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Battery packs can cost more than $10,000, which is one of the biggest reasons electric cars cost more than conventional gas-powered cars.
Much work remains, however, before the batteries can be used in commercial electric vehicles. GM and battery maker LG Chem, which is using some aspects of the technology in the Chevrolet Volt, may incorporate other technology from Argonne in batteries for the next generation of the car.
Using the Argonne material as a starting point, the researchers systematically tested variations of the material design to help increase its practical operating voltage (a powerful way to improve energy density) and to deal with a known issue with the material: a tendency of one of its components, manganese, to move out of the electrode and dissolve in the battery electrolyte, reducing storage capacity over time.
Clean Fuel Connection is leading the charge in alternative fuels with strong support in the electric vehicle and compressed natural gas industries.

The plan, unveiled at the 2009 North American International Auto Show, signals the next phase in Ford’s commitment to deliver the best or among the best fuel efficiency with every new vehicle it introduces and to make fuel efficiency solutions affordable for millions of customers.
Among other things, the number of times they can be charged and recharged must be more than doubled.
The DOE has come under fire after giving loan guarantees to some companies that later declared bankruptcy. To achieve these goals, the researchers added trace elements to the material and developed coatings to keep the manganese from escaping.
We have been consulting, installing and distributing ev chargers since 1999 for cities, businesses and home owners.

If the technology comes to fruition, it could halve the cost of batteries—the most expensive part on an electric vehicle.

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