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The procedure is pretty much the same but I tried to add the cool stuff that has been discovered lately, mainly over at ipis-osx.
If you would like to install with the original OSX DVD see the excellent tutorial by Gregory Cohen. Thanks go to Greg, slither2007, pentiumpc, Thireus,strongesthylian, comatron and all the other fine people at ipis-osx.
When installing the GMA950 kexts before the DSDT fix boot process will most probably hang with a blue screen.
Update: I uploaded a new version of the package that should fix the problems with dsdt files for 1GB or 2GB PCs. For each chapter, the files needed are in a nicely labeled folder that contains everything you need (including the download links for the components that I can’t provide freely). In order to avoid some very annoying quirks (like bootup taking 20-40 minutes…) you’ll should flash the custom BIOS. Download your preferred distribution from the usual sources (this is somewhat illegal even if you own a Leopard license, as I do) . Do so by following the guide (unless you know what you’re doing) as it makes it easier to spot an offending kext.
Install them using kextHelper (it sets the corrects rights and stuff and makes a backup of your replaced kexts). For me on my 1000h it worked like a charm but I had to delete the existing ACPIBattery.kext because I got two battery indicators. Check back often over at ipis-osx in order to get the latest versions, as I’m not able to update very often lately.
Normally you should now have sound on boot, on wake from sleep, keyboard control for Volume and Mute and the possibility to select the input in the SystemPreferences.
Time Machine Fix : Provides a known fix if your TimeMachine is not working as advertised Attention might break the RalinkDriver!!! May I ask you to provide us with a link, or an information where we could get this particular version?
When it did the restart after the OS install it shows the grey background with apple logo, and then shows the NO symbol over the apple logo.
I have left it in this state for as long as 3 hours (took a nap) and came back to find only a purely unresponsive black screen with no pointer. Hi, I have a dual-boot Mac OS X and Win XP working very well for the past 2 years (I had used your old guide). Is it possible for me to resinstall the windows partition without redoing any of the Mac thing?
Hey I messed up and installed timemachine fix and it broke my ralink wireless driver it says no device and i tried to reinstall but no luck!
My Asus has XP SP3 installed, and I followed the guide to delete the second factory partition per these instructions. Now, when I boot from the iDeneb 1.4 DVD, I can get as far as the Disk Utility where I will need to select my partition to perform a MAC OS Journaled partition via Disk Erase.

If none of that works, go back to Windows and add the 2nd partition which if you format it as fat, Disk Utility will then see it and allow you to reformat it for Mac. Nik, thanks for this updated instruction, I have running osx on my 1000H after a interesting process with a lot of fixes. This guide may work for other models like T510, T410s or the T410 with Intel HD but theres no support for them.NO ONE IN THIS FORUM (INCLUDING ME) IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS (DATA, MATERIAL, EQUIPMENTa€¦) OCCURRED TO YOU, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE RESPONSIBLE, AND BY FOLLOWING THESE INSTRUCTIONS YOU AGREE TO TAKE ALL THE RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Because the drivers say the NVS 3100m is "unsupported" install the package with Pacifist first. Note: I suggest you to search the code part on a estore online (such as ebay, for example). 2015-02-24 For those who don’t have ways to patch the kernels for Early Reboot Problems on HP laptops.
2015-02-07 I think the best is to patch kexts yourself but some may have problems getting things working.
The way I dual boot is keeping everything original on my laptop, all partitions from manufacturer, no reformat, re-installation of Windows 8.1.
When we buy a Windows laptop these days (2015), we will get Windows 8.1 64 bit and UEFI booting system. Dual boot is to be able to select 2 different Operating systems to boot from the same hardware (hard drive): Windows and Mac OS X. Since the system is UEFI, the bios only boot from an EFI partition on the hard drive (where all the important needed to go to the correct OS). Regardless on what version of OS X, we need to find out if our laptop is compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite. Just follow the HP tutorial on how to replace the hardware, very clear and straight forward. I am getting the Pavilion 15-p011tx shortly (nearly identical specs, only 1366×768 screen tho). In order to accomplish this you’ll have to do some light changes in your partition scheme. Once this happens I can leave the netbook for hours and it just stays there and does nothing else.
Can you help me, witch version of ideneb did you use, witch options did you select at the install preparation.
I have in essence one XP partition of 40GB, and the second newly created partition which shows up as a RAW unformatted partition. If you still don’t see the 2nd partition, but see half of the drive as unpartitioned space, just click the + icon and add a partition.
Solution: When you pusch the start-button, you have to push the F2-button frequently fast to become the gray eeepc start-screen. THIS INSTALLATION ISN'T WITHOUT RISKS SO TAKE ALL THE PRECAUTIONS BEFORE DOING ANY FOOLISH ACTION, BACKUP YOUR DATA! Download FakeSMC binaries from kozlek's branch (I think is the best up to now) and install "FakeSMC.kext" on the flash drive using Kext Wizard.

Since Windows is proprietary and it was designed to boot only in an internal hard drive and Mac OS X can be installed in an external hard drive like USB hard drive. Install Clover boot loader to the EFI folder for accessing Windows and Mac OS X Operating System.
Graphics card or chip intel GMA950 is unable to connect any external monitor with is possibily to change resolution. When I select to boot Windows from the boot selection screen (Darwin?), all I see is a black screen. The Disk Utility is not recognizing my individual partitions, rather it shows the HDD as one large drive. If you want to partition as MBR (for Windows 8 installation, but has some issues with Clover installation) remember to patch the Installer on your flash drive with the MBR patch. According to the "Compaq Presario CQ62 Notebook PC HP G62 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide" these are the code parts for the AR9285.
The wifi kexts are universal and they’re patched for AR9285 and BCM943225HMB and working.
I’m going to make this tutorial that works for every PC or Windows Laptop that Yosemite or Mavericks support. All laptops or computers are different, but the drivers (kexts) for components are the same.
Therefore, an external USB hard drive is needed to install the Yosemite OS X to, then restore to the Shrunk partition, it works for some reason that I don’t understand (restore can erase the partition).
So, I can load Yosemite on an External USB hard drive to play with without installing into the internal hard drive (hard drive inside the laptop).
To boot to Yosemite, we have to be able to install Yosemite onto a hard drive partition (either external or internal) and use a special boot loader like Chameleon or Clover. After I disabled the Master pwd for the HDD, I was able to have access to the partition to install iDeneb. Mac OS X is great because anyone can load to an external USB hard drive and boot from it to any laptops or computer, unlike Windows 8.1. The Windows 8.1 is installed on the internal hard drive or 500GB or 1TB and the format is NTFS.
Installing kexts is simple, boot loaders for multi OS are only 2 main ones: Chameleon and Clover. So get yourself an external USB hard drive that cost very little and install Mac OS X like Mavericks or Yosemite or both on it and experiment with them before RESTORE to a shrunk partition on the internal hard drive. I love Mac OS X, but I still have Windows for some applications, dual boot Windows 8.1 and Yosemite is the best on any Windows Laptop.

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