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Most of us geekier folks instantly know if our iPhones are CDMA or GSM models, but not everyone pays as much attention to the largely insignificant technical details of their phones. If the model number isn’t entirely clear, or it has worn off, you can still identify the device through iTunes to find similar information about the phone. Wow I must have ordered my iPhone 5 so early that when i took it out of my case right now and looked at the back i just noticed that it only says iPhone on the back and no other information whatsoever. This displays a screen showing the info that is on the back of the phone and then some – including the Model number. This displays a screen showing the info that is on the back of the phone and then some – including the Model number.
My phone is a Verizon phone but according to the Apple site my model # (A1532) is GSM or CDMA?? There weren't a whole lot of surprises, because most of the details about the phone had already leaked onto the Internet by the time it was announced.
Here's the short, short version: bigger phone, more icons, bigger screen, faster processor, better camera and the new operating system.
We've collected a bunch of images of the new device, so you can check it out from every angle. A sleek new iPhone 6 concept skips the futuristic fluff and shows us what the iPhone 6 could actually look like with a thinner waterproof design, magic trackpad like home button, a better camera and a design that’s believable.
This sharp-looking iPhone 6 concept comes to us from Arthur Reis, who wants to be a designer at Apple.
If Apple does make an iPhone 6 without a home button, expect some new method of activating the home button. In this iPhone 6 concept Reis imagines an iPhone with a home button that is much like the Apple Magic Trackpad.
This new home button area allows users to tap anywhere to control the iPhone’s home button.
While it’s not visible at a design level, the iPhone 6 concept is also waterproof and rugged. There are numerous companies that offer waterproofing services direct to manufacturers like Apple and even directly to iPhone owners so this is not out of the question. When Gotta Be Mobile asked Case Mate if the company was working on any waterproof or rugged cases at CES 2013 the company told us that they don’t have any in the plans. With skills like that users wouldn’t need an iPhone 6 case to carry their iPhone without a worry.
Check out the full set of iPhone 6 concept photos on Arthur Reis’ Flickr page and in the gallery below.
One iPhone 6 concept from Arthur Reis, showing a waterproof iPhone 6 with no home button and a stronger finish. I don’t see any compelling reason to go thinner and several for sticking with the status quo or even going slightly thicker (better battery life and better camera optics being the most obvious ones).
I love the idea of a waterproof iPhone; but rather than go still thinner, I’d just add more battery.
Gestern hat es Apple offiziell prasentiert, heute haben wir es bereits bei uns im Buro ausprobiert: Das Smart Battery Case fur das iPhone 6 und iPhone 6s. Uber die Akkulaufzeit des iPhones (und auch anderer Smartphones) kann man definitiv diskutieren. Bevor ich komplett in Kritik verfalle, mochte ich zunachst aber ein paar lobende Worte uber das neueste Zubehor-Produkt fur das iPhone 6 und iPhone 6s verlieren. Richtig fortschrittlich wird es, sobald man das iPhone in das Smart Battery Case eingelegt hat. Eine weitere Kleinigkeit, die auf den ersten Blick vielleicht gar nicht auffallt: Das Smart Battery Case wird mit einem Lightning-Kabel aufgeladen. Was sich Apple allerdings in Sachen Produktdesign gedacht hat, kann auch ich absolut nicht nachvollziehen. Mir kann niemand erzahlen, dass Chef-Designer Jony Ive dieses Produkt wirklich abgesegnet hat. Neben einem abschlie?enden Video, das noch einmal alle wichtigen Details des Smart Battery Case zeigt, gibt es noch einmal ein paar Fakten: Das Smart Battery Case kostet 119 Euro, ist in zwei Farben erhaltlich und verfugt uber einen Akku mit knapp 1900 mAh. It would be wise to put both these phone on a poll and ask the world to vote to find the better of the two.
Thinking Madame Pringle meant why upgrade from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 when they’re pretty much identical.
Also Android has serious compatibiltiy issues with apps, only a small percentage of Android smartphones can run the latest apps and not all apps support all smartphones due to a lack of a true standard and well designed APIs and hardware abstraction layers. As for your so called app quality, as of now in 2013, I may say that the app is comparable.
This statement of yours clearly shows us that you have no idea what do you talking about and instead you are re-echoing talking points spread by PR department located in Cupertino, CA.
Any person who has a real knowledge about ADK will use Support Library [1] that allows them to develop single app that will run on any version of Android API level 4 and up as long the new feature doesn’t require newer hardware.
VM, you are trying to press an issue with a person incapable of logical thought or command of the English language. I honestly think that the S4 is packed with a ton of useless features, but it will probably sell very well.
Really if the build of a phone determines your phone preference over all other options, then a phone as basic as an iPhone is right up your ally.

You to better look at the you tube videos titled the truth about apple versus android 8 videos in total. Firstly, your comment was actually stupid as you assumed I had an iphone without even asking me.
I wonder if you actually work at Extreme Tech because this is the first time that i’ve actually encountered a Troll being the writer of the blog? I feel compelled to explain to them how wrong they are, when really I should just ignore them.
You better check the 8 videos slowly showing you whats the difference, the videos on you tube are titled the the truth about about apple and android! I fail to see how this answers my question – what is wrong with the performance of an iphone?
As far as the performance issues go, from my recollection, when I had an iPhone, I left my home at 9:30 to go to a convention with a fully charged battery. Most off-the-shelf car battery chargers cannot not be left connected to the battery for long periods of time as over-charging and consequent battery damage will occur. When the wiper voltage exceeds the conduction voltage of zener diode ZD1, transistor Q1 turns on and pulls pin 4 (reset) low to switch off the 555 and remove gate drive to the Mosfet.
I have tried to modify your design to work for 24V batteries but unfortunately without success.
Not to worry, it’s extremely easy to find out if an iPhone is GSM or CDMA, all you need to do is look at the model number of the device. For customers in the USA, another easy way to tell if it’s GSM or CDMA is just to find out what cell carrier the iPhone uses. This is really mostly helpful to those who use IPSW (IPSW is iOS firmware, basically the iPhone system software) to either update a device manually, for jailbreaking purposes, or for restoring a device in the event of a significant software failure. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! It’s not like Apple, a company that stresses over a change in screen size, will up and change one of the primary means of controlling the iPhone without some kind of shift.
This concept shows an iPhone capable of surviving 12m drops, scratches and can survive up to 10m underwater.
Instead, Case Mate believes manufactures will solve waterproofing and ruggedness of smartphones in the next year or two, allowing the company to focus on style. Of course it sounds tough, but there is already a 6mm thick smartphone that’s strong enough to use as a hammer. The iPhone 6 has better battery life and wifi charging that’a the best idea apple has ever came up with, to conclude i believe the iPhone 6 needs to be the same size as the 5. I heard apple gonna to make waterproof iphone as their innovation called iproof, what a loser company! Try putting your iphone 6 in the freezer, oh, you dont have one coz you don’t even have any idea of what the real iphone 6 will be like before giving it credit, apple fanboy. Ich personlich komme dank des Burojobs absolut problemlos uber den Tag, ich hatte aber auch nichts gegen ein etwas dickeres Gehause mit einem gro?eren Akku. Statt den aktuellen Akkustand wie von anderen Herstellern ublich uber kleine Leuchtdioden am Gehause anzuzeigen, werden die Daten des Smart Battery Case in iOS 9 angezeigt. So spart man sich das sonst ubliche Micro-USB-Kabel, mit dem man Akkuhullen anderer Hersteller aufladt. Und ich wurde selbst uber die Tatsache hinwegsehen, dass die Au?enhaut aus Silikon Staub und Flusen nahezu magisch anzieht – das kennt man ja schon von den normalen Silikon-Hullen ohne Akku.
Das sonst so runde und geschmeidige Design der Apple-Produkte wird durch einen mehr als hasslichen Buckel auf der Ruckseite des Smart Battery Case komplett zerstort.
Die Kapazitat reicht laut Apple aus, um die Gesprachsdauer auf 25 Stunden und die Videowiedergabe auf 20 Stunden zu erhohen.
Not that this is going to be very usable, it shows Samsung is trying to stick with the latest tech.
Rubbish apps are rubbish apps in both system, but Android apps, especially the productivity app, is in some cases even better than iOs apps. In the latest iteration of the Android OS, you so called lower performance does not translate to real life experience at all. That is why I don’t have to upgrade the OS on my old phone in order to install latest Map application for example. You criticized the performance of the iphone, i’m simply asking you what is wrong with the performance? The specs and performance look very good, and I’m sure it is a very capable contender. This add-on circuit is placed in series with the battery being charged and is powered by the battery itself.
This process is progressive so that the cycle rapidly repeats itself as the battery charges.
In that case, knowing which model a device is important when downloading IPSW files for iPhones.
I have a Verizon 5c and have used ST AT&T and ST Tmobile SIMs, getting LTE, as well as am currently using ST Verizon LTE service. Rather than meld this into the iPhone 6 screen Reis chooses to leave the same bezel area in place as on the iPhone 5. The Chinese Oppo Finder is a 6.65mm thick phone that runs Android and can handle a work environment as shown in the video below.

Gerade bei intensiver Nutzung kann man beim iPhone ja regelrecht zuschauen, wie die die Batterie leer gesaugt wird. Das Smart Battery Case ist perfekt auf das iPhone zugeschnitten und innen samtweich ausgekleidet. Sowohl auf dem Lockscreen als auch im Batterie-Widget wird der aktuelle Ladestand der Akkuhulle angezeigt.
Selbstverstandlich kann das iPhone samt Smart Battery Case auch zur Synchronisation und nicht nur zum Aufladen mit dem Computer verbunden werden.
Zum ersten Mal seit den lustigen Erzahlungen von Michael Mittermeier habe ich wieder an einen Buckelfips gedacht. Ich mag Apple sehr, aber was sie sich bei diesem Design gedacht haben, kann ich nicht verstehen. You might not be getting the most exciting or feature-rich smartphone, but at least you know exactly what you’re getting. Why on earth would I pay hundreds or sign another 2 year contract for what is essentially the exact same phone? Guess what, you won’t be able to do much of anything more that you cannot already do on your iPhone 4. It would be great if the system offers enough free apps to satisfy the need of its 95% customer base, instead of having to be charged for everything in the walled garden iOS system, where a change of a connector may cause a customer $50 to replace per cable.
Google Maps is working on my old Gingerbrad phone T-Mobile G2 or Nexus One just like it works on my new Nexus 4.
And at this point of time will be full rewrite of the whole iOS to support the needed APIs. This sort of article is fairly pointless however, because in the end, you either like a huge phone with a large screen and Android, or you like iOS and the smaller size. The phone is almost as thin as the iPhone 5, so calling it a brick is calling the iPhone a brick too. In effect, the circuit uses a high-current Mosfet to control the charging current and it turns off when the battery voltage reaches a preset threshold.
It feeds a diode pump (D1 & D2) to generate adequate gate voltage for Mosfet Q3, enabling it to turn on with very little on resistance (typically 14 milliohms). Eventually, a point is reached when the battery approaches its charged condition and the cycle slows right down.
Mit einem iPhone-Akku, der zwei oder gar drei Tage halt, hatte sich Apple jedenfalls das neue Smart Battery Case sparen konnen. Alle Anschlusse und Knopfe bleiben erreichbar, auch fur Mikrofon und Lautsprecher gibt es entsprechende Aussparungen.
Ladt man das Smart Battery Case ohne iPhone auf, zeigt eine kleine LED im Innenraum die Ladeaktivitat an. Allerdings ist dieser Gedanke in diesem Fall alles andere als lustig, sondern viel mehr erschreckend.
The hardware is more powerful, but the utility of the phones has not increased significantly. Imagine having to go to the individual app to access the file that you want to attach and then share it with the email app just to attach ONE attachment And to make thing worse, it only allow ONE measly attachment per email. It cuts both way and the so called small percentage of supported phone is actually big enough to encompass the phone from at least the last 2 years. Power for the circuit is fed from the battery to 3-terminal regulator REG1 which provides 8V. With the Mosfet turned on, current flows from the charger’s positive terminal so that charging can proceed.
If you want to use the Verizon LTE services on ST, you’ll have to upgrade to the 5c, 5s, 6, or 6+.
We’ll then work our way up through the software, first- and third-party support, and other features that might break the tie. I can imagine most S3 users will stick with their phones and people like me that have the original S1, will upgrade. When the battery is fully charged, LED2 briefly flicks off (charging) and returns to the on state (not charging) for a longer period. Anyways, you don’t need to respond because we both know its just your inability to have decent conversations, that will escalate this into something ugly. I was wrong to assume you had an Iphone, but i was not wrong to conclude that you make no sense and probably have anger issues to boot. ST just started offering CDMA LTE service recently and now I use the Verizon LTE SIM with excellent reception up in Washington State. Higher-resolution displays need stronger backlighting and require more processing power, pushing down battery life. The other notable difference is that the Galaxy S4 is plastic, while the iPhone 5 is aluminium (and scuffable!)Ultimately, though, it comes down to personal taste.

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