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Threaded screw type jack stands are used to support the rear of the trailer when off loading your collector vehicle.
I didn’t believe it either, until a firefighter told me how I could skip changing out the batteries while still keeping my family safe. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend products I use and love. Some will even change the batteries or replace faulty smoke detectors for you, at no additional charge. Ours rolled into the neighborhood in their ladder truck and with three firefighters on board. Once they hauled a huge ladder upstairs, the firefighters discovered that the battery door on our smoke detector wasn’t completely closed. Our local fire department gave us this 2-in-1 Smoke & Fire Alarm from US Electric for our guest bedroom. Our local firefighters DO NOT RECOMMEND the 3-in-1 models that include a carbon monoxide detector. If you have gas heat, gas logs or gas appliances in your home, you need carbon monoxide detectors in your home to protect your family from this deadline gas. You can buy carbon monoxide detectors that can be hardwired into your home’s electrical system or that plug into outlets. Install smoke alarms inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home, including the basement. Change batteries in smoke alarms twice a year, unless you have an enclosed system with a 10-year battery. You may be able to get a FREE smoke detector and installation form your local fire department. I should note that I am not a fire safety professional, and you should do you own research and speak with firefighters in your area before following any advice in this post.
During the winter months, Jared relies on his Optima Yellow Top battery to always keep the truck starting effortlessly.
This one is crazy changed the Alternator twice Battery light in Dash comes on and batteries are not charging when its on?
Fights begin, fingerprints are took, days is lost, bail is made, court dates are ignored, cycle is repeated.
The voltage regulator is inside the alternator, if the alternator tests good then the regulator is good too. With everything off and doors closed use a multi meter to see how much of a draw is on the battery.
Accessory Interior and exterior Lighting — Enclosed car trailers can be very dark places especially at night.

Trailer Battery Charging Module — Consider including a Trailer Battery Charging Module (TBCM) into your trailer's list of features. Fire Extinguishers — Most enclosed car trailers have wooden floors and walls and carry vehicles that contain flammable liquids like gasoline.
Jack Stands — When off loading your collector car, the rear of the trailer must be supported even though it is still hitched to the tow vehicle. Wood Plank Jack (lift) — The use of Wood Planks as a jack will be invaluable if changing a trailer tire while on the side of the road. Most homeowners know you should change a smoke detector battery twice a year when you change the clocks for Daylight Saving Time. But what if I told you that you didn’t have to change a smoke detector battery ever again? The smoke detector is mounted near the ceiling, as it should be for safety and maximum effectiveness. While the electrician was up on the ladder, I had him replace the smoke detector battery backup since ours is hardwired into our home’s electrical wiring. Just call the  NON-EMERGENCY number for your fire department and see if they’ll come. But one of the firefighters recommended we switch out the old smoke detector to ensure our family’s fire safety. So, in my opinion, there’s no reason not to switch to one of the extended battery-life models, especially those mounted in hard-to-reach places. Our plan is to replace the rest of the smoke detectors in the house with this same type of alarm. Instead, they recommend a separate carbon monoxide detector, since the gas tends to disperse through the air. Use them in bedrooms, family gathering areas like the living room and in areas where you have gas appliances. Like smoke detectors, these should be dusted and tested monthly, and you should  change any backup batteries twice a year.
Replace those smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors and their batteries as recommended.
Also, install alarms in living room, dens and family rooms, at the top of stairways and at the bottom of stairways leading to a basement. The TBCM will keep the Accessory battery in the trailer charged while the tow vehicle is running.
The use of screw adjusting jack stands will provide a snug fit between the ground and the trailer's frame. Simply locate the planks at the good tire and pull forward (or reverse) to raise that side of the trailer to swap out the damaged tire.
But that makes it out of reach of our ladders and a huge chore to change the smoke detector battery.

Most importantly, I wanted to remind you that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors aren’t things you can buy once and expect to last a lifetime. I Also replace the plug in receptor for the alternator i believe it was three prong all Ford products are used on this vehicle.
Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford F150 Fans to meet online.Once you join you'll be able to post messages, upload pictures of your truck, and have a great time with other Ford F150 fans. Dirt eating performance is built into the MTe DNA with a wide stance, long stroke 17mm super bore shock absorbers, ground grabbing large diameter low profile tires, and boxed aluminum chassis. The TBCM-40A from Atkinson Electronics connects the vehicle's auxiliary battery charge wire and the trailer battery positive wire together only when the vehicle's engine is running and the alternator is putting out charge current. It maybe necessary to include a wooden plank if the ground is soft or likely to leave marks in the asphalt from the stands frame. My husband managed to hit the reset button with a broom, so we were able to go back to sleep. Today the light started to flicker on and off and then my dash controls and radio went out a couple times (Gauges speedometer Radio)??? When not charging, both vehicle and trailer batteries remain isolated, preventing both from discharging when a trailer load is left on. Mounting them near one or more of the trailer doors is usually where many trailer owners located them. Whenever a trailer is not hitched to a tow vehicle, some form of wheel chocks should be used to insure the trailer does not move from its parking spot. Having these lights wired that way can result in a dead battery in your tow vehicle if you leave the lights on too long.
Some trailer manufacturers or trailer sales dealers offer an optional battery to power interior trailer lights.
The TBCM is thermally protected to disconnect in case of internal arcing or other high temperature conditions. These batteries are usually deep cycle marine batteries and are usually mounted somewhere on or in the trailer. They can be wired so that they are charged by the tow vehicle when it is running and not drain the tow vehicle's battery (see TBCM below).
Another tip for improving interior lighting - paint the interior walls and ceiling bright white to improve reflection. LED Lighting systems have improved where light output has improved and cost has come down where including LED lighting maybe a viable option for the interior lighting and will be less drain on the accessory battery.

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