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Ever since we got our grubby paws on the iPhone 6 Plus on Friday, we’ve been experiencing an excessive battery drain issue which is also causing extra heat as well. We’re not alone in our battery woes, as numerous others have stated their own problems within this Apple Support Communities thread. The culprit is most likely iOS 8, as initial releases always come filled with some sort of battery draining bug. We suspected our iCloud backup downloading images to our Photo Library was causing the drain, but the backup has been completed ages ago and we’re still seeing horrible battery life. Next up, we’ll try a complete restore and setup the iPhone 6 Plus as new to see if that might fix the problem, but most likely a new version of iOS 8 will do the job.
Are you seeing any battery drain or excessive heat issues with your iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6? Since iOS 8 my iPhone 5, which due to those measures and my light usage habits typically started the day at 100% and ended it at 80%, has been going down to 60% or even 50% by the end of the day. Well on my iphone 5S since IOS 8 update, I can clearly say that I have a battery drain issue. Yep is hidden deep; mine was showing 26% till I found that lame feature which I promptly disabled.
I’m seeing a lot of drain on my iPhone 5 since installing IOS 8 — as you say, first release! It would be understandable if iOS 8 was giving issues with older gen models… but a new gen suffering from this is unacceptable! Try that Gary I got my plus on Friday and set it up as new rather than restore from my old 5.
My iPhone 6 has been great since launch, untill two days ago, when my battery would drain in a major way, even without any usage at all! Have you updated your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to iOS 8.1 but experiencing battery drain or hot to the touch?
It is advisable that you turn the screen off and let the iPhone finish whatever it’s doing after the update.

Users should also check their iPhone’s location based reminders and background refresh settings to make sure the iOS 8.1 update did not change these settings. If all fails, try to run a backup first and then erase all documents and settings and then followed by restoring from backup. These possible fixes are recommendation and there are always some possibilities that the problem won’t be fixed. Apple may need to get more serious about iOS 8 beta testing as more and more users are reporting huge battery consumption levels with their shiny new iPhone 6 devices. A number of early iPhone 6 adopters are reporting severe battery drainage with their new handsets, especially those who are wielding Plus models.
For example, a user identified as svenpav on Apple Support Communities claims his phone exhibited severe power drainage until he decided to turn off WiFi calling. On a separate thread, user Jonjiking claims to have noticed battery drain after applying iOS 8.1, a firmware update that actually promised to alleviate all the woes reported up to that point. The problem may not fully reside in iOS 8 itself, but also in the data restore following the upgrade. Apple has so far remained mum on any potential battery issues, but we’ve been able to confirm at least one problem in the power management department that may be tied to iOS exclusively. Why the f**k does Apple even release 4-5 beta versions when in the end such major problems aren’t resolved! However, I still have the issue of my Usage and my Standby Time being the same on my phone, so I think I’ll restore as new and set it up from scratch. This is why you wait for a little longer before buying every Apple product right after it hits the shelves: To allow time for prices to go down and the quality to go up. Hope you all can get your phones working though in all respect to your purchase and choice. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic!
For most cases, it would do the latter but there are always some percentage of iPhone users out there who will experience trouble when updating to the latest iOS.

In some extreme cases, users were noticing the battery percentage indicator dropping in a real-time manner. This could be one of the reasons why it’s using so much battery and when the CPU load is high, it will make the device warmer.
It also’s highly recommended that whenever you update your iPhone, do it on your computer via iTunes instead of using the OTA (Over-the-Air) update. However, if one of the solutions above remedied the issue, please don’t forget to leave your comments, +1, Like or Tweet this post!
It’s somewhat ironical, considering that the device promises more battery life thanks to a larger battery.
It may be that these users simply need to perform a fresh restore and start anew by adjusting all their settings manually again, re-downloading their favorite apps, and storing their photos and videos on an external medium until they’ve finished the setup. Battery drain is the worst bug… App crashes etc would be even acceptable to an extent!
Your solution is to go to the Apple Store, replace your device, and set it up as a new phone. Thew iOS 8.1 update which was just released earlier this week, is designed to fix some issues found on the previous version mainly connectivity problems with WiFi and Bluetooth, some minor enhancements and of course the return of Camera Roll which everyone missed. However, these people are reporting an experience that’s very different from the one advertised by Apple.
Some users who were experiencing warm iPhone were able to fix it after doing a hard reboot.

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