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MacBook Pro features the latest dual-core and quad-core processors, and faster graphics to deliver the perfect combination of pro performance and extreme portability.
By copying or making any use of the image below, you acknowledge that you have read and understand, and agree to, the Image Usage Agreement below that governs your use of the Image. As between you and Apple, Apple is and shall remain the sole and exclusive owner of the Image. Shop at the Apple Online Store, call 133‐622, visit an Apple Retail Store or find a reseller. You don't have to spend a fortune on a MacBook Pro or even a top-tier MacBook to get a decent amount of speed.
Whether you're starting high school or college in the fall, or have children who are, the Apple MacBook 13-inch is a great choice for those going back to school or for anyone who wants simple computing in a sleek design.
You'll find all the features here to get the school term started, including three USB ports, a FireWire port, and DVI-I output.
The $1,099 Apple MacBook 13-inch is probably the best bang-for-the-buck laptop configuration you're going to get from Apple.
See how the Apple MacBook 13-inch measures up to similar systems in our laptop comparison chart.
Last year at the iPad introduction Steve Jobs announced that Apple is a mobile device company. It shouldn't come as a surprise that when Apple launched its 2011 MacBook Pro lineup last week that it did so with little fanfare. The biggest letdown in the design has been the hinge connecting the display to the rest of the chassis.
Other than screen size, ports and internals, there's nothing that separates the 13-, 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros from one another. Battery capacity hasn't changed compared to last year, although power consumption on some models has gone up (more on this later).
The new MacBook Pros are still equipped with DVD drives and thus Apple still distributes OS X and the application preload on a pair of DVDs. Si esta es tu primera visita, asegurate de revisar la AYUDA para familiarizarte con las funciones del foro. While very similar in appearance and features to the 15" Pro model, the new 17" notebook boasts a new high density, integrated (non-removable) battery and unique options for a matte finish screen and a 256GB flash RAM SDD alternative to its conventional 320GB hard drive. Part of the compact outline of the 17" model relates to its built-in, 95 watt-hour lithium polymer battery, which Phil Schiller noted in his Macworld keynote address as being more compact due to a manufacturing process proprietary to Apple that results in a battery pack that not only consumes less space but also lasts three times longer and provides up to 8 hours of battery use on a charge. Lacking a battery latching mechanism and any provision for a removable cover for battery access allows Apple to pack the internals tighter, as it did with the MacBook Air. With the arrival of the top of the line, refreshed 17" MacBook Pro, Apple has converted its entire line of notebooks to the unibody design, apart from the low end white plastic MacBook the company continues to sell in order to have a model under $1000.

And whether you’re using the 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro, you’re guaranteed to get battery life that lasts as long your typical work day (or longer). If you do not agree to the Agreement’s terms, do not copy or use the Image in any way, unless you have written permission signed by Apple. You will not delete, alter, or obfuscate any proprietary legends relating to the Image, and each use will be accompanied by the applicable proprietary attribution shown next to the Image. Bound to make a strong fashion statement, this base-model MacBook costs just $1,099 (direct), yet has plenty of speed for average course work. And though the high-end version of the MacBook 13-inch comes crafted in black, it smudges easily and attracts lots of fingerprints.
Nevertheless, the MacBook's compact, 1-inch–thick chassis makes it superb for commuting across campus.
The low-cost system uses the same Intel Core Duo technology as the pricier MacBook Pros, just clocked slightly lower, at 1.83 GHz (T2400). Better yet, you can conquer all your classroom projects by starting with the bare essentials. He’s a one-man wrecking crew who tests and writes about anything considered a laptop (yes, even netbooks). Just last week Steve returned to introduce the iPad 2 and point out that the majority of Apple's revenue now comes from products that run iOS.
There was no special press event and no video of an unusually charismatic man on a white background describing the latest features of the systems.
They all feature the same excellent backlit keyboard (keyboard size is constant across all models) and a variant of the same high quality display.
I was hoping Apple would go to an all-USB distribution starting with the MBA but it looks like we'll have to wait for another generation of Pro systems before we see that. Si deseas publicar mensajes, sera necesario que te registres para que puedas dejar respuestas y crear tus propios mensajes, recuerda que es gratis. Apple's belated high end notebook refresh did give Phil Schiller "one more thing" to introduce in his keynote however.
As depicted in this video, the new 17" model is so similar to the 15" that it is difficult to distinguish between them unless they are right next to each other. The removable battery pack used in the unibody 15" model is only rated for a maximum of 5 hours. The new 17" MacBook Pro has no access covers on the back at all, so opening the machine to swap out its hard drive, RAM or battery module requires removing screws on the back plate. Other hardware, including the expected new Mac mini and iMac, will undoubtedly be unveiled shortly at a separate Apple Event. The Image cannot be used to promote or sell any product or technology (such as on advertising, brochures, book-covers, stock photos, t-shirts, or other promotional merchandise).

One of the main differences between the MacBook and Apple's more expensive MacBook Pro is the keyboard. For dual-layer support, you might consider an upgrade to the MacBook Pro or the Dell Inspiron E1505. He’s been with PC Mag for over 10 years and gets occasional headaches from all the technical knowledge he has absorbed during that time. All we got two weeks ago were a few pages describing the high level features of the lineup, a short outage on the Mac Store and five new configurations available for sale. These models fundamentally implement the same updated unibody shell that was introduced in 2009. Even brand new, out of the box, the 15-inch MacBook Pro will have its display move by a not insignificant amount if you tilt the machine 90 degrees so that the display is parallel to the ground. All of them have the same front facing 720p camera and the same large glass-covered trackpad.
The last generation had a common GPU between all 15" models, the main difference being video RAM. Having FW800 helps to alleviate the need to access the hard drive for most purposes outside of hardware problems. The $1,099 configuration comes with a 60GB hard drive, which should provide plenty of storage space unless you're a serious download junkie. If you decide you do need to make an upgrade, I suggest investing an extra $100 to bump the system's RAM up from 512MB to 1GB. He’d still be snowboarding and playing basketball had he not been through multiple knee surgeries (well, two).
The term unibody comes from the fact that the base of the chassis is machined out of a single block of aluminum. A number of readers have written me over the years asking if Apple has improved the locking ability of the hinge in each new version of the MacBook Pro. Now they have completely different GPUs, one being REALLY fast and the other not much better than the one that was in the models from last year. As for battery life, the MacBook will net you only around 2 to 3 hours, depending on usage, which means you'll need to bring your power adapter wherever you go. Apple has been shipping unibody MacBook Pros since 2008 and from my experience the design has held up pretty well.

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