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Looks tuff for a do it yourselfer unless you compeltely understand the TMS and how it works. I thought, Tesla doesn’t want anyone to open up the battery assembly to protect their battery secrets.
Wonder, how many Chinese Teslas were purchased only for reverse engineering the battery assembly. I would love to divide up this battery pack beast and put the modular sections into a Mitbushi i-miev to double the range of the 62 mile EV. Tesla Motors была основана в июле 2003 года Мартином Эберхардом и Марком Тарпеннингом, которые финансировали компанию до инвестиций раунда А*.
Tesla Roadster — спортивный электромобиль, первый автомобиль фирмы, который официально был представлен в июле 2006 г. 9 февраля 2012 года компания представила прототип следующей модели — кроссовер под названием Tesla Model X. Tesla разворачивает сеть «Суперзарядок» — станций для зарядки электромобилей, которые позволяют «заправить» теслу менее, чем за час. As anyone who's ever locked himself out of his car or house can attest, lockpicking skills aren't just for thieves. According to Benzinga, Trip Chowdhry, a stock analyst for Global Equities Research, has sent a note to his investors with some details.
The Battery has to be installed 1.5 feet above the ground, and should have an open space of 1 ft on all sides. The battery is set to charge from a solar system until fully charged and then send energy back into the grid. He has not had any problems with the Battery System…and gets over the air wireless software updates frequently. The important thing for the customer is that he got his home battery for $1500 and a paltry $15 bucks a month. This is the beginning of the end of centralized power and the huge political mesh that entails . Perhaps when we harden the grid,this will help prevent power outages and by the way,if this thing lasts long enough,energy self sufficency shall become a reasonable goal.
So assuming 10KW = 16KW storage, you're looking at about 32 batteries, or about 2000$ +- worth of battery.
They're obviously going to be using higher capacity batteries, but pricing should be similar.
Gas 2 is a Technorati Top 10 blog, and part of the Important Media network of blogs working to make the world a better, greener place. Recently, Plug In America released an interesting report on the Tesla Roadster’s battery pack capacity loss.
But to say that these results are either good or bad, we need to compare it with other vehicles.
Tesla Roadster’s have 53 kWh of lithium-ion cobalt cells, 18650 type that are used mainly for laptop computers.
For comparison we will use Nissan LEAF battery pack that, as you know, was criticized by Tesla CEO Elon Musk for its lack of an active thermal management system . The LEAF’s lithium-ion cells are a different chemistry, which is more durable, but heavier and less energy density. US mileage record holder Steve Marsh’s from Washington state reported over 15% capacity loss in his LEAF after 78,600 miles. So, we have two completely different cars with the same results of about 20% capacity loss after 100,000 miles. I do think Musk’s comments about infearior battery technology was in regards to no active thermal management. There was a LEAF in Phoenix with about 30% loss after about 400 cycles and 17 months last summer.
The MINI-E is not a good example, I believe, it had a larger capacity battery pack to provide more range. To be clear, I too believe that Nissan is doing an admirable job with their in-sourced battery manufacturing. The MINI-E was a fantastic vehicle, which could have worked with a smaller pack and a less powerful motor. I think this article helps the reader understand that any information we receive about batteries should be interpreted carefully. There is no way Nissan could add three times as many battery modules into a LEAF and make it a usable package. There have been several interesting announcements, including the one from Envia, but none of these improvements are publicly available.
Unless you have a source for (relatively) affordable home CHAdeMO chargers, compare apples-to-apples.
Factor in that it’s even mentioned in the Leaf manual to minimize DC QC to extend battery lifetime (Nissan says frequent QC can impact battery degradation up to 10% more over 10Y period over std L2 charging. For the Rav4 EV with Tesla drivetrain (that I have driven over 18,000 miles, and 3500 miles in just the past few weeks), the EPA range is misleading for comparisons for both the 2013 LEAF and 2012 – 2014 Toyota Rav4 EV.
Other electric cars like Tesla Model S do not have this limitation of averaged EPA ranges with 265 EPA miles (85kWh) and 208 miles (60kWh). Indeed, this is a great site, but this article is very poor and IMHO below standards for stories here.
A Tesla Roadster study, which contains no LEAF data or references, proves nothing about a LEAF. Why not include data from ~360 Leaf owners that have responded to Plug-In America LEAF Survey. Lack of TMS maybe will not provide good results in the south, but Roadster without TMS also will not be so great. So at 100,000 miles it could be about 18%, with TMS, in New Jersey climate and about 32 kWh pack (about 28 kWh usable). Just considering pack size – Leaf cells will be equally durable at about 25% and still without TMS.

Mark, understood, but I’m still at a loss why you wrote the article in the first place. If that was the point you were trying to make, why did you including a number of other statements. Please note that you were basing the cycling performance of the LEAF on one singular vehicle.
To illustrate this point, there was a second recorded case of a bar loss (15% capacity reduction) in Seattle recently. Based on your comment, I realize that you mean well, but with all due respect, you cannot take a singular vehicle, compare it against a study based on 126 vehicles, write an op-ed article about, and then wonder why some readers are scratching their head. I don’t have data about smart capacity fade, but for some reasons smart not using it any more. Mark, understood, and I could think of several reasons why a major automaker wouldn’t use a 18650 format factor cells to build automotive battery packs. There was a lot of handwriting about the Roadster, and the longevity of the cells Tesla used early on. We saw a LEAF last year, which lost about 7% of battery capacity by just baking on dealer parking lots. Do you seriously think that Tesla would have opensourced all its patents if it had cared that their technology ends up into competitors hands. Designs for a home battery pack have not yet been released.According to Musk, the consumer battery design is complete and will be officially be revealed within the next two months. Power outages are pretty common occurrences which make something like a battery supply pretty desirable.
If they are financed at 5% and last 4000 cycles then it costs about 6 cents per kwh to cycle energy through the battery. Maybe you and your buddies are just staging your own YouTube-bound recreation of Road House. This Lockpick School In A Box gives you everything you need to learn this valuable art on your own time. Is that what Elon Musk was hinting at when he Tweeted a few days ago about a major, non-automotive announcement coming on April 30?
He claims 230 California homes currently have a Tesla home battery installation and that there are another 100 in homes in other states. Some factors may include the fact that this installation is a few years old and prices have come down somewhat since then. And keep in mind, Tesla is not the only battery maker looking to get in to the home storage market.
Opinions and comments published on this site may not be sanctioned by, and do not necessarily represent the views of Sustainable Enterprises Media, Inc., its owners, sponsors, affiliates, or subsidiaries. The main conclusion was that the average pack should, at 100,000 miles, still maintain 80-85% of capacity and that age and climate didn’t have much impact. They are light (high-energy density) but considered as one of the less durable options out there. In fact, it’s even better than one could expect 5 years ago judging by the strength of laptop cells after just 1-2 years of use. There are two LEAFs in the Seattle area, which has a near perfect climate for batteries, one of them was down about 15% after approximately 1,000 cycles and the other a similar amount after about 600 cycles. Tom Moloughney reportedly observed about 5% capacity loss after about 700 full battery cycles.
Personally, I’m not buying the notion that the Roadster study somehow implies anything for the LEAF. The Roadster has done quite well with Panasonic 2200ma 18650 cells that are ACTIVELY cooled and heated.
This would seem to imply that a Model S’s larger 60 kWh & 85 kWh batteries are less durable than a Roadsters! Perhaps if more Leaf owners reading this would submit milage & GID values so we can continue to learn more? I now have over 51,000 miles, have charged it 1,181 times and I’m measuring ~9% capacity loss.
Leaf with 24 kWh Tesla pack would be better then current one or would be 80% after 50,000 miles (half of the Roadster predictions)? This one occurred at 44,700 miles, and it suggests a different cycling performance than the one data point you used for your article. Note that this was not in Phoenix, but on the San Francisco peninsula, known for its mild climate. BMW also after test didn’t choose this solution despite the emphasis on low weight of i3. Degradation is just one part of that, but as the Roadster study shows, likely not the most important reason to go with custom batteries.
After all, they used only slightly improved laptop cells, which are not known for their durability. Any range loss, especially early in the life of the vehicle, is typically driven by chemical processes that can be effectively mitigated by managing the temperature of the pack.
Bottom line modern EVs with lithium batteries are new technology and unexpected results are almost certain!
Tesla Roadster является также первым серийным автомобилем, использующим литий-ионные элементы питания и первым серийным электромобилем с дальностью свыше 320 км на одной зарядке. Production could begin in six months. Musk had expressed interest in creating a battery for consumers’ homes (instead of cars) earlier last year during an earnings conference call.
Why pay 6 cents when the energy can be saved for future use for free with utility grid net metering? Included in the set are a stand for the five lock cylinders, which are numbered and get progressively more difficult as you move from 1-5, as well as four picks, a tension tool, and an instructional book.
This particular homeowner opted for a payment plan that called for a down payment of $1500 and monthly payments of $15 for 10 years. Not every utility is as generous with its rebates or willing to take back electricity from homeowners as PG&E.

Today, I use my trusty Miata for TSD rallies and occasional track days at Lime Rock and Watkins Glen.
No one else makes a car quite like the Model S but quite a few companies make home storage batteries.
Tesla extended durability of the cells by managing temperatures, but still even in optimal conditions, these cells aren’t even close to LiFePO4. But the cells alone, in normal conditions or with thermal management, should be twice as durable those used by Tesla. Washington’s climate is probably helping in reducing capacity fade, but this result should be achievable everywhere if the LEAF had an active thermal management system. Equally durable cells should provide the Roadster with roughly twice the mileage of the LEAF at the same point of capacity degradation, but that’s unlikely to happen. Their technology is how those cells are arranged into a pack and the active management of the pack. It’s a different chemistry, different pack size and Roadster has a temperature management system, and the LEAF does not. If anything, I believe the performance observed in the field suggests comparable cycling losses in climates that don’t require a temperature management system.
A better example would be the first and second generation smart EV, which had Tesla drive trains and batteries. While your article does a good job of provoking some thought, you seem to jump to conclusions, which are not supported by observation. This was without any active cooling, aside from a simple fan, and in a climate that’s not as easy on batteries as Seattle, but significantly milder than Phoenix. There are too many differences between the two vehicles, and each approach has its strengths and weaknesses.
The Honda Fit EV is using those, but the car has not been out in the field long enough to provide enough data to the interested public.
With larger packs, like the 85 kWh one the top Model S trim uses, the effects of mileage are even less pronounced. I own a Leaf with 24K on it and I live in the south and have seen only slight capacity fade, YMMV!
Tesla, которая, как и все автопроизводители, записывает выручку по факту доставки продукции, поставила заказчикам рекордные 109 автомобилей в июле и сообщила о всплеске покупок нового Roadster.
He discussed the home energy-storage market and explained that there may be an upcoming demand for battery systems that would be installed in homes and business. At the time Musk was trying to figure out what could serve as an efficient stationary battery pack. So having a system for keeping the excess power generated during the day will have its advantages. You meter runs backwards when you have surplus energy and forwards when you withdraw it from the grid. Capable of connecting to both residential solar systems and the traditional power grid, this rechargeable lithium-ion battery can store excess solar power for use when the sun isn't shining, store power from the grid when energy is the cheapest and put it to use during times when it's most in demand (and thus more expensive), and serve as a massive backup battery when the grid goes down. This set includes several look-alike beer bottles, as well as bottles made to look like popular brands of vodka, wine, champagne, and scotch, all of which are made from proprietary materials that allow them to look like glass yet break easily without cutting you or your cast members to bits. Part of that willingness is spurred by mandates from the California government that require them to get 33% of their electrical power from renewable sources by 2020. If PG&E is kicking in 50% and the federal government another 30% on top of that, who cares how much the darn thing costs? You can also argue that their technology is figuring out how to get a larger pack into a vehicle. The study projects about 80 to 85% remaining capacity after approximately 600 cycles, which seems to include calendar life aging. The energy density of these batteries would require a larger vehicle, perhaps a mid-size sedan, for 200 miles of range. So would the Nissan LEAF prismatic lithium manganese cells if they were treated the same way; they are not. Given your background, I’m sure that you are aware of the first and second gen smart EV. All in all I expect all these batteries will be obsolete in 3-5 years and so the point is probably not relevant long term anyway.
Tesla погасила кредит в мае 2013 года, став первой автомобильной компанией, полностью погасившей долг перед правительством, в то время как Ford, Nissan и Fisker этим похвастаться не могут. It's available in 10kWh and 7kWh varieties, and is just six inches thick and three feet across, making it easy to fit on the wall. He charges the battery at night when electricity costs are lowest and sells it back to PG&E during the peak demand times every day. That said, it certainly is much less efficient than the LEAF, due to the tire selection, its weight and size. The Panasonic cells Tesla is using in the Model S reportedly have one of the highest energy densities on the market today.
Daimler приняла участие в туре, чтобы сохранить долевую собственность от своей первоначальной инвестиции. The only present market for home batteries is remote cabins with no utility grid connection. He says he makes $12 – $15 a month doing that, which pretty much covers his monthly payment.
Although their chemistry was undisclosed, I’ve heard NMC and LiFePO from two separate sources. If you want to get the biggest renewable energy bang out of your new Tesla battery, you’re going to have to deal with the solar-installation permitting process.
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