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After rebooting several times and trying a handful of troubleshooting solutions, I discovered this to be a fairly common issue with users who updated iOS through on-device OTA updates, though there doesn’t seem to be much explanation as to the cause. Before proceeding you should perform a quick manual back up through iCloud or iTunes just in case something goes wrong. This worked wonders for my 3rd gen iPad and battery life is now back to the 10+ hours I had before the update. I also got the same problem for my iPhone 4s, however, I figured it out that the location service always locating me, so the battery keeping on draining so fast. I have found that deleting the Exchange connector and re-adding it is a possible quick fix. I am sorry for the question that I am about to make but what do you mean when you refer to deleting the Exchange Connector? You are right…it all went downhill after the intel chips and the ability to dual boot with Windows.
The update turned my friends bluetooth on and it didn’t show up on the status only in the settings menu.
Note the ISPW files are significantly larger than the delta updates available through OTA software update, and are generally best used by advanced users. Losing the split keyboard animation is bad, now it’s hard to tell when the keys are going to split and suddenly they just break apart when you lift the keyboard halfway up the screen. To display the version number you are using of iOS, it looks like you now have to go into Settings > Software Update. I just tried to downgrade from 4S sprint phone from the 6.0 and I keep getting software not compatible. Stupid stupid stupid and yes wth is it that my ipod finds wifi but now my iphone takes hours to find the same signal. Is it the case that after the release of 6.0, iTunes automatically deletes the old update file?
If you don’t know how to use IPSW files, you should just update with iTunes or on the device itself using over-the-air downloads.

It seems with the new update on accessing the camera that anyone could flip through all your photos.
The photos are only accessible from the locked screen if you phone has not reached the Auto-Lock timer. It gives a warning before you update with the itunes update version, so even your texting will be needing to be reset manually. You are better off downloading directly from the iPod touch using OTA update: Open Settings, tap on General, tap on Software Update, and install from there. My Iphone is jailbroken, is it OK to update the ios directly from the iphone using software update? Check out the Gear Live Tools that let you integrate Gear Live into your site and add Google features. This process resets all iOS device settings, meaning you will have to re-enter Wi-Fi passwords, auto-fill info, Apple ID, etc. If you’re still having problems you can try some of our past tips on improving and maximizing battery life for iDevices. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
Why even bother with the “quick manual backup” if you have to setup the device as new?
Used redsn0w to deactivate the phone followed by activating with the micro sim via iTunes and charging for an hour past 100%.
The official changelog is listed below, and the software update is recommended to install for all iOS users. However, do a search for redsn0w, the newest version allows you to downgrade, PROVIDED you have the .shsh blobs.
With a lock you can still open up the camera app to take photos, but you cannot see any other pictures on the phone. I have stopped getting any notifications with my texting apps even though my settings say all badges and alerts are on… Every time I update, I always have a problem… Help?

It worked fine with the double click prior to the update… anyone esle have this issue? But when I press shift+update and select the ipsw file I downloaded, it says it is not compatible. I have tried everything from resetting the history, the cookies, and the cache but still doesn’t work! This is obviously something it's aggressively trying to fix, and releasing quick beta updates certainly helps in that process.
This is only simple and quick if you haven’t customized iOS and app settings, synced a large music and video library, arranged screen and folder layouts, etc. Keyboard Dictionary and Location Warnings are also new in there too, don’t remember seeing those before! For the bandwidth conscious, the OTA update on device is the leanest, with the update weighing in around 45MB. For what it's worth, we installed the original beta yesterday, and noticed an immediate and significant improvement in the battery life on an iPhone 4S. Gear Live graphics, logos, designs, page headers, button icons, videos, articles, blogs, forums, scripts and other service names are the trademarks of Gear Live Inc.
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That’s a significant increase even though I’m using my iPhone in the same way as I was before this update!

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