount of usage.
The brightness level kept at automatic has its own advantages and disadvantages, because it does save your phone battery by keeping the levels low when not needed but at the same time, when you keep switching between places that have different light conditions, the sensor is pinged so many times and you would be seeing a depletion of battery for that reason. This is a feature that has to be installed as an application and it does hurt the performance of the phone, but when you are not using it, why would you care about the performance when its idle?
Its better to follow the general rules and common steps rather than trying to install multiple apps expecting the same results. The average 4G LTE phone is lucky to make it more than 14 hours on a charge if you use your phone at all – even left virtually untouched you are unlikely to be greeted by anything but a blank screen in the morning if you commit the cardinal sin of forgetting to plug your phone in at night. For more casual users, and thus users that are less likely to remember to plug their phone in, I can see 36-48 hours of battery life as a real possibility. I basically fall into the same camp as Anthony did in his review of the RAZR and that is that the average user is going to be pleased with the screen. The HD displays in the HTC Rezound, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and even the LG Spectrum are undeniably superior in my mind so if you are going to be watching a lot of video or are simply a pixel peeper you should probably look to one of those devices.
The advertising showing the RAZR slicing through everything in sight failed to mention that your hands would be it’s main target. It’s going to seem like a really simple and probably minor thing to many of you, but I simply could not get over it during the entire time I had the phone. When lighting conditions are optimal the 8 MP rear-facing camera is capable of some nice images and as always I have far fewer complaints about the quality of the video capture. I didn’t have any trouble pulling in a 4G signal in any of my local haunts and speeds were in line with the rest of my LTE devices. A 4G LTE smartphone that gives you the freedom to not worry about your battery life is something we had yet to see on Verizon and I’m not entirely certain when another such device will come along. I played with my friend’s RAZR for a while, and man, even though the screen of RAZR is just a tiny bit smaller than my GNex in spec, when I stared at it, it just looked small. That extra bit gets me through the day, but when I’m really powering through downloads, video, and web I barely notice that I have an extended battery.
He frequently forgets to charge his phone and with his usage pattern he would easily get 2-3 days out of the MAXX and likely more with the proper smart actions set up. The first was a typical first day with a phone meaning it was nothing to write home about, while day 2 was impressive, to say the least.
Day 3 was just so sporadic with no time for a full charge that the shots of battery status would not have made much sense.
My Bionic with the extended battery is a brick but the extended back cover is more comfortable to hold than the stock battery cover. I went into the Verizon store the other day while my wife was getting her hair cut and picked up the original Razr and the screen just doesn’t do it for me. Its crazy I know, but there is no point in having a 3G phone as a backup with the major pain VZW has made it to swap between devices. Did you check the settings on the Razr display to be sure the brightness hadn’t been turned down? Too late to return it, don’t really even want too but really, really envious of that battery, regardless of how much harder it is to tweak.
I have the extended battery which has helped tremendously but still I get a good 8 -11 hrs sometimes more with around 2-3 hrs of screen time usually. They need to fix the bugs in the phone still, or at least send the OTA update that they already have. My rezound with the extended battery makes it ugly but it lasts through my 12 hour shift with moderate use and when I get home its on 60%. With lithium ion and polymer batteries, it’s better to do partial charges than full charges. Connectivity options, graphics display and brightness settings, limitation of background data are the usual tips which we would anyways explain to you below, but the best deal is from XDA developers forum where they have given some of the best and working tips for saving battery life in your Motorola Draoid Razr, i.e. It’s better to keep the manual battery setting and kept that at low brightness would be the best bargain. Using this feature one can set a particular Mhz level of performance and you could set it up to 200-300 MHz where the battery level is low. Would a phone that could turn all of that on its ear be something you might be interested in? NVIDIA specifically and even Qualcomm may do a better job at pushing their mobile processors branding, but I haven’t really had any complaints with my TI powered handsets.
The screen reproduces colors well, is sufficiently bright and text appears sharp when viewed at a normal distance. I will say that I think Motorola may have a tendency to push their default settings toward accuracy rather than vibrancy and I think most users would prefer the latter.
Other than that, I cannot imagine moving back to any manufacturer overlays at this time even if better battery life was promised. Day 3 was pretty much like day 2 in that battery was never a concern even though I had to kick things off at around 60% charge. What I mean by that is, I woke up to a battery that had around 30% charge left, but was then only able to charge it for about an hour before heading out for the day.

I have yet to turn on WiFi during the last 3 days and have never once had to worry about battery issues. The rest of this phone is great including the build, feel in hand, even Blur looks ok, and now this bigger battery. Personally I like high resolution displays so I am geared towards the higher resolution but for the average consumer it shouldn’t matter that much.
Also, angermeans, you undersold the Nexus battery, its 1850, which means with two we get 3700, which is, as you said, significantly more capacity.
Even if they had an upgrade they would be paying less if the phone sells at 70 bucks which it is right now! Not sure how low it would have to get to start charging again but I’m definitely only doing a single charge cycle every night.
It’s leaving the battery in storage at a very high or very low charge that can harm a battery.
However, I have the extended battery, although it isn’t much bigger than the standard battery. You can take a look at the samples pictures and videos below to judge for yourself whether the RAZR MAXX will meet your point and shoot needs. So with a 60% charge on me, I ran for almost 6 hours before the phone dropped to around 27% with moderate use. I would however, recommend that you make sure to plug this phone in at night because of the amount of time that it takes to charge. Again though the screen looks like garbage and it looks even worse after using the Galaxy Nexus for so long. I also got the one with the charger so its no thing tobcharge it as well and i have more than enough power to get me through the day even with heavy use. Both look very nice and certainly not enough difference to be a deciding factor on either phone including the iphone. I have WiFi turned on and I’m always connected to cell towers to get texts and calls and my brightness is set to auto. Even though I prefer my GNex with an extra battery (1800 + 1800 (or 2100 with extended) = 3600), the Motorola Razr Maxx is doing something right especially since 4G LTE is eating through my battery even faster.
Switching to 3G only gets me maybe 2 hours more, so I never use 4G unless I want to charge three times a day. With the extended battery, I can use the tethering for hours while still using the device for normal routines. I then had some free time and plugged it in to see how long it would take to charge on the Motorola charger that it came with and it still took roughly 3 hours.
I dont see why Motorola didnt update this on the MAXX as the Droid Razr in China includes the 720p screen. Razer max Sized batteries would be awesome though seeing as we have all been asking for it since Motorola invented the cell phone. It’s also not good to charge the battery to 100% all the time so some manufacturers show 100% charge but the battery is actually just below that. If i were to leave my Galaxy Nexus on in airplane mode over night it would drop 20 – 35%, hence why I use my Droid.
And I’m pretty sure kellex and 95% of people charge their phones besides their bed every night.
In fact I thought that it was as I swore  I read a post about the China Razr on Droid Life sometime around the launch of this phone and then I swore I read that the MAXX would include the 720p screen. Android OS is the cause of it eating up anywhere from 20 – 35% making it the second biggest battery killer. Call me a geek, but I’ve been dying for a screen that matches up with my wives iPhone 4 for 18 months now and it is the single best thing I love on the Galaxy Nexus (yes, even more than I love ICS).
From the Motorola Droid RAZR, to the Huawei Ascend P1 at CES, and to the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is rumored to be thinner than the incredibly svelte Droid RAZR. Even thought the Droid RAZR Maxx with that huge battery on its back, but let’s face the fact that the batteries in these thin phones are pretty bad, usually around 1500mAh to 1900mAh which tend to not last very long. So – why can’t manufacturers get it that we want more capacity in our batteries more than a thinner phone?
Wouldn’t you love to have a phone that can last you almost 2 days with 4G LTE on the entire time?
For me, and most other people it’s an extended battery, because the OEM battery is just to bad to use everyday especially for those with an LTE device, LTE drinks battery juice like its water.
Other people feel that the thinner phones are easier to break, I used to think so too, but now it’s much harder to break them. Many have said, myself included, that this phone is probably the best Android phone we’ve seen in a long time. I’ve also seen battery tests where this one last more then a day, but that was on the non-LTE models, as we all know LTE is a battery hog. Phones that typically have a battery that is under 2000mAh are hurting in the battery life department, and as phones become more powerful, the battery life continues to get worse. I am really hoping manufacturers will get away from the thinness trend and go to the Maxx trend (bigger batteries) even if they are non-removable.
Would you be willing to let go of a bit of thinness for an ultra powerful device that has the juice to make it through, and then some? It appears that they did this for the sole purpose of bragging righs of having the thinnest device. Then they turn around and release the Maxx effectively making the Razr not obsolete but less attractive.
I’d like to see the major manufacturers follow this trend Moto started, without the incremental update. Just release devices with big batteries and stop the thiness wars, because they’re not really pushing any new design standards are anything innovative with the thiness. 7 and 8mm phones still achieve that happily with reasonable daily use, and I’d much rather have a thin phone.
Mine can last a good 18 hours on 3G but its so slow where I am, so I always use 4G LTE on my Bionic. It is just dumb design-wise and otherwise to continue building this power hungry devices and then stick a puny batteries in them.

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