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The battery starts the engine and supplies power to electrical components such as the lights and audio system, but is also used for backing up each of the car?s computers and control units.PerformanceHIGH ENGINE START-UP PERFORMANCE - Honda Genuine Batteries improve the electrical efficiency by special alloy plates.
All things considered, getting your oil changed at a Honda dealership makes a lot of sense. Superior materials and advanced technology combine to make the ultimate oil filter for your Honda. P-RING SEAL DESIGN a round seal, not flat, provides solid contact between the filter and engine. ANTI-DRAINBACK VALVE This prevents dirty oil from draining out of the filter and back into your engine after the engine is shut-off.
Unlike many other oil filters, Honda Genuine Oil Filters are designed specifically for Honda vehicles, to provide maximum protection and improved engine life. When a new washer is installed and the drain plug is tightened, this washer "crushes" to form a very tight seal, this prevents motor oil leaks without overstressing the oil pan threads. Click a€?Confirm Emaila€? from the welcome email sent to to verify you are the owner of this email address.
Drive your vehicle regularly - Not driving your vehicle for extended period affects your battery’s charge. Secure your car battery - Check that your battery is secure at all times, as vibrations can damage the battery plates.
Check the battery charging rate - Have the charging rate checked by our Honda service technicians. Have your engine inspected regularly - Poor engine condition can overload the battery and reduce its life.

Avoid draining the battery - Avoid leaving vehicle accessories on regularly as this will drain the battery which may shorten the life of your battery.
Keep the car battery case clean - Dirt and dampness can damage your battery case and may cause your battery to lose change. With time and use, a battery’s efficiency gradually deteriorates, affecting its ability to accept and hold its charge, and to start the engine. Genuine Honda replacement batteries are manufactured to match your Honda’s electrical system specifications. For example, take apart a Honda oil filter and you'll find 60% more paper, based on surface area, than the leading competitive oil filters. This is what keeps your oil inside the filter and prevents it from leaking all over your garage!
It is only supposed to be used one time, and should be discarded during each oil change and replaced with a new one.
Honda Mall of Georgia does a complimentary battery test with a special diagnostic tool that detects when a battery is approaching the end of its life, so you can avoid ever getting in a no-start situation. Below are some tips that will reduce your risk of experiencing a flat battery and maximize the potential life of your battery.
To maintain the required level of charge in your battery make sure you drive your vehicle on a regular basis. It stores and provides power to start its engine and to operate its many electrical and electronic systems. This variable density filter paper is responsible for trapping contaminants and keeping your oil clean.

If a new oil filter is installed over the old O-ring, the filter could come loose over time.
With this simple test you'll know whether your battery is good, bad or better off replaced. Honda Mall of Georgia will check your tires and keep you informed about when you need new ones. When installing a new Honda Oil Filter, Honda Mall of Georgia technicians torque it to the proper specifications.
Maintain your Hondaa€™s Precision Crafted Performance with the name, reputation and quality of original equipment factory spec tires. To keep the new O-ring from shearing when torqueing the filter, they apply a lubricant, such as engine oil, to it. Honda Mall of Georgia know exactly which tires your Honda needs--if the wrong tires are installed, noise and vibration could result. Before returning your Honda, many Honda technicians spray a cleaner onto the oil pan near the drain plug to remove any excess oil so you don't have oil on your driveway or garage. They also know to clean the crevices in the undercarriage where oil can pool while draining, only to drip later on.

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