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So, I wont repeat it, especially because there are already many papers comparing the XL to its elder.
Everyone knows that the screens are what makes the new 3DS XL special : Nintendo claims they are 90% larger. As Satoru Iwata said in his last "Iwata Ask", beyond the screen size and the better 3D effect, the upper screen uses anti-glare technology to ensure the 3D perception is less degraded by reflections. Last but not least advantage of the 3DS  XL screens, their relatively huge size offers a deeper immersion.
As said in the last "Iwata Ask", there was less room for the speakers on the 3DS XL, so they have ben replaced by smaller models.
We somewhat feared that the excellent sound quality of the original 3DS would have been lost in the exchange.
As a summary, we can consider that the levels 2 to 4 on the XL seems to match approximatively the levels 1 to 3 on the original 3DS. The drawback of this overall lower backlight is that playing in full sunlight is now difficult, especially because the screen is not transflective anymore.But after all, those tricks offers approximatively one more hour of battery life. Those who already have a 3DS XL may have noticed that the lower shell seems to be easy to remove. He had 4,5 hours on full brightness with both wi-fi and 3G on while playing Ultimate Mahvel vs Capcom.
Game Dev Story and the other games by that dev are amazing battery drains (worse than some full 3D games) -- I think it has to do with them being ported from other phones. Of course, making battery life claims on the basis of turning off the major selling point of your hardware or restraining yourself to only play less demanding games for the sake of battery life is kind of pathetic. I would not expect a user in a constrained battery situation to choose not to play the game they want to play. When he's not contributing to Nintendo Life via his Parent Trap blog, Andy offers expert gaming advice on BBC One and runs the Family Gamer YouTube channel devoted to charting how families get on with gaming.
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The PlayStation Vita launches this week and brings with it the promise of the most impressive games ever seen on a handheld.
The Vita is the newest kid on the block, and as such has the smallest library of games available.
All Vita games released at retail are also available to download via the PlayStation Store.
The iPhone 4S is home to some incredible games, all available to download via the App Store.
The majority of games are built around touch and tilt mechanics, although a growing number attempt to map buttons and control sticks onto the touch screen to create console-like experiences - these are a very mixed bag. While the 3DS started off poorly, with few must-have releases, the console has received plenty of quality titles in recent months. A digital store offers a selection of cheaper gamers, including those originally released for the GBA and NES. Despite hundreds of clones and an awful lot of rubbish filling the App Store, the iPhone 4S is easily the victor here - unless you're after true console gaming experiences. In the right hands (as Epic has proved), Apple's phone-cum-gaming handheld is more than up to the task of pumping out high-end visuals. Nintendo doesn't have as much focus on power as many other manufactuers, but the 3DS is certainly no slouch.
While the Vita offers a lot, only the iPhone 4S has the complete package, including the ability to make phone calls. The 3DS comes as standard with two screens, although only the bottom screen is touch sensitive.
If you get your iPhone on contract the initial cost will seem quite low and the low-price games always seem like a bargain. The 4S is small and neatly fits into a pocket or bag, and a screen protector or case doesn't add too much bulk.
The clamshell design makes the 3DS ideal to throw into a bag, with the screen nicely protected without the need of an extra case. Battery life also isn't brilliant, with a gaming session able to last no more than three hours on a single charge. In this head to head it's the iPhone 4S that comes out on top, but it's worth considering what kind of gamer you are. If you're after true console gaming on the go, though, the Vita or 3DS are a better bet, with the best games far exceeding what is available on Apple's device.

While we’re used to comparing smartphones released by different manufacturers, this time around we will keep it in the same family by putting up a showdown among the iPhone 5s and the two latest Apple flagships.
All Apple iPhone versions released in the market make use of LED-Backlit IPS LCD technology for their screen displays. The designs of the two iPhones released in September are different from the iPhone 5s but we are not talking about radical changes here. As for the camera system, the iPhone 6 uses digital stabilization for its shooter to offer crisp and vivid images while the iPhone 6 Plus uses optical image stabilization to make it a great choice for taking snaps and recording HD videos. The comparisons here are not really comprehensive but hopefully you’ll be able to use this information in determining whether to upgrade from your iPhone 5s to either one of the newer iPhone 6 versions.
Unfortunately, it may be annoying for some DS games that sometimes uses both screens to display the same scene. Games with very rich and detailed graphics, like Heroes of Ruin, Tales of the Abyss or the new Kingdom Heart Dream Drop Distance, shows a hugely improved immersion and visibility when played on the new XL.
Especially when you consider the tradition of Nintendo's consoles, offering generally a quite comfortable play time.
They have worked to make the battery life of the 3DS XL better and more in the line of the previous systems. If you compare side by side the five levels of the backlight, you will notice that the XL's brightness is constantly one step behind the original 3DS , excepted for the fifth and highest level that seems to match quite closely. After some proper battery charge cycles, we were able to get more than 6:15 hours of average use (brightness at 3 and wireless ON). The  new and simpler assembly, without the three colors layers, feels sturdier and doesn't creaks anymore in the hand. Those of the XL version seems more reliable.You may remember that the lower screen frame tended to mark the 3D screen when the original 3DS was closed. But a closer look shows that, thanks to a simplified design, the assembly is sturdier and better that the original 3DS. The screens are no more transflective, the upper screen shows a yellow tint, the maximum volume is lower and it doesn't look premium anymore.But the XL have some significant advantages too, like bigger screens, anti-glare, more contrast, a better and more comfortable 3D. Keen to remove any skeptisim regarding its worth, we put the Mugen battery to the test and see how well it stood up to claims of long life and whether or not it justified its high price.We ran a large set of Nintendo handhelds through the night on camera so there was nowhere to hide. Firstly, we had expected the DS Lite to last a little longer, but with Wi-Fi switched on — something not all DS Lite owners would necessarily do — the system drains its battery much faster. The Mugen battery offers a considerable elongation of play-time but to really get value for its $100 price tag you need to want a battery that looks like part of the original system design.Much of the expense here is not just the cost of a battery (which exceeds what you’d pay for a car battery) or the other parts, but of the design and development that has gone into the product. Nintendo Life — in conjunction with Family Gamer and Mugen — is giving away a free 3DS XL battery. Just over 20 games are in stores to buy, with a few more only accessible via digital download on the PlayStation Store.
A select number of PSP games are also available to download and benefit from the Vita's larger screen and second analogue stick. New games are released every day, and there's usually at least one notable release every week. It isn't up to the speed of current consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360, but even the launch line-up of games shows that the machine has some serious clout. Games like Infinity Blade show just what the device is capable of, although this level of quality isn't seen often due to the general trend in smaller, lower budget titles.
Visually the games closely resemble what was possible on the Wii, although they also have the bonus of 3D. The more expensive model comes with 3G functionality, so with the right sim card and contract you can use the handheld anywhere. It's obviously phone-contract-dependent, but it can go online and make calls, and has apps for all kinds of social media. Street Pass lets you exchange information with other 3DS users simply by coming into contact with them in your daily life. It's got front and rear touch control, two analogue sticks, gyro for motion controls, a microphone, front and rear cameras and a load of real buttons.
You're entirely limited to the touch screen, gyro controls, the microphone and two cameras. It's the first handheld set up properly to play modern games with ease, and still has all the touch functionality gamers have become accustomed to from the iPhone. It's worth bearing in mind that you'll need a memory card if you want to download titles, and these aren't cheap - approximately £40 for a 16GB card.
The battery life is good if you're not gaming, but start using the device intensively and it'll drain very quickly.

Despite a fairly small screen, the unit is still quite bulky, especially if you want to use the Circle Pad Pro add-on. The iPhone is ideal for casual gaming experiences, while also offering a few hardcore experiences.
The 5s has been around in the smartphone arena since September of last year so those who are currently using it might be considering the idea of upgrading to either the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus.
The most prominent difference is that the newer versions no longer have sharp edges just like the 5s but curved already and the two iPhone 6 devices have embraced a metallic finish that looks like a ceramic making them more comfortable when held. If you need a little bit more information about the three devices, you can study about them on the internet or if you want, you can drop by a nearby Apple store and check these devices out before deciding if you want to upgrade your device or not.
So, we get a different color rendition between the two screens, the touch screen being obviously colder (blue-ish).
But those so-called "journalists" seems to have forgotten that the 3DS is definitively not a DSi.
Some misinformed sources said that a filter was used to reduce the aliasing and the overall pixels visibility. Anyway, be aware that sometimes, some distortion is still noticeable at maximum volume, so you may have to reduce it a bit.We would say that, despite a significant work from Nintendo, the sound of the 3DS XL is not quite as good as it was on the original 3DS, even if it's still extremely good for a mobile game console. Thanks to the new design with bumpers above the upper screen, this is not likely to happen anymore. It fits better in the hands and have an improved battery life.All those improvements may convince you, like me, that it is not possible to use the original 3DS anymore, once you have tested the new model. What would you expect an actual, real-world user to do provided they wanted to maximize their battery life? If I was on a 12 hour flight or some other scenario where recharging was not possible, and I needed to make my battery last, I would turn the 3D off on my 3DS. The DSi XL fared better with Wi-Fi on, perhaps because it is set-up to cope with those bigger screens. Let us know if you think this is worth the extra cash — or if your handhelds mysteriously move themselves around when you aren’t looking — in the comments. All you have to do to enter the competition is subscribe to the Family Gamer YouTube channel and post a comment. The quality is generally very good, with WipEout 2048, Uncharted Golden Abyss, FIFA Football, MotorStorm RC, and Escape Plan. Although also home to a lot of shovelware rubbish, the best 3DS games are up there with the greatest titles available on any platform. Currently games suggest the power of the handheld lies somewhere between an Xbox and Xbox 360, although as developers get used to the hardware the games will become more and more impressive. Recent releases like Resident Evil: Revelations show just what the handheld can do if developers put the resources into their 3DS projects.
Location-based apps like Near let you interact with friends around you, while an app for Twitter is coming close to launch. Many games make use of middleware such as Open Feint to enable leaderboards, while Game Center from Apple is now also present in most big releases. Go into a busy town centre with your 3DS in sleep mode and you'll find numerous goodies waiting for you the next time you turn on the handheld. An optional add-on, the Circle Pad Pro, adds a second analogue stick, which can be used in supported titles including Resident Evil Revelations and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D.
It's also worth noting that you can get some very good games on the App Store completely free of charge. Battery life isn't bad, with 3-5 hours promised if you're gaming, and longer if watching videos or listing to music. Let’s find out if there’s a need for you to upgrade or not based on the actual comparison below.
The first two mentioned devices share similar pixel density of 326ppi while the last device comes with a higher pixel density of 401ppi.
The relative smoothness of the screen is simply caused by the higher definition of the 3DS compared to the DS.

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