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Keeping the original DIY sticky thread up to date has always been a challenge for moderators, This thread is an attempt at resolving that by letting members update the DIY list on their own.
3- If the mod hasn't been posted yet, create a new thread on this forum and come here to add your entry. Meaning, I have to drive maybe 5 miles, to make it to I-5 or major cleared roads, and then back again.

Enables the radios to be used from a 12-13.8VDC power source (cigarette lighter plug, portable 12V power kit, etc). Fault codes, coilpacks, 02 sensors, EDL and ASR, Oil, battery, engine mounts, bushings, bearings and hubs, axles, fuel filter. While they may only happen once or twice a year, and only for up to 3 days at a time, it makes the roads impossible since we don't have plows or winter tires too often.

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