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If you’re an iPhone user that is constantly experiencing battery drainage issues, you sure will enjoy this jailbreak tweak.
According to BattSaver’s official website, the tweak will allow for double the current battery life via turning off specific radios within your iPhone. In the BattSaver settings, you have four different modes that you may put your iPhone into.
Each 45 minutes it allows BattSaver to wake up radios to get latest email and notifications. It does not enable radios when turn on (it up to you to enable the radio you need manually via SBSettings for example). If you are interested, you can purchase BattSaver on the BigBoss repository for $2.99 today.
I have quite a few tweaks and this one has improved battery life quite a bit in my opinion. Once you’ve installed the tweak and clicked on the icon you’ll get a page that shows you your charging state, capacity, voltage, cycles, temp, charging state, charging current, and finally discharging current. I’m not sure if this workaround is already made by someone, or if not possible since its so closed sourced. Can someone please help me, every time I put the repo in it doesn’t work please help. Esta aplicacion sera muy util ya que permite saber si su bateria esta funcionando como se espera, y si usted sospecha que usted tiene una bateria defectuosa o el funcionamiento de la misma no es el adecuado, esta aplicacion sera sin duda la herramienta que le ayudara a averiguar si necesita una nueva.
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Now that the iOS 8 Jailbreak has been out for a few weeks, a bunch of tweaks have been released or updated with iOS 8 support.
HideMe8 Lite is a great tweak for those looking for a free alternative to tweaks like Springtomize 3 (or to use a companion to Springtomize 3). BatteryLife is actually an app available in Cydia that gives you very detailed information about the current state of your battery. DetailedBatteryUsage is a tweak that actually enables a feature already on your device that Apple uses for testing purposes. Thanks to Cydia, you can now triple your iPhone battery life with these cool Cydia apps from Cydia App Store. Well, if you have had enough of these kinds of situations and wondering how to extend iPhone battery life, perhaps you should check out these iOS 8 Cydia apps.
BattSaver is a cool Cydia app that offers you the extra power you need so that you don’t have to carry a bulky powerbank with you all the time. Indoor profile – Location services, Bluetooth, Airplane mode and mobile data should be turned off to save battery life while you are at home. Outdoor profile – It is very important to keep the right settings for outdoor because it is the hardest situation to locate a charge point while you are stepping out.
There are a number of different tricks for saving battery life, and this tweak is another great one that you will want to know all about. Some of the different features that this tweak has to offer include automatically switching off battery-draining components when they are not being used, increases the device’s battery life by 2x, includes monitoring views so you can check the state of your battery in real-time, and it has a “pull to refresh” feature. BatteryLife jailbreak tweak for displays useful information about your device’s battery health, also including the current capacity and a temperature reading.

While my phone was idle, I saw no drainage, normally I would notice at least 2 to 3 percent over the course of a few hours. After I leave my phone asleep for a while and wake it up, it fails to ever turn my radios back on.
Sure, graphical interfaces are nice and I like pie-charts and pretty colors, but I also equally like to see numbers and know what is happening under-the-hood of things.
I just want to find a way to get a workaround of the charging limiter, since I want to override or bypass that check. La actualizacion de BatteryLife 1.2 incluye soporte para iPad, otras mejoras de rendimiento, configuracion en grados Fahrenheit o Celsius, idioma espanol, mejoras de rendimiento y correcciones de errores menores. If you’re looking for additional ways to tweak your device, check out this list of 10 tweaks you can try right now. It allows you to hide many different aspects of iOS, and even includes a few customization options. It allows you to customize different aspects of iOS 8’s UI and offers options to customize a few different apps. It makes Notification Center much more pleasurable to use by deciding which tab you probably want to see.
When replying to a message from the Messages app via the Interactive Notifications, this tweak will disable tapping the area on your screen between the message and your keyboard.
Being Jailbroken, it always seems that more and more junk files pile up on your device, taking up your precious storage space.
It can tell you how much life is left in your battery, how many times you’ve charged your battery, and the discharge current (which is great when trying to figure out if a tweak you just installed is a battery hog).
It gives you a much more detailed look at what’s using up your battery, and even features a nice chart at the top. Just like BattSaver, it shuts down unused apps and turn off automatic updates from time to time. If so, why not try out every battery saver apps mentioned above since most of them are free? It is no secret that many Apple devices have relatively short battery lives (specially iPhones because of the small battery in comparison with deices with higher dimensions like the iPad), and this tweak is a wonderful solution when it comes to extending the battery life. Having just gotten back from CES, I of course just now find a tweak that could have come in handy while walking around with multiple battery packs and cases – BatteryLife.
While it does leave room for improvement (I’d rather see it in Settings rather than it’s own icon) it certainly is a nice look into the underbelly your iPhone’s power system.
However, I’ll add that to my list of things to look out for in the future when trying out new tweaks and post accordingly if I find something! You can hide things such as certain status bar icons, home screen icon labels, the Notification Center and Control Center grabbers on the lock screen, and so much more. A few things mikoto is capable of is allowing an unlimited amount of notifications in Notification Center (iOS limits notifications to 10 per app), showing the clock in the status bar on the Lock Screen, allowing turn-by-turn navigation in Google Maps anywhere, background audio from the YouTube app, and unlocking additional settings in the Facebook app.
Bars was created to do one thing: bring back the traditional signal bars used in iOS 6 and earlier. It comes with three pre-installed themes (shown above), or you can download additional themes in Cydia.
Without this tweak, accidentally tapping this area closes the notification and doesn’t even save it as a draft.

If you’re paranoid about taking care of your battery, this is the perfect tweak for you. It also allows you to click on an app to see exactly why that app is using as much battery as it is. Aside from technology, he's a music lover and listens to any type of rock you could imagine, from Classic Rock, to Punk Rock, to Post-Hardcore.
The right settings are able to triple an iPhone battery life otherwise it will at least double the power with the battery saver feature. Besides, you can customize the settings in the user interface to get the maximum battery life based on your usage, for instances, change the brightness when the battery power is low. Reduce the brightness, location services, mobile data and Wi-Fi can save up to 25% of your iPhone battery life during the night. Perhaps in the future we could even get the addition of graphs (assuming it doesn’t cause battery drain).You can check out the tweak at modmyi . My personal favorite feature is the ability to customize the status bar time to include the date (as seen in the screenshot).
The tweak also gives a more accurate representation of your signal strength by allowing bars to be half filled. If you’re looking for a way to change up your status bar a bit, Alkaline would be a good place to start.
You can also check out iCleaner Pro, which contains a few more powerful features (such as disabling tweaks without uninstalling them). You can also find him browsing the web about all things amusement park related, and one day he plans to travel the country, visiting every amusement park and riding every roller coaster in his path. It is very exasperating to see an iPhone screen suddenly turn black while you are running an app or playing an exciting game on your iPhone.
HideMe8 Lite is a great tweak any Jailbreaker should try out, I’m sure you’ll find something useful to you!
The tweak also contains a few settings to allow you to hide the tab bar at the top (you won’t really need it anymore anyways).
That’s one imperative reason the 360 Battery Saver Pro is one of the best Cydia apps ever for iOS 8 and iOS 7 users. Basically, this tweak tells you how many hours of battery life left and allows you to set 3 profiles – Indoor, Alarm and Outdoor. Well we are on iOS 7 and were waiting for this great tweak to get updated for this firmware.
You can customize seven different settings into these 3 preset profiles such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, LTE, Airplane mode, Brightness control, Bluetooth and Location services.
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