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This is the first year that Samsung has employed a unibody design in its flagship Galaxy S line sealing the smartphones completely.
Here are some of the tips to help you fix Galaxy S6 battery issues; these tips also work on Galaxy S6 edge and other Android flagships as well.
It is always recommended to restart your gadgets if you are facing any kind of performance, battery, or heating issues before resorting to any other solutions.
In times when you are in no need of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth services, NFC, GPS, or even the cellular data, never forget to turn these services off. We don’t necessarily need the location services unless we are using maps or any other app using the location. This is a very simple solution to speeding up your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge  with more impact on performance than the battery itself. Receiving notifications for every single app is not only annoying but also eats up resources of both data, battery and the processing speed. If none of the above tips work for your smartphone, it is time to go for the last resort: factory resetting Galaxy S6.
The first one of these limits the maximum CPU performance, reduce brightness, and do other such small things here and there to increase the Galaxy S6 battery life. The Ultra power saving mode, on the other hand, is designed to be enabled at the very critical times when you need to save every drop of the battery juice. Both of these do work so use them when you are out of home and need to save on the battery as much as you can.
Various users over at forums are reporting that their Galaxy S6’s battery is draining very fast somehow, and the main cause identified with this is installation of TWRP recovery or root. Open CPUspy, then leave the device powered on but with screen off for 5 mins, and then open CPYspy again and see the deep sleep percentage, should be more 0% to confirm that it’s back, and would help you keep battery drain in check. Close the redundant running appsMany apps are there in your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge those keep running on the background even if you do not use them.
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If you own a Samsung galaxy S6 or S6 edge, then you have listened about battery drain and deep sleep issue, don’t worry this problem exists only on some devices that have been rooted using Auto-Root method or installed TWRP custom recovery.
We have a good news for you, you can fix it easily now and there is two method for how to fix battery drain and deep sleep issue on your Samsung galaxy S6 and galaxy S6 edge. Hey Aton I have a rooted galaxy s6 edge and i do not have custom recovery installed so i tried method 1 however you cannot copy and paste in the terminal emulator, any help?
So what should I really do, which method should I follow, Does it void the warranty like I’ve heard?. Samsung did a lot right with the Galaxy S6 but some people are having trouble with the battery life. Samsung has had a history of putting removable batteries in their smartphones for years and it was very surprising to see this changed with the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. I used to be like a lot of people and didn’t feel like I needed a replaceable battery but once you get used to having this luxury, it is hard to go back to not having it. The first thing we need to do is find out exactly what is causing the excessive battery drain.
The more you can learn about how your smartphone is performing throughout the day the easier it is to figure out what is causing the excessive battery drain. We all use our smartphones differently and you should never expect to get the same amount of screen on time(SoT) as someone else. The first thing that you should do is try to see if there are any obvious rogue applications or games that are causing the excessive battery drain. This list is ordered in a top down way so that the applications and games(and some hardware like the screen) that are using the most of your battery will be up at the top. So, if you see an application like Facebook, Spotify or any other app reaching the top of our Battery Usage list then you might want to look into that application.
It can be as easy as uninstalling and then reinstalling the application to fix the trouble.
Sometimes it is hardware that is ruining your battery life and Location Services can be the culprit. Lastly, there is an option called Device Only and in this mode we notice that the only thing that is used to grab your location is the GPS module. Just like with Location Services, if you really need this feature then you certainly shouldn’t be disabling it.
There are some other options here that you can toggle and tweak to see if it helps your overall battery life. Bluetooth doesn’t have very many settings, but it can still be a major battery drain for various reasons. Doing that might help to get rid of any bad cache or data that was causing the issue and this will allow you to continue using your favorite Bluetooth device too.
We’ve talked a lot about various ways that we can increase the battery life of the Galaxy S6 but the issue might go deeper than an app or some services.
If you are unable to find any obvious things that are draining the battery life on your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge then the next best thing is to find out how to reduce the battery drain on your device. No single tip or suggestion for improving the battery life will work for everyone so you will need to do trial and error tests to see what works and what doesn’t. Things are improving with each and ever version of Android, but unless Google bolts everything down and restricts all the amazing customization and powerful applications that we have, then we’ll probably always have this battery life issue on Android.
Use the comments below to tell me if anything here helped or if you are still experiencing excessive battery drain on your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. There’s also a big battery drain which plagues my S6, as well as many others according to XDA forums even if they dont know it at first, which is the 4G LTE Enhanced Voice option in Data Connection settings. As a side project, I've been working on a website to display the hundreds of Android application and game sales available in Google Play. Click the Play Store Sales logo above to see what is currently on sale, as well as a list of which apps and games that used to cost money but are now free to download. Weekly NewsletterGet a summary of Android Explained articles delivered right to your inbox once per week. You will not be sent any spam and your information will not be sold, traded, or given away. While it was always possible to change the batteries of your Galaxy S phones when they start fussing up, it won’t be possible any longer. These services slow down the devices by constantly updating and hence draining battery life. You won’t find in the default option but you can always find one online or create one for yourself. Make efficient use of notifications and disable them for apps you don’t require notifications for.

It doesn’t stop you from using anything, it simply cuts down on fancy things like vibration and screen on-time. This mode brings your device to a grayscale theme along with limiting the number of apps you can use. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. We need to flash this recovery.img file on your Galaxy S6 to get deep sleep working back, and we need root access for this. I have to think that they could have made the build quality just as good as it is not, but still found a way to put a removable battery inside it. I’ve been using the LG G3 for so long, and I am a heavy user of Android, so I am literally swapping out the battery once per day in order to keep my device powered up.
The more we know about our Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, the more solutions that we can adjust the device to squeeze as much battery power from it. Just because Mary Jane on Reddit says that they can get 5 hours of screen on time doesn’t mean that you should be able to get 5 hours as well. The screen of a smartphone almost always uses the most of our batteries and if that isn’t how it is shown at the end of the day then you should look into what is going on. It could also be fixed by going in and clearing the application cache too, but it could also be very difficult and you might need to disable the application altogether. As we can see from the image above, this is what the Location Services page looks like and we have a couple of things that we can test out here. There’s an option here called Battery Saving and this mode eliminates the GPS component from the location services and only uses WiFi and mobile network towers to try to figure out where you are.
So in this mode, Android will not use any WiFi or mobile network tower data to find out where you are located. Not everyone needs WiFi on all the time and keeping it on when there is no need for it can really use a lot of the Galaxy S6 battery. Sometimes fixing this battery drain for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge is as easy as unpairing the various Bluetooth devices and then pairing them again. Still, this might not help to fix the issue and you might find that disabling Bluetooth altogether is the only thing that fixes the battery drain issues that you’re experiencing. Most people don’t even use NFC at all so there really is no reason at all to even have it enabled. Performing a factory reset on the Galaxy S6 is one the first things you might want to do after you first buy your device.
A lot of people will refuse to put in the effort to find out what is causing the issue with their phone and I honestly can’t blame them. If you have root access to the Galaxy S6, then finding out what is causing the battery life drain is a lot easier with applications like BetterBatteryStats. Powered by a 2,550 mAh battery, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge sport a power consuming Quad HD display, high-end Exynos 7 octa core processing chipset and other such top notch features. Simply turn these off from the Settings whenever you don’t need them and make a habit of only switching them on when you actually need these services. Power cycling this way helps in getting accurate battery usage data and is good for your battery maintenance too. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page.
The battery of Galaxy S6 variants is 2550mAh but the Quad HD display, top notch features and octa core exynos 7 processor require good battery power. After the communications (wifi, radio, GPS) third party apps are the main reason for draining battery. My phone has been rooted, was done by the guys at the shop when I wanted mines unlocked to all network. Sure, it would have been difficult to allow this with the exact same design as it is now, but they could have changed things up a little. Write down the percentages at various moments during the day if you need to and see what is going on. For example, if you find that you are losing the most battery life while browsing a specific website, then the issue might be with the browser you are using. There are so very many variables that result in the amount of screen on time(and overall battery life) on our smartphones that is almost impossible to allow everyone to get the same numbers.
The way that we check is to launch the Settings application and then looking for the Battery option. The graph just shows us how our battery was drained throughout the day and this is a great way to find trouble spots.
Another thing that I wanted to point out here is that Google Services is showing up in the list. For example, if you are using Facebook for 4 hours a day then it is natural to see it at or close to the top of the list. This is a tough choice to make because you should be able to use any application that you want, but if one single application like Spotify or Facebook is making it so that you can’t enjoy the phone then disabling it or uninstalling it might be the best choice.
So this option will use less battery juice, but it will also give you less accurate data in your applications and services that want to know where you are located. Depending on your daily usage, like how often you are near WiFi networks, this might be the best option for you to go with. If you dive into the Settings application, go into the WiFi section and then go into the Advanced WiFi Settings, we have a lot of things to tweak here.
This is a good thing to do with any extra TouchWiz feature on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. If this does fix the battery drain then you’ll have to think about ways to reduce the amount of time that you have Bluetooth enabled. On top of that, some have said that disabling NFC has increased their battery life on Android 5.x Lollipop.
It can be hassle to set everything back up and the longer you use a phone the more time it takes to set everything back up.
All of these things can help to extend the overall battery life that you get when using your Galaxy S6 throughout the day. If someone has a busy life and doesn’t think optimizing software is fun at all then they will not want to try any of these tests.
I hope that Google will make this data available without requiring root access, but until then this is what we have to work with. I have to keep it off, otherwise my phone will die half way through the day even with low usage. Go to your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge Settings and in the battery session, look at what apps are eating out the most of your battery life. After that, open the CPUspy app and see the percentage under Deep Sleep (just above the total state time, scroll down for this), if you see anything else than 0%, it means deep sleep is working on your S6.

So navigate to the Settings of your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge and then battery seesion, then see what all the apps are consuming more battery life.If you see some particular apps are the culprits, then either uninstall them or force close them.
My device is new and never been touch in terms of Hacking or modifiyng the internal firmware. This is hidden within the Settings menu and you can either find it manually, or you can simply search with the new Lollipop search feature.
For example, you might see aggressive battery drain from certain parts of the day and that is a great way to help you isolate the issue of battery drain. However, if you never log into Facebook or if you only used it a few times that day and it is still at the top of the list then something is wrong. In Facebook’s example, it might be better for you to just use the website instead of the application. There are usually a few options that we have to pick from and each one has their own advantages and disadvantages.
This is usually the best option for those who don’t really use their phone to pinpoint their location for things like navigation and such. Again, it won’t be as accurate as High Accuracy, but it can be good enough for a lot of people. The two options shown above, Keep WiFi on During Sleep and Always Allow Scanning, can eat up your Galaxy S6 battery life like there’s no tomorrow. If you find this then you’ll have to make a choice and figure out if using that device is worth losing all the battery life that comes with it. This could have a lot to do with applications that are trying to use NFC all the time, but it could just be a simple bug within the Android software. Thankfully, Samsung has a piece of software called Samsung Kies that can be installed on the computer. This is why a lot of people just go with the iPhone because most of the time they won’t have to worry about stuff like this. Here is how you can fix Galaxy S6 battery problems with simple and easy tips without having to lament over the impossibility of changing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery. If you see 0% of deep sleep, then it’s clear that the battery drain caused on your Galaxy S6 is because of installation of TWRP recovery, or rooting.
However, here are some tips following which you can solve the Galaxy S6 faster battery drain issue and it will remove the impossibility of battery changing.
For the important apps you can reinstall them to see the result.Turn off communications when they are not in useDo not forget to turn off the Bluetooth service, Wifi, GPS, cellular data and NFC when you are not using them. The thing is, if you can’t even get through one day with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, then it starts to lose its appeal.
Things like location services, GMS(which is how we get a lot of our notifications) and so much more. A popular option here is called High Accuracy and it uses both GPS, WiFi and mobile network towers to help triangulate exactly where you are. Some of us really like having WiFi on ‘during sleep'(aka while the screen is off and the device is locked).
Either way, disabling NFC is another thing that you should test out and see if it helps to increase your overall battery life on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Installing this, connecting the Galaxy S6 to the PC with a micro USB cable and then launching Kies will allow you to backup all of your important data(things like contacts, accounts, etc). Again, I don’t blame them and that is one of the sacrifices that we must make to have Android be as powerful of an OS as it is.
These services not only drain the battery faster but also slow down the performance of your phone by constantly updating. Do you see your Galaxy S6 battery draining the most while playing games, watching movies or browsing the web? This can be fixed by trying a different browser, or checking to see if said website has an application that can be used. This will bring you to a page that shows both a graph as well as a list of what is using the most of your battery.
If Google Services is at the top then it can be a double-edged sword because while it does help, it is very vague and it can be tough to pinpoint the exact cause.
If I saw Spotify at the top of my Battery Usage list, beating the Screen, then I would start to look into the Spotify application. While this generally gives you the best and most accurate location data, it can also be a drain on your battery life. Google Now has some amazing features that use your location, but not everyone uses Google Now.
Backup your data with Samsung Kies and then try doing a factory reset to see if that fixes the battery life issue that you are experiencing. Turn off them by going to Settings and only turn them on when you need to use those services.Restart your deviceIt is always suggested to restart your phone when any type of issue such as battery drain, performance, overheating or camera issue is occurring before you proceed with other solutions. You could also try to get into the habit of only enabling location when you need it(like when launching the Maps application). To restart your phone hold the power key, it might solve the problem temporarily.Deactivate location servicesIf you are not using maps or any apps like that then there is no need to use location services.
Just like when comparing screen on time, you should always look at your own use case before blinding listening to advice like this. I think the best thing would be to test and see if it is something that you could live without.
If it is, then disable both of them, if you really need one or both, then definitely keep them.
Disable location services going to Settings.Remove the unused appsThis is one of the best solutions for Galaxy S6 battery drain issue.
Try to delete the larger games that take huge space, do not worry the information for most of the games like Temple run is saved in the Game Center, so you do not need to start from the scratch if you want to play them again.Battery charge cycleIt is important to let your phone go through a charge cycle atleast once in a month. That means charge the battery 100% and use the phone until it is switched off because of low battery. It is good for the battery maintenance and to get exact battery usage data.Disable notificationsGetting notifications for every app is not only irritating but also consumes battery and processing speed. Power saving mode reduces brightness, limits CPU performance, and takes care of other small things to improve the battery life. It let you use the phone without any fancy things like screen on time and vibration.You can enable ultra power saving mode at the critical time when every drop of battery matters a lot.

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