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Upgrading their LG notebook to Windows 7 has left some customers scrambling for new batteries after the new operating system suggested they needed to replace their old one, and scratching their heads when the "Consider replacing your battery" persisted.
Microsoft confirmed that users were seeing a warning message immediately after they made the jump to Windows 7 on certain LG notebooks, instructing them to replace their laptop’s battery. However, customers that went ahead and swapped existing batteries or new ones, continued to see the message from the Windows Battery Meter. As a direct result, "Consider replacing your battery" message is displayed continuously, even in scenarios in which customers indeed act as instructed and replace their hardware. Users that went out and purchased a new battery might have spent money when they didn’t necessarily need to, since the faulty messages can be resolved with a BIOS update.
Users who have upgraded to iOS 5 recently may be seeing their batteries get consumed a lot faster than before.

When you disable a feature, check the battery state after 30 min or so to see if disabling reduced the battery consumption, otherwise remember to enable that feature. Turn off notifications for each app (where it is enabled), or turn it off globally to see if this reduces the battery consumption. Turn off Location Services globally on the phone or for each app (where it is enabled) to see if this reduces the battery consumption e.g. According to the Redmond company, the erroneous "Consider replacing your battery" messages are generated by a code defect in the system firmware (BIOS) of some LG notebooks, including the R500 family of laptops. Instead, it’s telling customers affected by this issue to head over to LG, download an updated version of BIOS for their machine and install it. It will try to connect to the email servers constantly, consuming the device’s (iPhone, iPad) battery in the process.

The first iCloud backup may be long but subsequent ones should be short data transfers and should not use up a lot of the battery.
Try each of these steps one-by-one to identify the source(s) of excessive battery consumption and fix it.

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