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The web's largest and most active community resource for Nissan and Infiniti owners and enthusiasts. I bought an '09 Rogue at the end of '08, so it's been 4 yrs & 1 month since I bought it.
I bough my certified '08 Rogue around mid October last year, It had the original battery and I replaced it like two months ago because it wasn't holding it charge. Doing a rough estimate over the number of vehicles I've had over the years, I'd have to say the average works out to three years for battery life.
The original battery in my daughter's 2010 Rogue 360 died 2 weeks ago after 2 years and 10 months.
Qashqai wrote: It is hard to believe but in Ottawa, during July and August we have a blast of hot and humid weather like 30 -35 C' In American that's 86 to 95 F. Could the lithium-ion battery pack in the Nissan Leaf suffer old age before you’re ready to dispose of your electric vehicle?
As the Nissan Leaf came to market in late 2010, Nissan projected a range of about 100 miles for the cars and their 24kWh lithium-ion battery packs. Someone wearing out their ICE gets to pay for the same engine they started with, not something better.
According to Nissan’s own data, all Leafs are expected to lose 7-12% of capacity in the first year.
What is needed in very cold conditions is some heat to bring batteries up to their optimal operating temperature. It could be that if one lives in one of the very cold holes then they would need a place to plug in during the day as well.
Combined Leaf and Volt first year sales greatly exceeded first year sales for Toyota and Honda hybrids. LOL, until you have to replace the batteries at over $6,000.00 in five years, if your lucky, or trade the paper weight in and get nothing for a Leaf with dead batteries. What are you going to do when you are stuck in gridlock on a freeway at 100 degrees+ and you have to make a choice between air conditioning and getting home???
The same thing you would do were you stuck in gridlock while driving a gasmobile with an almost empty tank. That means 1 kWh of energy lost in the first half hour, and then about 400 Wh to maintain that interior temperature.
Since gas and diesel powered vehicles don’t currently use electric air conditioners, they run continuously at roughly the same duty cycle. And I’m pretty sure anyone would be able to find their way out of gridlock and onto a surface street to reach an electrical outlet or gas station within less than FIVE HOURS. In short, the electric car is FAR better off sitting in gridlock than a gas powered car because it’s not wasting all that energy the whole time. I can sit in grid lock for days if I had to, with my air conditioner running, don’t let your tank get that low.
Even you had to replace the Leaf battery pack (unlikely) after six years you’d still be about $10k behind. Living in Phx, only owned for 10 months and down multiple bars… 5 stars on all my battery treatment reports… this is nuts! Yes, the word is out that the Nissan LEAF performs poorly in hot climates (100+ deg F) and Nissan is having terrible Li-Ion battery problems in this climate. Our test was run with the air conditioning off not because it is good for the battery, but because we wanted uniformity between 12 cars.
While reliable, comfortable and smooth as ever, high-mileage drivers are finding degredation of the battery packs to be an issue.
Degredation of the battery pack has also had an effect on the battery’s ability to take a quick charge. The standard aging curve for a rechargeable battery (NiCd, NiMh, Li-Ion etc.) is typically *less* rapid as time goes by. Those that do follow all the guidelines will probably be very satisfied and keep their car.
Irrespective of what the bars state or an electric test reports, someone interested in purchasing a used EV may, at the very least, need to take it out on a clear road and drive at the highest speed of interest (with AC ON or OFF, Lights ON or OFF etc. The main problem for Marsh now is that he’s no longer able to make his daily trip to work (126 miles there and back) without additional charge along the way.

For Marsh, this means the cost of driving to work in an electric vehicle may soon be higher than if he drove a fuel-burning automobile. Generally, the situation is slowly getting worst and in a six months it will be winter again.  If Nissan will not provide a replacement battery at a reasonable price, it sadly could be too difficult for Marsh to continue driving his LEAF. With houses underwater, moving anywhere, including closer to work, is impossible for many people. It is convenient to charge at home for many folks as they just plug it in at night and unplug when they go to work. The RAV4 EV has an EPA range of 103 miles, which is the average of the standard and extended charge modes. L3 as a time saver begins to help at around 175 mile trip and beyond when comparing a Leaf to a Rav EV. But, the way cell prices have dropped in the past few years I think the replacement battery could be priced low enough (with trade-in, of course) that he’ll choose to replace it when he gets fed up of stopping to charge.
After all, he’s driving a BEV, a low-maintenance vehicle that should keep on running well for a long time.
The solution to Steve’s problem is that Chevrolet is currently having a promotion on the Volt. Because Steve has access to a charger at work, he’s only going to be running 15-20 freeway miles on gasoline each way.
The author (video uploader) seems to have knowledge in opening cans to get the pouch cells out and then use them in other projects.
It seems to me that he went through all the trouble of repackaging of the modules for basically nothing – why not just leave them in the original packaging? The weight difference between the aluminum the modules came in and the plexiglass he re-packaged them is negligible. Tampering around with the battery like this and putting it back into the car could be really dangerous in terms of setting off a fire or getting shocked. But I do wounder has Tesla considered adding a after market product for the Nissan Leaf with their more energy dense batteries. On electric bikes and motorcycles space is the biggest premium, and the pack needs to be made water resistant so some additional packaging is required.
I’ve got 30 modules, 10-15 may go unchanged, but the rest will be pulled out of the sardine cans. IMHO Nissan made a mistake not making the modules 4s unless they already have plans to make 1p4s packs available for purchase. Nissan uses 24 kWh of lithium-ion batteries, technology developed in a joint venture with NEC. Is Nissan soon to become the world’s most dominate force in the lithium-ion battery industry?
Sony lost the battle against the Chinese and Korean manufacturers a while back, you have to be agile in this industry. As ImStricken pointed out, there are a lot of variables that can affect the overall lifetime of battery.
Not a great life but as has been mentioned previously the general battery quality in recent years (like MANY consumable items these days) has taken a nose dive. Nissan modified the range to around 85 miles and cited absolute worst case-best case range of 50 to 130 miles. It only engages at very low temps to prevent the battery from falling outside its recommended operational limits. How about Minneapolis(freeway gridlock) in January at 25 below and you have to make the choice between freezing on the freeway and getting home???
So you and your multitude of Green Geniuses are going to clog up the freeways with your dead cars and turn them into a giant parking lots….Really?? Gasoline contains approximately 33 kWh of energy per gallon, and diesel contains approximately 38 kWh of energy per gallon. I was interested very early in obtaining one to drive in the Phoenix area but now am glad I delayed the purchase. Naturally, none of the consumers in Phoenix were told this information when they leased or purchased their cars to drive 12,000 and 15,000 miles per year (Nissan offers leases in either mileage; they do not offer 7500 miles per year leases).
It is in a sealed, waterproof, slightly pressurized container (tested in 200mm of water, like all Nissan cars).

I AM concerned with saving a huge amount of money that I can be putting to better use and enjoying my life more.
I’m fairly sure that another level will drop this Summer, and am waiting to see if Nissan will follow through with its warranty amendment, that was added on after a class action law suite, that will restore the degraded battery to at least 9 levels. The rate of capacity decline is usually greatest when the battery is new (though towards the end of life some failure mechanism such as dendrite formation may increase aging rate again).
Most are not difficult to achieve for local driving if the owner is interested in doing so, however ignoring many these of these guidelines can be expected to lead to a shortened battery life.
Those that do not are more likely to be unsatisfied and sell their car, after the battery has deteriorated significantly.
The BEV should have such distance that his normal charging should be slow charging during night or during working hours.
It makes more sense to use what they have to sell more $100k vehicles with 25% margin than an aftermarket pack for Nissan.
Intersesting that Miller Nissan (Van Nuys, CA) straight up offered her a 25% prorata warranty rebate (discount) on the replacement, which is great as she would have been none the wiser.
We drive it fairly easily and it never gets very hot or very cold here so our results, although outstanding, are not unheard of.Also, 35K miles on our Hankook H727's and they look and drive like newWhat a great car!
That said, while I’m glad that your Leaf is working for you, I know several folks in Northern California with noticeable range loss, and their cars have less miles on them than yours. Saved a fortune on gas so far.The environment was the last thing on my mind when I purchsed it.
While this seems counter to regulations that require auto manufacturers to provide parts for cars sold in the USA for 10 years, Nissan’s Mr. Nissan wants as few customers to use this as possible, or for this problem to get out for broad public scrutiny. This may be one of the reasons why the first bar represents a 15% drop and subsequent bars 7.5%.
If so, will the capacity bars only accurately reflect the lower driving speed capacity, but significantly over-indicate the higher driving speed capacity ?
In a recent test by Phoenix-area owners of a group of year-old Leafs, some got as little as 60 miles on a full battery charge.
While everyone expected to see some loss of range, some folks were surprised to see figures approaching 10% in mild climates. Most electric car owners cite energy independence as their primary reason for buying an EV. To compare cars accurately, and isolate the variable of battery capacities, everything needed to be uniform.
Nissan will likely to continue advertising inflated range, but thats what advertising is for. This standard aging curve for rechargeable batteries then is not a case of getting old before their time, it is a case of getting old in the manner determined by the nature of these batteries. For long comute drivers like Marsh still no on the market viable electric option and not to be expected soon since those are very seldom cases. I know the last time my battery died on my acura it stalled a bit before finally turning on. Within 24 months from the date of original purchase, batteries with a total warranty of 75 months will be replaced free of charge. Id say the true idiots are those who still by 30% of their gas from Saudi Arabia and Hugo Chavez and yes that would mean you. As a “affected owner” i can tell you Nissan has not been reaching out to me AT ALL!
If every battery had the same capacity (and only the instruments were faulty), each car would have gone similar distances. The units have an average of more than 19,000 miles on them versus an expected norm of 12,500 miles per year and they’re in a warm region that had an unseasonably hot summer. There are so many variables that can affect acoustics, so I'd venture to say it's more a case of where it's parked, rather than a week battery.

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