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By chance are you using any charger or cord other than the official ones that came with phone? Originally Posted by Christos Terzis Can you please tell me where you got the APK fromt md? Forum Samsung Android Phones More Samsung Phones Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Sudden huge battery drain. We also had a problem with one of the chargers in that it didn't charge the tablets at all, so I'm wondering if the defective charger has somehow had an impact on the batteries before we realised it was defective? Hi I suffered the same problem, what I did was opening my tablet and unplugged the battery for an hour, after that it was back to normal! I'd read this this on another forum before you posted, but only left the battery disconnected for a few minutes. Good to hear it worked out, there might be better tablets around, but my 5100 is the perfect allround package, telephone, note taker and tablet in one. When you folks unplugged the battery, did that force you into the stock factory setup, or does the chip retain all user data.
Originally Posted by blitz118 If you feel it's draining your battery, then remove it, and use another browser.
I did get some goofy knox message when I first got my phone, so I suspect something related to that (or the NSA phoning home when not on wifi). Here's some of the things I tried (as referenced in this thread I started, before I realized it was a wifi vs.
So, I guess my revised advice is not to upgrade to kit kat unless you are willing to wipe it if things go off the rails.

No, I upgraded and all was perfect, only I thought I could do better, so I wiped and started again, but it was the same. And, don't forget the biggie: to disable the wake-up voice within s-voice and the google widget!
By the way , DND mode just stops notifications, it doesn't help your battery at all(people may quibble that stopping vibration will help battery life slightly, but not to any noticeable amount).
RCD3063 Magic Mirror Tachometer is a kindof synchronized tachometer, it is an instrument applied human eyes’ persistence characteristic combined nowadays high technologyi??electronic shutter to realize static object photograph, the appearance and design related to the product has been patented and copy right protected. The synchronized measurement method won’tbe limited by the distance between the tachometer and the measured target, itcan measure RPM very precisely no matter the distance is more than 10 meters or tens ofmeters, it can also measure RPM of the rotating tiny target so small as 5mm in diameter. The red button is not only a functionalbutton but also a button for power, press down the red button under the stateof shut off, the tachometer is powered, you can see the RPM data saved lasttime, press the red button, and five sets of latest RPM test data can be checked.
Double pressed the red button, the high bright flash light turns on, the numbers and characters on the screen is alsoflash displayed, the high bright flash light turns off when the red button is double pressed again. As soon as the battery icon appears on the top right corner of the LCD screen, it indicates the battery needs to be changed, One CR2032 is applied; under dim environments, High flash performance can be achieved if LIR2030 battery applied. It's been a long long time since I've visited, coz I was in a euphoric stage with the Note 2 we all love. One of them has always had a shorter battery life than the other and I put this down to it being used more.
Diddy Posts 66,673 Posts Global Posts 66,710 Global Posts Re: Sudden huge battery drain. I am tempted to do this if I don't lose anything, if it forces a factory reset I am tempted to wait for Kitkat first and see if that helps, went from 100 percent to 65% in 30 minutes last night, those 30 minutes were heavy wifi for updates I had not done for a week but still, both my Notes 10.1 (2014 and old style) would not have dipped below 90%.

As soon as it is switched, P+ is displayed, and then the referenced RPM sets, for example: the first set is displayed P01, the fifth set is displayed P05, so it is easy for RPM comparison between two or more than two targetobjects.
Knox really is working constantly and I have noticed that when I use the phone battery consumption is normal, but when I let it sleep it drains like mad. It has recently been losing battery life very quickly losing about 60% in a matter of minutes.
I noticed yesterday that the other Note 8.0 we have (bought at the same time) is having very similar battery behaviour now, but with the battery consumption going UP by large amounts as well as down - very odd. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads The next generation Phone nerds, it's time to start caring about Huawei Unlocked!!! Both are working a lot better now as you can see from the screenshot (mostly standby, but still a lot more hours use than before).
Until Google released an update to Google Play Services which in the update notes stated it addressed battery drain issues. Once I downloaded the APK (I could have waited for the update to be pushed but wanted a fix now) and installed it, the effects were instantly noticeable.

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