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Captain Robert Arcos of the LAPD's 77th Street Division said the thefts seem to be taking place in the area bordered by Vermont Avenue eastward to Central Avenue and Florence Avenue southward to Manchester Avenue. The captain said there may be a "a couple of little crews that are doing it for the profit," while others are stealing and peddling batteries to support a drug or alcohol habit.
Part of the challenge in preventing such thefts is that a car's design is often part of the problem. Most batteries are snagged in off-street parking and strip malls, which makes it easier for the perpetrators to remain unseen.
Marking the battery with some sort of personal identification number a€“ a birthday, a phone number a€“ can also be helpful with the enforcement aspect.

Buyers may include mechanics, car part shops or people who simply need a new one and don't want to shell out full price. Arcos estimates the return on stolen batteries to be "as low as $10 all the way to $30," depending on the model. While he admitted that such thefts aren't "completely preventable," Arcos said there are ways car-owners can stop or hinder a thief a€“ securing the battery, whether it's with a store-bought battery lock or bicycle chain, will at the very least "make it a little more difficult" for someone to steal it. But unless there's evidence those batteries belong to somebody else, it's hard to make any charges stick. It's a news site where we not only provide information, but put the power of storytelling in your hands.

That's abnormal enough to warrant attention from Arcos, who estimated that over a recent four-week period, about 20 batteries were stolen within his division's boundaries. Sign up and you can share your story or help an existing story grow by adding in your perspective or corrections.

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