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I work for the cable company and have piles of cable modem batteries identical to the ones in your tutorial.
Wired it up, I can place my volt meter at the points on the board and they add up correctly. So if the batteries were drained, the charger still wouldn’t say charging for more then a second? I have read that in most cases the whole battery pack will not charge, when in fact it could be just one or more cells?
But that is 8 Volts when 2 cells in series so is 16 Volts when 4 cells not 14 Volts- unless you have links to the battery fairy who comes and takes 2 Volts away? Donations will either go towards my various outreach programs, helping repair museum exhibits, or just to my beer fund. I’ve had a Vector 35 amp smart charger for 3 years now and not only use it for RV battery charging, but for charging the lawn mower and million candlepower flashlight batteries. Just bought 2 of these and love them, they are no longer sold by Vector but by Black & Decker now. First, the fan runs whenever the charger is charging (even at a low charge rate), so it can be a nuisance if you enjoy your peace and quiet. Second, I’ve had to replace both of them as the fans have failed within one year, and one of the replacements has just failed. Now I use the Vector to charge my lawnmover, generator, and any spare batteries I have laying around.

Intellipower with charge wizard- love how it maintains the batteries- and has an anti-sulfation mode.
If you are not a member, please consider registering so you don't have to fill out this form each time you comment. Sometimes the boards lock up and wont reset until a voltage is applied the load side of the protection board. There are automotive chargers, trickle chargers, portable chargers, smart chargers, and dumb chargers. What this means is that when the battery is deeply discharged, it has low internal resistance and thus will draw as much current as can be supplied by the dumb charger. I have a WFCO 55 amp charger and I’m in the process of relocating the charger closer to my batteries for better charging.
Granted that I’m not using the charger at full duty cycle but it is enough to give it a good workout. It goes over how I turned Li-Ion packs from obsolete equipment into usable packs for my SAGAR robot. As the battery charges, the internal resistance increases, decreasing the current draw on the charger down to a trickle. At some predetermined time, or when the current draw cannot be held constant, the charger will switch to absorption mode.
There is another mod that details how to upgrade your converter so I won’t go into detail here.

Assuming I wired it up correctly if my batteries were over powered or under powered would the board shut the power down? This mode reduces the voltage to 13.6 volts and supplies current as needed to finish the charge. But I have included some links below that should help you get a feel for what’s involved. The Vector is a portable and the the PD is a permanent mount, typically used when upgrading the charger section of your RV’s converter.
At this point, the charger will switch to a float mode voltage of 13.2 volts, provided there is no demand on the battery.
If you want to get fancy and not have to hookup a charger each time, then do the Intellipower charger mod. If the battery is not overheated during charging, leaving it on a dumb charger can boil the electrolyte out of the battery because the charging voltage is too high.

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