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Here’s a list of common repairs for Toyota brand vehicles, with some advice about what you can expect when these components fail.
Regardless of how many miles you drive your Toyota, you can expect to replace the battery every four or five years unless you are in a hot climate like Arizona. A conventional zero maintenance lead-acid battery has less of a life than an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) or gel-cell battery, either of which can last at least a year longer than standard batteries (and sometimes much longer). Water pumps fail pretty rarely, and when they do fail it’s often because the engine coolant either a) became contaminated or b) fell to a lower-than-expected level. An electric fuel pump is generally located within the gas tank, so they can be difficult to replace.
Gaskets and seals are rarely expensive in terms of part costs – the expense is in the labor involved in removing and replacing gaskets and seals. The timing belt in an overhead cam engine needs to be replaced around the 100,000-mile mark in newer cars and 60,000-mile mark in the older vehicles. Clutch replacement is fairly straightforward, and the clutch disc itself is usually pretty affordable, but the labor required to replace the clutch can sometimes be considerable ($1000+ for labor isn’t unheard of). Everyone knows that brake pads will require replacement, but a lot of people don’t know that brake rotors and calipers can wear out before the rest of your vehicle.
Front brake pads can last 30-60k miles, depending on your vehicle, and rear brake pads can last twice that long. When you buy a replacement muffler or length of exhaust tubing, you either want to buy an OEM system (which is usually stainless steel) or an after-market stainless system. So, if you’re buying a replacement and you expect to have your vehicle for many years to come, it probably makes sense to go with an AGM or Gel battery.

Either situation can cause damage to your water pump, and depending on the type and severity of damage, your water pump can fail. But most gaskets and seals will start to succumb to the elements after a period of 5-10 years, at which point these items should be fixed as soon as possible.
Still, it’s less costly to replace a leaky seal or gasket than it is to replace a ruined engine or differential due to a gasket or seal failure. While you extend a clutch’s lifetime by driving carefully, clutches wear a tiny bit every time you shift.
Some people will use the clutch to hold themselves on a hill rather than disengaging and using the brake. If a rotor or caliper has a problem, you’ll almost certainly notice it before it becomes a safety issue. In addition to carrying exhaust gases that are hundreds of degrees, the exhaust system is exposed to grit and grime from the road, and is often soaked during a snow or rainstorm. While you might get 10 years of life out of your OEM muffler or exhaust system, systems can rust to the point of having holes after as little as 3 years depending on where you live.
Not only does a hole make your vehicle much loder, but it can be a dangerous source of carbon monoxide that can seep into your vehicle’s interior. Rubber shrinks and cracks after it has been on the car for a long time, and all of these pieces will need to be replaced.
Always check your hoses and brake lines when you do your regular maintenance in order to stay on top of a part that is aging. Cheap replacement parts don’t save you any money if you have to replace them twice as often.

The pump may not be at fault; it could be the wiring, the relay or a plugged filter or line. If you have never replaced this belt, should it break, you can do extensive damage to your valves. When you buy a replacement clutch disc, you want quality and longevity if you’re going to minimize your long-term costs.
Don’t buy replacement rotors or calipers until you have symptoms consistent with a rotor or caliper problem. Carbon monoxide isn’t good for your health, and in high enough concentrations it can actually be deadly. You may be able to get 10 years out of your rubber parts, but if you see or hear leaks of any sort before that, you may need to replace them sooner.
Just make sure the battery has sufficient power to start your vehicle (buy an OE replacement or larger). A hot, sunny climate is going to be harder on your weatherstripping than a cooler, drier climate. While that may seem expensive, if you do not replace it, you are looking at a whole lot more money if the timing belt fails unexpectedly.

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