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Most EV's are conversions of regular gas or diesel cars, and components are available for a wide range of performance levels. I did it because it saves money, helps reduce pollution (power plant emissions are MUCH lower than car emissions, and besides, EV's are about 80% efficient as compared to 30% for a gas or diesel car), and it helps to reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. I rebuilt the escort, improving it where I thought it needed it, and putting in a fresh set of batteries.
I've moved to different employers and cities since then, but I'm still incensed by this.  So now I built one from scratch. The midwest area (Kansas-Missouri) electric auto association has ALL the EV links that exist in the free world!!! Although I don't know if they have traded correspondence, Ken Norwick followed in Jerry's footsteps with his Saturn conversion, and now with an electric motorcycle conversion.
A collection of stories from the venerable Lee Hart, EE and denizen of the EV discussion list. How much does it cost to build an EV?  Well, I may not be able to answer that completely, but this is what the electric squirrel cost. Want to know what it takes to build an EV?  Just check this out!  It's everything I used to build the electric squirrel. Relying on outside suppliers to provide a critical powertrain component like a battery goes against the grain of traditional thinking in the automobile business.
Industry analysts say few companies have shown they can meet the challenge of building advanced batteries with the quality, weight, and cost expectations that auto makers demand. Larry Nitz, vice president of transmissions and electrification at GM, said a study of Volt customers using LG batteries showed almost no loss of range performance after nearly three years of ownership. “We’ve seen what I would call pharmaceutical levels of quality in cell production. Panasonic is the top battery maker, supplying Tesla Motors Inc., Volkswagen and Ford Motor Co.
Consolidation at the top means that smaller companies are getting squeezed out of the market.

One of those disruptive companies may be 24M, a Cambridge, Massachusetts start-up that says it has invented not a better battery but rather a better way to manufacture a lithium-ion battery. This car had a range of about 50 miles, so I used it at first for my commute to work and for errands around town. I then used it to run errands, but my employer had moved to a new building about the same distance away (approx. This new EV is designed for the specific purpose of laughing in their faces about the whole issue (even though I've moved away from that state). This can be very cost effective, and an inexpensive way to get your feet wet in the world of EV's. Previously, car makers designed and built their own engines and transmissions, which were the hallmark of their brands. Of the more than 20 million cells that have been produced for the first generation Chevrolet Volt, we’ve seen less than two problems per million cells produced,” he said. It currently has just 11% of the world market but is expected to increase market share going forward. It supplied 38% of the electric vehicle batteries over the past 12 months, according to Lux and likely will continue to grow if Tesla’s sales go higher. It may also mean less innovation as the top companies compete for market share instead of better batteries.
The world of technology never stops searching for new and better products and manufacturing techniques. He has been known to drive to Nova Scotia just to see the lupins in bloom or to Watkins Glen for a weekend of historic racing. Don't get me wrong, our ICE vehicles at the time were all mopars, and were exceptionally reliable.
33 miles), and wouldn't let me charge at work because they were afraid of "some sort of liability issue" (their exact words).

It utilizes lead acid AGM batteries (now offered in EV sizes), a high voltage DC system for performance, and is built on one of the lightest, most efficient chassis available.
Jerry Halstead has a complete web based diary of both of his conversions (one is ongoing), and it shows the good, the bad, and the ugly.
It has won several new contracts lately, including Audi, which is serious about building cars to compete with Tesla Model S sedan, Model X SUV and Model 3 small sedan. They now supply smaller batteries for hybrid cars that combine battery power with an internal combustion engine.
Most experts predict that electric cars will not go mainstream until battery prices go below $100 per kWh. Several manufacturers dabbled with making their own batteries a decade ago, when the era of electric car was first beginning, but they rapidly decided that it was best to leave it to the experts. The car had been used by the City of Vernon, CA, and garaged for nearly a year by an individual, with only occasional use, when I purchased it. 48,000 miles, a 1991 - Plymouth Voyager, 235,000 miles (yes, you read that right!), and a 1995 - Dodge Spirit, approx. After allowing the batteries to "wake up", it proved to be a real trooper, and was more reliable than our gas cars.
150,000 miles), the reliability of all of them has been very high, with little major maintenance having been required during our ownership. However, the EV outshines them all, having required NO maintenance EVER with the exception of watering the batteries every couple of months.
This can be viewed as an oil change that only costs $0.50, doesn't get you greasy, and where accidental spills have no ill effects.

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