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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There’s no doubt that Apple keeps on pushing the envelope when it comes to providing people around the world with unique devises. While the iOS 8.2 did fix many bugs and offered a lot of enhancements like syncing an iPhone with the Apple Watch, the quick battery drainage is indeed a serious issue.
Another reason battery loses power is because of Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, along with other location services. While Zoom allows you to magnify the whole screen of your iPhone it’s also a feature that drains power.
Another thing you can do to conserve battery life is to temporarily turn off apps that consume a lot of power.
August 23, 2015 By Sid Leave a Comment Have you been facing issues with your iOS devices battery life after updating to iOS 8.4.1? Almost every version of Apples’ mobile operating system since iOS 7 has been plagued with the battery drain issue.
Perform a Hard Reboot by holding the Power and Home button till your iOS device vibrates and restarts automatically.
If, after performing all the steps above, the battery drain is still bad, then you may need to take your iOS device to the Apple Store. On average you should expect between 8-12 hours of use on the iPhone 4s and newer, though it varies based on your usage. With iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 Apple makes it easy to find the apps that are using your battery life. Limiting Facebook and games during the day is an easy way to stretch the iOS 8.1 battery life longer on your devices. The iPhone can refresh apps in the background so that the data is there when you open the app. Instead of turning Background app refresh off completely, you should find apps that use it too much and turn it off for them one, by one to see if that solves any iOS 8.1 battery life problems. The iPhone and iPad include sensors to change the screen brightness based on the light in your environment, but too often the device will boost the screen brightness to obscene levels.
If you notice that the iPhone battery life is very short or that the iPhone is warm, you need to restart it or reset it.
You can also reset the iPhone by holding the iPhone home button and the power button for about 10 seconds.
Here’s where you’ll start to see the iOS 8.1 battery life fixes that can handle major problems that are draining your iPhone battery life in a few hours.
Based on the poll we took few days back, it looks like a high percentage of users seem to be having battery life problems after upgrading to iOS 8.3. The problem with battery life issues is that it is very subjective as it is based on your usage pattern, so it is difficult to pin point what exactly is causing a problem.
Prior to iOS 8, you had to depend on apps like Normal to identify apps that could be draining your device’s battery life, but Apple has added the naming and shaming feature in iOS 8 itself, which gives you a break down of battery usage by apps. The battery usage provides you information about how much battery is consumed by various apps and services on your device. The apps that should be a concern are ones that show up on top of power consumption list even though you haven’t been using them.
In iOS 8, Apple has added a new setting in Location Services called While Using the App, which means that the app will only use location services when you’re using the app, and won’t use it all the time. Please note that this feature is available for stock apps and third-party apps like Google’s iOS app, however we expect third-party apps to offer this feature when they’re optimized for iOS 8.
Please note that the tips under section are to highlight areas where you could disable things that are not applicable to you so you can maximize battery life. We are not recommending or advising you to disable features just for battery life, as then there would be no point in using smartphones like the iPhone. The Today tab in Notification Center includes features such as Today Summary, Tomorrow Summary, Stocks widget and any other third-party Notification Center widget you may have added. Dynamic wallpapers were a new addition to iOS 7 that bring subtle animations to the home and the lock screen.
Apple added a number of animations and physics-based effects to the interface in iOS 7 to help users understand the layered elements in the UI.
Spotlight searches a lot of types of content like Applications, Contacts, Music, Podcasts, Mails, Events etc., when you might use it only for contacts, applications and music. Set Auto-Lock interval so that your iPhone will turn off more quickly after a period of inactivity. You’re probably aware that using Wi-Fi drains iPhone’s battery, but perhaps you didn’t know that one of the most intensive processes that iPhone’s Wi-Fi chip has to do is search for available network. Apple advices users to go through at least one charge cycle per month (charging the battery to 100% and then completely running it down). The article was updated with the tip on Push Email, which can be primary source of battery drain. I turned off everything in notification center, but still Stocks tops list in consuming battery. If you can’t afford $199 for an iPhone, then you can go pick up a free Android device. Problem with the iPhone 6 is that it sucks because it takes something that should never have gotten any larger and goes there anyway. I hate the bigger is better mentality and think that it shows an inability to actually think and make choices based on needs rather than bragging rights. I would have gone with a 5s or 6 if they actually offered anything I cared about, but making my phone even bigger is not something I want at all and my 4s was chosen over the 5s because it offers all I need without taking up even more space in my hand during calls. Like 5% when the phone turnes off, or 0% when the screen stops telling you that you should charge the iphone?
I think that after a while IOS gets confused and starts a rogue process (Even when the app is closed properly). For me the percentage of the Home & Lock screen battery usage was at 30% all the time. Both times the process (incident) started on a sunday and more specifically on the last sunday of the month (first time 30th of november and second time on the 28th of december).
I guess that people, who switch to different time-zones more frequent, will have more chance to have this same problem. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. When Apple made an announcement and launch of iOS 9 beta at WWDC 2015, many iOS developers downloaded the first beta version with their developer accounts.
Here, you can see all the apps that eat your battery; on the left, there are names of apps and on the right, you will see battery consumption percentage. Once you know which apps burn your battery, you can control those apps from Background App Refresh. If you are a music lover and listening to songs on Apple Music while using your mobile data, you are burning your phone’s battery in excess. If you happen to visit a location, where your phone receives weak mobile signals, switch to Airplane Mode on your iOS device. If everything above doesn’t yield any result, restart your iPhone or as a last resort Reset your iPhone.

For a lot of users - including us here at iGB - iMessage often goes berserk and doesn't work at all. Pangu, the well-known Chinese hacking team, has asserted at this year's Mobile Security Conference 2016 (MOSEC) in Shanghai that jailbreak is still alive. As an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus owner, you should already be familiar with the 3D Touch feature. Like most iPhone users who have tried out iOS 10 beta, I'm quite happy with the latest operating system.
New in iOS 8 is Battery Usage, which displays apps and the percentage of battery life that has been used by them. As we did above with battery usage, cross reference that list with applications that have Location Services enabled.
In addition to the suggestions outlined above, these are the top ten tips for improving battery life in iOS 8. I think most of these issues stem from installing over an older OS or restoring an older phone backup on a newer phone.
For new phone releases or Major upgrades of the OS (7 to 8)…start over and don’t update. Many users have reported unusual battery drain and some devices are loosing 2% of battery per minute. Even if you are not using a certain application, it can run on the background and so it will use battery life. Syncing services use a lot of battery because they have to frequently sync contacts and email addresses and to do so they have to run many times a day.
If this doesn’t fix the battery drain problem, restore your iOS 8 device as a new phone. Whether it’s a new iPhone, an iPad, or the most recent Apple Watch, the company does know how to surprise consumers.
If you are seeing battery life less than 10 hours you may need to fix a problem, rather than make a small tweak to keep the battery going longer.
When you find an app that uses too much battery life you can limit your use of it when away from power, stop background activity or remove it completely. When your phone needs to search hard for a signal it runs the battery down faster, so keep that in mind and you may need to turn on Airplane mode when you have no real cell signal. This is very handy, but even with smart updating in the background it does use more battery life. This will not remove any of your data, but sometimes this is enough to fix whatever was draining your iPhone battery life.
If you see the usage and standby numbers listed as the same when you look at iOS 8.1 battery usage this is the step you need to take. This will take 5-10 minutes to complete and will put all settings back to defaults.This will not remove any data or photos from your iPhone. Follow these instructions to identify the battery hogs, and also find out what you should do next. You can also check the battery hogs in the last 7 days by tapping on the Last 7 Days tab as you can see in the screenshot above. It is important to mention here that an app with a high percentage battery usage does not necessarily mean it is a battery hog. It is a not a good practice to force close all apps, as that could have an adverse impact on battery life. Force close an app by double pressing the home button scrolling through the apps to find the one you want to close, and swiping up to close it.
You can disable location services via the Settings app and navigating to Privacy > Location Services. This can be useful for apps like the App Store, which don’t need to be using location services all the time. Although Apple has a lot of optimizations in place to ensure that battery consumption is minimal, it’s possible that battery life of older iOS devices takes a hit due to this feature. To identify if your email is Push or Fetch, launch the Settings app, and navigate to Mails, Contacts and Calendars > Fetch New Data. Some of these effects even access gyroscopic data, which contributes further to battery drain.
While you’re there, you can also tell iOS to not use cellular data for automatic downloads and iTunes Match streaming. To set the auto-Lock interval, launch the Settings app, tap on General and then Auto-Lock and set the auto-lock interval to either 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 minutes.
So if this happens in regular intervals, it’s going to have a noticeable impact on your battery. You can either lower the default screen brightness based on your preference or turn on Auto-Brightness to allow the screen to adjust its brightness based on current lighting conditions. If you’ve setup your iPhone by restoring from backup then the battery life problems could be due to some issue with the backup. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but perhaps if people of Apple are reading this, they can look better into their IOS code. This will give you a fair idea to monitor the usage of app or you may uninstall that particular app, which eats up your phone battery. You should better download the songs locally and enjoy listening to music while commuting or doing your work. In weak mobile signal zone, your mobile will consume more battery to get connectivity from a distant tower. With each major iOS release, we see a rush of folks who are experiencing some sort of battery drain, that’s not in keeping with their past experiences.
If not, chances are that you’ll see a red badge with a large number of apps that are desperately seeking to be updated.
Instead, take a look at what apps are drawing power, but aren’t among apps that you use on a day-in, day-out basis. I don’t use Foursquare frequently, but I would like the option to use for the infrequent check-in at Starbucks. It utilizes GPS, crowd-sourced Wi-Fi hotspots and cell tower locations to determine your location.
You might find some that will still work, but maybe you don’t want them to have location permissions. There’s a fine line between squeezing out more battery life and making changes to impact the overall user experience. Meaning add the iPhone 6 as a new device or install the newest IOS as a clean install and not as an update. For most users, this solution seems to work if it hasn’t for you, make sure to leave us a comment sharing your experience!
This is somewhat expected because iOS 8 is still new and has room for improvement and bug fixes.
It could be because you were using it a lot, or if it was running in the background to upload or download content.
After you’ve disabled location services for all apps, you identify which apps such as navigation apps should use location services and enabled them individually. Tap on the app, you should see the While Using the App, tap on it if you want the app to use location services only while using the app.

Launch the Settings app, scroll down and tap on Brightness & Wallpaper and set Auto-Brightness to On. At worst, this kind of discharging supposedly shortens the lifespan of a lithium-ion battery. The apps listed here automatically refresh content when your phone is on Wi-fi or using cellular data in the background.
As a normal user, you would obviously choose Auto-Brightness option from Display & Brightness in Settings. If you have an old iPhone that had been running the latest version of iOS 7, it included several updates from Apple that have fixed bugs and optimized battery life. When Apple updates iOS each year, they make significant changes and developers have to modify the coding of their apps to come in compliance. That services is phenomenal and could mean the difference between losing and finding a $650 iPhone 6 you left behind at a bar or restaurant. These should help and won’t impact your overall iPhone experience, other than being able to use it longer throughout your day. By releasing software at the same time, it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on their developers to ship by a set date.
In this article we are going to show you how to improve the battery life of your Apple devices with iOS 8. You can try restoring from your backup after the update, but if the problem returns you will want to do this again without restoring from backup. This will ensure that the app will access your location only when it or one of its features are visible on the screen. As you can see below, iOS 8 also tells you the the App Store app is using location services to “find relevant apps nearby”.
Please note that by disabling this feature, your iPhone will join known Wi-Fi networks automatically, but you will have to manually select a network if no known networks are available. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.
Turn off the apps that consume more battery and you can preserve battery life of your iPhone. Turn your mobile on Airplane Mode from Control Center; swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone and tap on Airplane Mode. Many users have found the latest Apple software, while bringing important bug fixes also came packaged with problems – on of the most annoying being a quick battery drain issue. In some cases, this includes supporting new features like widgets, but others are just updating their apps to keep them optimized and stable for iOS 8. An application that is topping the charts might not indicate a problem, but rather how you use your iPhone. This is a feature that allows apps to refresh their content when on WiFi or cellular in the background.
Even if an app isn’t used for mapping, finding restaurants or checking in, it can be used to tag your location for a social app like Facebook or Twitter.
Over time, enabling notifications across all of your apps can present a number of problems. You can be sure that before the iPhone 6 was even announced, developers were already hard at work on updates to iOS 8. Doing this will stop you from zooming in on the screen but at least your iPhone battery will last longer. If you and your phone are in a Weak Signal Zone, your phone will make extra efforts to check more than one mobile towers, and this will burn more battery. Going from an old iPhone to a shiny new iPhone 6 will often result in your head down and power on.
First off, it can be incredibly disruptive to your work day, having to continuously look down at your iPhone.
As an interesting side-note, Apple updated iOS 8 wallpapers for the still category, but didn’t add any dynamic wallpapers. While the beta testing period helps Apple pinpoint problems, the public release is so widely adopted that it can certainly help unearth potential problems. Your mobile uses a range of sensors; these sensors adjust your screen according to different brightness and light conditions. While Apple rates the new iPhones as having greater battery life than their predecessors, more use always translates to a quicker dispersal of your battery. Take a look at your usage list and cross reference it with apps that have Background App Refresh enabled.
Using my Foursquare example above, I’m not so certain I want the trade-off of having the app take anything from my battery.
Maybe setup a routine to update apps every night, when you’re close to a power source? If you toggle that option to ‘On’ (green), your iPhone will naturally adjust the brightness depending upon your location. Speaking from experience, my iPhone 6 Plus usage during the launch weekend was anything but typical. There are a myriad of reasons why with each upgrade or new iPhone, it makes sense to setup as new.
I’m not saying you have to do something crazy like turning off all notifications, but at a minimum, turn off notifications where you absolutely do not need them. If there are lingering issues affecting the battery, you’re carrying them over to the new phone or operating system. Using the steps outlined, take a methodical approach, with the help of Apple’s new Battery Usage monitor. Here are some tried and true ways to improve your battery life and make use of the new Battery Usage options available to you in iOS 8.
When combined with our battery saving tips, you’ll be on your way to getting the most from your iPhone.
You can stop this by toggling Auto-Brightness OFF and start managing the brightness manually from the Control Center of your iPhone. Find out when Microsoft's new cross-buy program is scheduled to hit Xbox Live and the Windows 10 Store.
I was quick to show off its beautiful screen by firing up Netflix and view photos, videos from my personal collection. However, when you are trying to remove potential problems, why not start with a clean slate. I can say unequivocally that my usage patterns were drastically different and more battery intensive. It’s filled with hassles, like re-entering passwords, getting apps downloaded and getting things organized.
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