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After buying Apple’s latest Smartphone, many of you would be experiencing battery drain issues. You should know that some of the battery cases out there can make your iPhone 5 a bit heavy and bulky because of additional battery but this is a small sacrifice you’ve to make to get the most out of your device. On and off power button on the case let you easily control when to give your phone extra power. Whenever people ask us about reliable and cheap external battery pack, we recommend iCarrier from New Trent. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. RAVPower Dynamo-On-the-Go External Battery Charger: this battery extender has a 5600mAh battery inside. Lenmar Meridian iPhone 5 Case: another case that protects your device and adds to its battery life. Thank You Very Much For Your Excellent Service And Speedy Despatch, The Charger Arrived Today. We provide high quality non branded products manufactured as a compatible replacement designed to match the performance of the original branded version.

Similarly, juice packs can help in boosting your phone power and they let you browser web or watch movies even after hours of extensive use. There are some complaints that this device from Apple doesn’t even get through the whole day on a single charge but this problem can be expected in many latest phones with 4G and LTE capabilities.
This information will be helpful later in our article because it’ll tell you that how many times a battery pack can recharge your phone. This device when fully charged has the capability to completely recharge your iPhone 5 six times.
Therefore, you shouldn’t worry much and try to save power by turning off these and other features when not in use. If headphone jack opening is a deal breaker for you then you should buy Meridian instead of PowerSlate.
It means that you can use your Apple phone for almost a week without worrying about power switch or lightning to USB cable. Picking up a battery extender or emergency charger would allow you to use your phone even when you are stuck on the road. If you need your phone to run for longer when you are on the road, getting a battery extender for it is a good idea.

However, this is subject to minor change by our manufacturer so we cannot guarantee that the details shown on this page will be 100% accurate.
We also recommend our readers to buy one of the below mentioned battery packs and cases to overcome these drain issues. You can charge it by using USB cable with power supply adapter which comes with the package. A decent battery extender can keep your device running for longer and could even get you unstuck in emergency situations. It has a 2000 mAh battery and a solar panel, so you can generate power for your phone on the go.

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