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If you choose to select and download images to your computer, you'll get the screen you see above.
I'm sure that most people in the market for a camera like this know what RAW is, but in case you don't, here's a quick explanation.
Back when I mentioned EOS Utility, I said that it supports remote capture, so here's some more detail on this handy feature (which, might I add, doesn't cost extra). You can also take movies using Remote Capture, though the files are initially stored on the camera. Remote Capture also lets you set up the My Menu feature (more on that later), and it can also be used to send Picture Styles that you've created to the camera.
Pixel is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of camera accessories such as triggers and remote controls.
The range of pixel includes accessories for the best selling brands in the market such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Olympus. Is available for various brands of cameras and is designed to obtain without having to change batteries. The operation is pretty simple: Switch off your camera, open the battery compartment and take out the batteries, take off the protection cap from the battery grip and slide it into the battery tray. The Battery Grip fascinates through some features, which make photographing to an absolute pleasure. Certainly, the Battery Grip is equipped with an appropriate tripod thread, so that a sturdy connection with a tripod is given, e.g. If you are having problems with battery life while using your DSLR camera, then you are probably in the market for an extended battery grip. This is what you need if you want to create some awesome time-lapses, and this is exactly what I intend to use it for.
The Polaroid Battery Grip can also be used with standard AA batteries just in case you run out of the LP-E6 style batteries.

Thanks for reading my review, and be sure to check back soon to see my first time-lapse video with this setup! The first application that you'll probably bump into is EOS Utility, which is sort of a gateway to all the other software programs. Once photos are transferred to your computer, you have two ways of viewing and editing them.
On the main screen, you get the usual thumbnail view, with quick access to image e-mailing, printing, editing, and slideshows. Editing functions include trimming, redeye removal, and the ability to adjust levels, color, brightness, sharpness, and the tone curve. Basic properties you can edit include exposure, white balance, the tone curve, Picture Style, saturation, and sharpness.
This software you control the camera right from your computer, with access to most camera settings. When you're done recording, the software will allow you to copy the video files over to your PC.
The Picture Style editor (another piece of software) lets you open up a RAW image, adjust color, the tone curve, contrast, and sharpness, and then save the results as a new Style. They continue to develop their products continuously to always ensure excellent and affordable products in a rapidly changing market ..
With our convenient Battery Grip, your Canon 7D camera will become an absolute powerful continuous run device.
When shooting video with my Canon 7D, I was constantly worrying about how much battery life I had left. But you might be wondering why I chose this grip over the obvious Canon model, or the less expensive Vello and Zeikos units. Although is does not have an unlimited shot option like the Canon TC80N3, it does have a 999 shot limit.

Here you can download photos from your camera, use remote capture, adjust camera settings, or monitor a folder (used with the optional Wireless File Transmitter). In addition to adjusting the basics that I described above, DPP also lets you tweak color tone, saturation, the tone curve, both luminance and chrominance noise, and lens aberration (such as distortion, vignetting, and purple fringing). Thus, you can adjust settings like white balance and exposure without damaging the original image, so it's almost like taking the photo again. The live view feature is fully supported, complete with a histogram, composition grid, and the ability to enlarge the frame and manually tweak focus. The ergonomic and compact design supports the handling of the camera, especially when taking pictures with long and heavy lenses.
I knew I needed a grip, so I decided to purchase the Polaroid Wireless LCD Display Performance Battery Grip (PLGR187D).
The downside is the large file size (compared to JPEG), fewer shots in continuous shooting mode, and the need to post-process each image on your computer before you can turn it into a more common format like JPEG.
Photos are saved directly to your computer, though they can be stored on the camera too, if you wish. It has a similar texture to the Canon body and doesn’t feel cheap like some other battery grips. And I can’t forget to mention it has a shutter release built-in to the grip which makes portrait photography super simple and comfortable. The Grip is particularly flexible regarding the power supply: You can either use it with two lithium ion accumulators or with six Mignon batteries, just as you like or what you have close by.
These buttons and functions are especially helpful for portrait format shootings due to their better reachability.

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