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In January 2009, for the Detroit Motor Show, Ford introduced its car electrification strategy for the United Sates market. Ford Motor Company has also announced that it will invest $ 550 million to transform Michigan Assembly Plant (formerly Michigan Truck Plant) from a large SUV factory into a modern, flexible small car plant. Under the skin of the Ford Focus test vehicle is an all-electric powertrain that will go into a Ford's new generation C-sized global vehicle platform.
The plan, unveiled at the 2009 North American International Auto Show, signals the next phase in Ford’s commitment to deliver the best or among the best fuel efficiency with every new vehicle it introduces and to make fuel efficiency solutions affordable for millions of customers. Production for the North American market of the new global Ford Focus begins next year followed by production in 2011 of a battery electric Focus. It will be used throughout the first season of the show, driven by celebrity guests who accept the challenge. The Battery Electric Vehicle will first be introduced in North America, with the potential to migrate to the European and Asia Pacific markets down the road. They include Battery electric Transit Connect commercial van in 2010, Battery electric Focus passenger car in 2011, next generation hybrid vehicle in 2012 and plug-in hybrid for 2012.

This Battery Electric Ford Focus will use a new all-electric powertrain, provided by the partnership with strategic supplier Magna.
There is not just one type of lithium-ion battery and several hold promise for automobile use. This technology is based on that being developed for Ford's new-generation C-sized global vehicle architecture and which will be launched in North America in 2011. The 12 volt lead acid battery used in traditional automotive applications is rapidly giving way to sophisticated, higher energy and power batteries as the automobile industry shifts forward electrification.
Together with the European Battery Electric Ford Focus, a Ford Tourneo Connect Battery Electric Vehicle Concept was introduced to demonstrate how Ford Motor Company's electric vehicle plan announced at the start of the year in Detroit is extending its potential to Europe. In New York, some Escape Hybrid taxis have clocked more than 300.000 miles of reliable service.
The nickel used in these batteries is lighter than lead, helping the battery deliver twice the power output for the weight as lead-acid batteries, but the cost of Ni-MH batteries is four times that of lead acid. The Tourneo Connect BEV Concept shows how this silent, zero-emission full battery technology could be deployed in passenger vehicles for urban applications such as taxis or hotel shuttles.

Automakers already believe they have tapped most of the potential of Ni-MH technology and are moving toward Lithium-ion technology. Ford of Europe and Smith Electric Vehicles are monitoring reaction to the Tourneo Connect BEV Concept to determine potential market viability. Lithium-ion batteries are commonplace in the world of consumer electronics, that is for laptop computers, mobile phones, cameras and other portable devices.
Ford has already announced in North America that it will partner with Smith Electric Vehicles (Tanfield group) to offer a Transit Connect BEV vehicle in the US market in 2010.

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