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Our viewers had requested several times to update the latest prices of UPS and Batteries in Pakistan.
UPS which is written on these batteries stands for Ultimate Power Solution and originally UPS means Uninterrupted Power Supply. On our Pakistani Technical Blog we have published UPS and Battery Maintenance related guides. GREE Zhuhai China Based Electric Appliances Company is the largest  specialized AC in the world.
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Hakim Baloch is a web developer, SEO expert, Online Mentor & marketer working from last 4 years on the internet and managing several successful websites. I want to start business of batteries, can any one please guide me from where i can get the cheapest and good batteries please guide me i am new in this field. It provides battery backup during power cuts and also safeguards your equipment from surges and spikes.
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Disclaimer: We try our best to make sure that the information which we provide you is accurate. Are you looking for durable and reliable power supply UPS backup battery for your computers at home or office use?

One of the qualities of a good UPS battery is its ability to provide lasting power for your computer systems after PHCN outbreak.
Prices of gadgets that provide electricity during power outages are skyrocketing in the provincial capital, in the face of government assurances to curtail load shedding.
A Daily Times survey revealed that prices of Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and dry-cell batteries have been steadily rising over the past seven to eight weeks. Customers are complaining that even the higher-priced and locally manufactured UPS do not always work well and have a tendency to break down. Reportedly, most UPS manufacturers are using silver wires in the transformers instead of heavy-duty copper wire.
HOMAGE Appliances include: Water Dispensers, and Power Invertors including UPS and Electricity Generators. Homage UPS are made in China as well as in Pakistan, having weight of 2 KG, which provides up to 220 Output. is offering discounts on various electronic devices as their hottest deals in Islamabad today. If you want to see such discount on Homage UPS in Islamabad then put up a suggestion for it by clicking the image below and get rid of the load shedding problems today.
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As summer 2014 is starting and unfortunately a season of electricity load-shedding is on its way to Pakistan.
So we visited the nearby electronics market and we collected the following local market prices.

However these batteries are not designed for UPS these are traction batteries designed for vehicles but due to non-availability of deep cycle batteries we are using these batteries allover in Pakistan. Automated software automatically shuts down your computer system in the event of an long power outage. Here is a review of the best selling UPS batteries in Nigeria -Blue Gate, Binatone, Qlink, Polystar, Nulec, Mercury, Thermocool, Tripp Lite, Maxtron, APC, Sollatek etc.
A silver wire UPS has a short lifespan and cannot withstand long spells of power outages, heating up and burning away rather quickly. Homage UPS has two types of charging modes, one is fast charging mode & the second one is slow charging mode, it has a microprocessor which continuously monitors the charging current flowing into the battery during the charging process, if it finds high current flowing into the battery it keeps the Fast charger plug in until the charging current level falls below the threshold value, then it kicks in the trickle charger (slow charger) to maintain the battery level, Thus making it one of the best UPS suppliers in Pakistan. Check out the hottest Branded Simtek UPS (1250 V) deal available at 17% Discount for Groupin users. At a time when the whole nation is struggling to cope with the terrible crisis of load shedding, Homage suppliers of UPS have come up with valuable and affordable energy solutions for the nation by offering them the best UPS and Electric generators to get uninterrupted power supply.
If you are looking for buying Homage UPS in Pakistan at discount rates then you can let take care of your needs.

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