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The distance to obstacles measured by the sensors is communicated via the multi-information display and a buzzer when parallel parking or maneuvering into a garage. Battery Giant stocks replacement batteries and OEM battery products for over 100,000 electronic devices ready for immediate delivery to you, we have all the batteries you need.
Shop online or visit us at one of our retail battery store locations in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, Puerto Rico and Panama.
Replacing a key battery is as simple as driving to your Lexus dealership and having them replace it.

Place the module in the original position of the key frame and secure the key cover by installing the screw.
For dependability, style and customer care, the Lexus is one of the finest luxury cars available. However, if you want or need to do it yourself, check your owner's manual to get the correct battery size before you head out to the auto-parts store. This will prevent dirt and oils from adhering to the metal components and the inside of the module.

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