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Ground mounts are an attractive alternative if you don’t have much roof space and want a system that allows you to live comfortably WITHOUT the grid!!
Nestled in the middle of a 26 acre plot is this cozy updated farmhouse with almost 6KW of solar power. Trench backfilled, horizontal pipe (3 inch galvenized) added front and back, and vertical rails to carry the solar panels installed. While all this activity was going on outside,  I was busy in the basement, hanging the TWO Sunny Island inverters on the wall, mounting the small EMERGENCY POWER breaker box and running conduit between the inverters, the main breaker box and the new Emergency power box. Some of the AC lines have been moved to the emergency breaker box, all covers are on, and temporary poly cover over battery box has been connected to the power vent fan. When a lead-acid battery is discharged, the electrolyte (sulfuric acid) and the active material on the plates of the battery (lead) are consumed to produce water and lead sulfate and current flow.
Generally, the size of the battery is determined by the wattage load and the projected runtime.
Devices like air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and pumps may have a start up surge of 3 to 7 times the continuous rating. Ampere Hour is a measurement of electrical capacity the amount of energy the battery will store.
A current of 50 amps for one hour would be 50 AH at the 1hr rate; a current of 30 amps for 5 hours would be 150 AH at the 5hr rate. The ratings during actual use can change due to effects of temperature and internal resistance. User has access to the individual cells and can add distilled water as the battery dries out. The deep cycle batteries are specifically designed to be less susceptible to degradation due to cycling, and are required for applications where the batteries are regularly discharged like uninterruptible power supplies. The Plante positive plate batteries can provide long life but at a relatively high expense than flat plate or tubular batteries and hence find less use nowadays. The positive plate is composed of a series of parallel polyster tubes filled with lead oxide, this prevents 'Shedding'.
This term can refer to a number of different constructions, including only a slight modification to the flooded style.
Although user does not have access to the cell compartments, the internal structure is still basically the same as a flooded battery. The only difference is that the manufacturer has ensured that a sufficient amount of acid in the battery to sustain the chemical reaction under normal use throughout the battery warranty period.
The valve regulating mechanism allows for a safe escape of hydrogen and oxygen gasses during charging and hence no seperate room is needed for keeping the battery. These are also called "starved electrolyte" or "dry" batteries because the glass mat is only 95% saturated instead of being fully soaked, which means that they do not leak acid even if the casing is broken.
Generally AGM batteries have about 20% less capacity, cost about two times more, and have a shorter cycle life than comparable flooded lead acid batteries. The gel cell is similar to the AGM style because the electrolyte is suspended, but different because technically the AGM battery is still considered to be a wet cell. The recharge voltages on this type of cell are lower than the other styles of lead acid battery. Gel Batteries are best used in VERY DEEP cycle applications and may last a bit longer in hot weather applications.

If the incorrect battery charger is used on a Gel Cell battery poor performance and premature failure is certain.
Undercharging: Generally caused by not allowing the charger to restore the battery to full state of charge after use. Overcharging: Continuous charging causes accelerated corrosion of the positive plates, excessive water consumption, and in some cases, damaging temperatures within a lead acid battery. Under watering: In deep cycle, lead acid batteries water is lost during the charging process. Over-watering: Excessive watering of a battery results in additional dilution of the electrolyte, resulting in reduced battery performance.
When charging lead acid batteries, the temperature should not exceed 52oC intermittently or 45oC. To determine if the battery system is experiencing a problem, fully charge the batteries then shut off the charger and remove all electrical loads. SAI ACCUMULATOR INDUSTRIES is the most reputed manufacturer and supplier of Inverter Batteries. To enquire about the desired product(s), just check the box and then click “Enquiry Now” button which is provided below.
Inverter Battery — Buy Inverter Battery, Price , Photo Inverter Battery, from Allied Powercon System, Company. The unit can - when connected to main grid - charge battery banks by converting a portion of incoming power to DC power. I’d come up for air once in a while to check on the ground mount work, just to make sure it was square and plumb, but these guys knew what they were doing and got it all right on the very first pass!  Looking at the pics below, we chose to use TWO Sunny Islands for several reasons. When the battery bank charges (at 38 amps DC) the batteries bubble up hydrogen gas and without the fan and cover, the room would reach explosive hydrogen levels in less than 1 minute.
So you should check the battery specifications too when deciding on the inverter to purchase or when the old battery becomes unusable.
Using a battery that is not strong enough can cause the inverter not to power up and may lead to discharging issues that could permanently damage the battery. For example, a battery rated at 100 AH at the 6-hour rate would be rated at about 135 AH at the 48-hour rate. These batteries have thicker plates that can deliver less peak current, but can withstand frequent discharging. They are recommended for back up power for UPS and Inverters where environmental conditions are tough and high ambient temperatures are common.
However, AGM batteries do not need watering, are safer (no acid spilling out), can be placed in a variety of positions, have a slower self-discharge characteristic, and are more efficient in charging and discharging than flooded batteries.
Continually operating the battery in a partial state of charge, or storing the battery in discharged state results in the formation of lead sulfate compounds on the plates.
Additionally, watering the battery before charging may result in electrolyte overflow and unnecessary additional maintenance.
At this point the battery should be taken off charge and allowed to cool before resuming the charge process. These Inverter Batteries are sleek in appearance and sealed in a plastic container, which make them reliable. Furthermore, our clients can avail from us customized solutions for this range as per their inspanidual specifications and requirements.
A microcontroller design was chosen to implement a 3-level pulse-width modulation technique for greater efficiency.
The rest of the incoming AC power is passed on to loads connected to electrical circuits powered by the inverter.

1st and most important was that the Sunny Island is without question the best BATTERY TENDER around.
This is the most important measure to be looked at when choosing a battery for an inverter. These indicate how many amperes the battery will supply for 10 and 20 hours without dropping below a certain voltage.
We specialize in manufacturing inverter battery of all kinds, using only the highest quality of raw material. Standard high voltage components were chosen for MOSFET drivers and H-bridge capable of handling a maximum of 5000 Watts.
At first I assumed he wanted a ground mount to keep it away from the house, but when I arrived on site I knew right away the real reason – no room on the roof!
It can use the grid or the array charge the batteries, and it has sophisticated software to monitor the battery health and adjust things as needed to optimize the battery care.
So, lesser the discarge rate, the lesser electricity you will be able to draw for the designated period. Both of these conditions reduce the battery's performance and may cause premature battery failure. If the battery voltage spread exceeds .30 volts for a 12 volt battery, a problem is indicated.
It LEARNS over the 1st 8 weeks how the battery supplies power and how it accepts charge and then adjusts itself for the best possible care. An internal transfer switch senses when the grid power has returned, allowing the unit to instantly switch from Inverter mode to charger mode and passing the grid power directly through to the loads connected. Happy to say that the 1st charge cycle was free from problems and there wasn’t even the tiniest hint of any gas in the room.
When the voltage spread indicates a problem, confirmation is accomplished by taking electrolyte specific gravity readings using a hydrometer. And plenty of power, so that if he wants to do laundry while off grid, it won’t be a problem. The Sunny Island is a 120VAC unit and would otherwise need a lossy transformer to boost the output to 240VAC.   We doubled the available continuous output power to 13,000 WATTS by doing this.
So we got together and discussed the options and the owner decided to DO IT RIGHT the first time. That is a LOT of backup power, and will allow completely normal living in an off grid situation. They will eliminate almost all of the outgassing and make the battery liquid levels go down MUCH slower. I explained that batteries would be a large part of the project cost, and he would have to understand and CARE for the battery bank if he expected it to last 10 years or more.  He was more than willing to listen, read, study and understand the care and feeding of his battery bank, and as a result is VERY pleased with his installation. And remember, when off grid, the sun on the array will recharge them, as well as power the house!  I didn’t have time to hang around while a battery BOX was built, so we put up a poly tent and connected the vent fan. A wise investment – since it minimizes outgassing of Hydrogen if the vent fan were to ever fail!

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