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This is booba's instructions on THIS site for installing the 3g alternator and wiring in headlight relays, I'm fabbing the bracket for the fusebox from a Taurus that has the relays in it, along with the mega fuse for the alternator. On the passengerside of the truck, where the Red, Green, and Black wire's meet the plastic plug for the headlight, I cut the harness(the said wire's) and strip both ends of the wire's, cut and leave probably 6" of wire coming from the plug one the passengerside. You can use your stock plug but you have to re-wire like shown in the Diagram, I'll elaborate more on this in my install thread. So, this was mocking up the fusebox and cutting the channel iron so it would lay flush against the fender. From simple witness light that lit when you turn the lights, there are lights telling us that we have chair heat on.
Currently, more board clocks are digital, just to show the multitude of symbols in order to warn the driver that something is happening.
Some time ago, the witnesses were simple board light bulbs wrapped in a transparent plastic that was printed on control panel: low beam, high beam, door open, malfunction, hand brake etc. If somehow you do not know what a symbols light means, here are some examples of some board witnesses and their explanation.

The ever likable Kimi Raikkonen shows presentatiepotenieel of the Ferrari 488 into a fight with the F14 T Formula 1 car!
And here it is finally, the practical Mercedes E-Class Estate with 670 liters to a maximum 1,820 liters of luggage space, including an E43 AMG Break!
BMW launches not only the powerful 750D xDrive , the new top models - M140i and M240i - today see the light! Diesel cars tend to cost more than gasoline due to the lower CO2 emissions and because they are more economical.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view discussions and access other forum features. This covers 1987-1991, trucks 1992 and after IIRC have a 95A 3g already so this will just be a simple unhook, unbolt and remount the 130 or 160A. The harness that comes from the cab is from the headlight switch, so I wire the Green wire into one relay on Pin 86, I do the same for Red on the other relay, wire it into pin 86. But now you are seeing on your board absolutely every detail, from spoiler inclination and tire pressure, to indicating the moment where you have to shift gears.

It could be something important and if you solve the problem in the right time you can save unnecessary expense and you can even save your life. By joining our free online community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Now the Red relay(which is Low beams) gets the wire from Pin 30 spliced back into the Red wire on the plug, samething for the Green relay(which is High beams). If, for example, now we see for the first time witnesses light on brands like Mercedes (eg the cruise control with braking function alone with radar or automatic warning if a collision is imminent) in the future we will see in all cars. Registration is fast, simple, and absolutely free so please, join our community today!Forgot your password?

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