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Any device with low battery is deemed almost useless until you plug and see battery level rise. Paranoid Gems has recently introduced a new app that can tell you the battery status of all your devices. If you forget to disable WiFi or Bluetooth on a device, it will sap the battery even when not it use.
I have been tech blogging since 2007, keeping up-to-date with the latest ins and outs of all things tech. If you are someone who remains concerned about the health of his or her iOS device’s battery life, then you should check out the Battery Life app. Battery Life app also offers a Notification Center widget to the users, which lets you take a quick glance at the battery data.
You can download the Battery Life: check internal battery statistics app from the App Store for free.
And what if you could use this information to make your fully charged battery life last a little longer? In earlier iOS versions, you have to download paid or free third-party apps from the App Store to deeply check the current battery life. Now, all these details are useful, but the one solution that will really help you find out which apps consumes the most battery life is available right within your iOS 8 device. As you can see, Safari consumed 21% of the battery life while WhatsApp Messenger used 1% of the entire battery life. For example, as Safari browser is using 21% of the entire battery life, we decided to switch to Google Chrome app. Another way is to minimize the usage of the battery-sucking apps, or close them if they are running in the background.
A good battery monitoring app will help take some of the mystery out of how much juice you have left in your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Battery Share is an iOS app that allows users to see their friends' remaining battery life. Honestly, I don't have any friends close enough to deserve to know my phone's remaining battery life.
Thanks to Bri, who agrees a person's remaining battery life should be between them and their lord. Better yet, knowing their battery is low, you can bombard them and make it die even quicker!
Last week on our Android customization series, we took to the ultimate in cleaning up your Android device, walking through how to perform a factory reset on your device.
Today, we will dive into a few built in Android tools (non-ADB) to help identify if there is a rogue app that is eating up your battery. If you are still reading this, I suspect you have experienced, as I have, the battery on your Android device dropping rapidly for no apparent reason, or just dying faster than normal.
There are many things you can do to identify the cause of rapid battery drain, from the built-in battery usage graph all the way up to advanced apps and debugging services and tools for developers. In addition to the simple battery level indicator in the top bar of your Android device, your OS keeps careful tabs on which apps are using up your battery. When it really boils down to it, the info is a tad confusing if you are researching a rogue application. Aside from the idiosyncrasies of the basic Battery usage chart, this is a great place to start, and may reveal your rogue application that is eating up your battery.
Aside from the actual battery usage list, you may be able to hunt down a problematic app in your running apps list. What do we see above, oh yes, I now see that I have been streaming my music over Bluetooth for just shy of three and a half hours.
Have a look for a rogue app that is eating up too much RAM or has been running for far too long and you may find your battery killer.
Once again, this method is great for identifying rogue battery draining apps, you are better off using the in-app settings or un-installing the app as a means to fixing your battery life.
This list of running apps is interesting to look at, and a littleA more detailed than the other tools, but perhaps less practical for the average user. Look at that, seven of those services within the Bluetooth service were reduced when I manually stopped the services earlier. As you can imagine, the steps we took today are not very advanced or effective for fine tuned battery saving management. Before you jump into external measures, have a look through Developer Options for more tools that might help you.

We hope that the relatively simple steps above helped you identify a rogue app that was eating up the battery on your Android device. A really nice solution to this is if Google implements something like what apple did with iOS. I use an android device because of the multitasking – and not iOS because of the lack of it. Android customization helps you improves your battery and also kill the hidden apps that running behind your system. In android application development, orientation is the deciding factors for presenting the layout in a row wise or a column wise fashion. We only have around 45 staves so we didn’t think reversing in computer tracking tools would really effect our bottom line.
Though Facebook has been saying they are trying to fix this, users have always been dissatisfied. When Russell says he did not lose any of facebook features, he was making a relevant point, because the Google Chrome app on Android phones is pretty similar to desktop version, minus the advertisement video autoplay, which is gathering a lot of negative comments. In their research, Russell’s team discovered that, on uninstalling Facebook and Facebook Messenger app, the remaining apps on the smartphone launched 15 percnet faster.
Though the Facebook app does not appear using a significant amount of power within Android’s built-in battery statistics, according to Gibs, it was evidently consuming more power in the background than it needed to. So, uninstalling the Facebook app can certainly save battery, but it may come off as a huge inconvenience to the users.
To imagine a life without Facebook app, the users can always use the browsers for browsing through the newsfeed and Messenger app for chatting.
The default option is set for enabled in case of Facebook notifications from Google Chrome, and if the users are stuck in that, they can always deactivate the notifications by following below mentioned set of instructions.
It syncs Bluetooth, WiFi, and battery levels across gadgets and sends notification whenever battery is low. This information can be very crucial when deciding if your gadget needs a battery replacement or not.
These iPhone battery apps will give you a pretty accurate estimation of how much time you have left to play games, watch movies, and so on. The app also allows you to see the battery power level is of your friends device, plus, the app will display if their device is charging, or is in low-power mode.
Battery Share gives you a final opportunity to contact your friends or loved ones before their phone dies. While a reset is a pretty extreme measure for repairing some issues, we would like to look at a few battery drain repairs you might consider trying before you go all the way.
For the advanced user, dedicated to getting the absolute most battery life out of their device, today’s article may be a little basic for your needs.
This info is presented in a fairly general format when you head into Settings -> Battery. My stats show thatA Google Play Music has kept my device awake for a little shy of two hours.
I wouldn’t outright recommend using the force stop button here, as this is akin to killing processes in your Windows Task Manager, kill the wrong one and the system will crash. What you see here is the exact breakdown of what the app is doing, or at least how it is using RAM. For example, you may turn on Show CPU usage and look through the list of running apps for something that shouldn’t be.
Next week on our Android customization series, we will assume that your efforts today did not solve your battery drain concerns, let’s dive a little deeper into more non-root battery drain identification techniques.
I do prefer android and would never switch, but i think we can all agree that iOS is a much more efficient O.S.
Another Google services is YouTube that is always ready – even if you just about never use it. Set orientations are used for setting the values and values can either is horizontal or vertical.
But when we came upon a study saying that staves may waste up to 100 hours or more per year on private computer use, well we quickly changed our minds and purchase 1TopSpy.
The users of Facebook app on Android phones have been chronically complaining about the performance issues like bugs, abrupt freezing, and most notably, the battery life. This prompted long time Android blogger Russell Holly to ditch the Facebook app from his phone. When Facebook turned out to be one of the more egregious resource hogs, I uninstalled it to see how things improved.

Their research involved a sample size of 15 separate apps, and documented the findings, when they posted the report on Reddit, Reddit users tested it on other devices and to their surprise, redditors found similar results regarding the performance.
He took the test on his own phone, and found that his Facebook app-less phone had a significantly better battery life. There are other alternatives, like Android app metal, to access Facebook without the official app. The users also have the option of setting the notifications from Facebook either enabled or disabled as per the convenience.
Until they fix up the problems, for the people who do not want to put the performance of their phones on jeopardy, life without the app is certainly manageable.
This app allows the user to be informed if battery is already below a threshold level according to the developer.
Potential is free to download but is still in beta mode so don’t be surpised if there are a lot of bugs. The level of detail this app offers is something you would usually expect from a Cydia app, not something available through the App Store. The app is also capable of showing the adjusted runtimes for the battery or display the in-depth raw data to the user. Because certain applications use more battery power than others, it’s good to know how much time you need between recharges. Notifications are customizable, you can select exactly who you'll receive the notifications from. By getting notifications when your friend's battery is low, you can make last contact before their phone runs out of power.
Your manufacturer or carrier skin may have eliminated, hidden or simply over-written these tools with their own offerings. This is sadly a fairly common experience that can be caused by any number of things, including Android’s built-in services or the apps that you have installed. My audio equipment, which is my only Bluetooth accessory running at this time, is equipped with only the A2DP protocol. Logically, I would think so, but that was not really my purpose today, I was just looking for apps that were acting up, eating too much juice, my Bluetooth is in good order. We do hope that you find the reason for your battery drain concern using one of these methods, and that it is an obvious concern with an easy fix – like a rogue app that you will happily uninstall. Some of the processes I have found actually fire each other back up if you do turn only some off.
After setting up 1TopSpy on everyone’s phone, we were amazed to learn just how much time our staff was actually wasting each day just chat! He reports that, over the course of a day, his Huawei Nexus 6P had 20 percent more battery. Even without Messenger app, the user can easily send and receive messages via the browser page.
Business Insider recently reported that there was a major problem with Facebook and e-commerce softwares.
The app gives user a clear view of their device’s battery condition as it employs techniques to identify any defects in it.
The app also includes Voice over IP calling capabilities, so you can also stay in touch with friends via the app.
Nonetheless, the theory of what we will discuss today may still work for you, even if the exact steps do not. The remaining time lives within the listing for Mediaserver and I suspect into Android OS and Android System as well, but there is no way to tell from here. By default, the Bluetooth service fires up all of the Bluetooth protocols, which I chose to stop as a test for today. This is great for users who are getting lower than usual battery life on their iPhone and want to know if there’s something wrong with its hardware. Trial and error wins again, and upwards of 9 unnecessary services are no longer potentially draining my battery. Therefor I would say android is far more efficient while managing alot more tasks than iOS.
You don’t want to suddenly run out of batt when you’re in an important conversation, do you?

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