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Just changed the battery in the X5 and noticed that there weren't any threads (that I could find) that really detailed how to do it, so I documented it for others to learn.
First, the battery is located directly underneath the spare tire, but it's not super easy to get to. Also the straps around your spare wheel should be underneath it so that you can use the lower part of the tailgate to help remove the spare wheel.
Did you keep the power on to the car during this process or was it easy to re-set everything? When the battery gets low on power, unpredictable things happen which may seem hard to relate to the battery.
I have a 2001 X5 and replaced OEM battery with a battery from autozone which has no vent on it. Most new batts from the store have been sitting for some time discharging or, at best have had a hot shot charge put on them; neither will do you much good. You may be looking at a shot alternator too, as driving it (more than around the block ), should bring even a semi-charged battery back to life. And, it should have a vent hole: they are often hard to spot, but if it was the right battery, or even close, it should have a small hole, maybe covered by plastic, that needs to be punched out and the existing vent tube inserted. Silverback Capital Group is an investment company and business advisory firm that manages direct investments on behalf of its shareholders and accords select clients broad financial opportunity, ranging from local and regional relationships to multinational alliances. A BMW X5 in our RamSpeed workshop for diagnosis and repairs of issue with the battery not charging properly.
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Hahahaha ok maybe not 18 but it looked really long compared to the BMW battery currently in there..

I suspect since I am following this thread and I can't remember when I last replaced my battery I will be doing so soon. I have to duct tape my keys to my ear so I least I find them the next time I look in the mirror so I don't recall having any success purchasing a battery without having the old one there for comparison. The BMW name, marks, M stripe logo, and Roundel logo as well as X3, X5 and X6 designations used in the pages of this Web Site are the property of BMW AG.This web site is not sponsored or affiliated in any way with BMW AG or any of its subsidiaries.
I don't know my radio code so don't want to lose the radio or have to take the car in to the dealer to have the computer reset.
Shorted them for one hour (to erase any memory mulfunctions.)", what do you mean by "Shorted them for one hour"? After 25 months it developed an internal short, I probably could have desulfated it but no need it had a 30 month replacement and then a prorate warranty.
Shorted them for one hour (to erase any memory mulfunctions.) Reconnected battery and everything is working fine now.
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