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The battery starts the engine and supplies power to electrical components such as the lights and audio system, but is also used for backing up each of the car?s computers and control units.PerformanceHIGH ENGINE START-UP PERFORMANCE - Honda Genuine Batteries improve the electrical efficiency by special alloy plates.
Honda civic hybrid battery reliability - consumer reports, Consumer reports look into the reliability of honda civic hybrid batteries. Since Hybrid batteries different from other battery that is used in a typical car, you should make sure to replace it with battery from original spare parts.  Even though Hybrid batteries are designed to last for 10 years, but in fact it has loss it ability earlier. However, Honda Company has made software which said to be the best software to cut the gas mileage.

It Is Possible That Your Car Insurance Company Had Discounts They Are Not Telling You About? These hybrid technologies are losing their ability to save the energy before the warranty is up.
Many people who have already experienced the broken battery said that they should spend $3,000 to $4000 from their account to replace the battery alone.
Besides, Honda claims if the driver installed that software, they can extend the life of the battery and improve the performance of the battery.

In 2007, many Civic customers complaint about the loss of power when they drive the car to pass someone or when they are run the car faster.
It sounds annoying for the customer because they should replace their battery with the new one.

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