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LG’s latest and greatest flagship, the G3, was heavily leaked before its official unveiling in London this week, and as a result, we pretty much knew what to expect ahead of time. In fact, it was a bit like the HTC One (M8) launch announcement – most of the key details, specs and even images were available well ahead of launch day, but as I noted in our quick hands-on with the device on launch night, sometimes the specs on paper don’t match up with the real-world performance.
It’s still only been a few days since I got my hands on one, and it’s a pre-finalized Korean model at that – so I was warned the battery life might not be the same as the UK version, due to being optimized for Korean networks.
While the core hardware and most of the software experiences will remain the same for the US and European models, the version we looked at here was pre-loaded with services for the Korean market. So it’s with little surprise that LG failed to make much of an impact on the wider global market with its LG G2 – it was a solid device in many ways, but with a premium price tag and less-than-premium finish, it’s harder to sway consumers.
Nonetheless, it provides a better finish than the all glossy plastics of the past and the fact that it’s not metal means that it can support wireless charging, which it does. Thankfully, LG has considered this too and opted for a tiny bezel around the display, which helps keep the overall size of the device down.
As well as making it possible to hold for calls, the G3 keeps the rear-mounted power and volume controls too. On other occasions, though, I was left fumbling for the power button when all I was actually doing was dirtying the camera lens with my finger smudges.
The back of the device is removable, which is always nice if your battery starts to falter. Overall, the design is an improvement over the previous generation, and the scratch-resistant shell certainly does a better job of saying ‘premium’, but that doesn’t necessarily make it much to shout about either.
We’ve talked about the size of the screen, but there’s not much point having a massive screen if it looks terrible.
With a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, images and videos look super-sharp, providing the resolution of the source material can match up to the display. I tested it with a few games too – like the graphically demanding Asphalt 8 and Riptide2 GP – and it didn’t skip a beat. The downside of this power is that the handset gets pretty warm, particularly around the power button and the camera sensor. Slightly bizarrely, purely as I haven’t seen one in so long, this G3 review model had an extendable antenna. I never come to expect too much from the inbuilt speakers in a smartphone – they’re invariably underpowered and unpleasant, with one or two rare exceptions.
Unfortunately, while LG touts a 1W speaker (with boost on-tap), the audio experience succeeds in volume alone. This is also probably a good time to mention again that I was warned ahead of time that the Korean-model device might not reveal its true battery potential when used in the UK as it’s optimized for Korean networks. Testing over a few days, I saw some variable performance depending on what I was doing with the phone. On another occasion, 13 hours after being unplugged and with the same 3 hours use (installing apps, playing games, watching Netflix), it was down to 5 percent. The camera on the G3 is a 13-megapixel affair, keeping it mostly in line with rival devices.
HTC, for example, went all out on the camera for its One (M8), but stuck with its 4-megapixel ‘Ultrapixel’ approach, plus the addition of more sensors and software options. LG has almost gone in the other direction; you won’t find the same array of tweaking options (although there are a few to give you basic image editing and filters) and the Korean manufacturer has actually simplified the UI.
I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 yesterday at company FIDO and right away I noticed problems with battery draining.
Cuando mas duele es cuando entras en el mundo smartphone, porque vienes de telefonos que duran semanas.
El desarrollador de esta aplicacion ha cumplido lo que yo pedia hace aproximadamente un ano. Ademas de eso los numeros en cada linea indican el numero de lecturas que se han tomado y han caido en ese intervalo de consumo. Por ultimo abajo nos aparece el valor medio de las lecturas, que viene a ser lo que consume nuestro telefono de media.

La verdad es que htc ha realizado muy buen trabajo en el Sensation y en modo reposo no consume nada! Por otro lado, hay veces que el movil se viene a 0 de bateria sin mas y no hay manera de saber que ha pasado o que app lo ha producido.
Hace varios meses oi en un noticiero local que apple estaba desarrollando mejoras en las baterias para que duraran varias semanas, ?Es cierto o no?, porque si es cierto, que problemon para los que no sean manzanuchos, porque si otras companias usaran eso: demandadas al instante.
Yo tambien lei esa noticia, i la de que RyanAir volaria con un solo piloto, que se haria el corredor del mediterraneo i la noticia de que IKEA abriria una tienda en Valencia… todo el mundo esta desarrollando baterias que duren semanas, otra cosa es que lo consigan i puestos a apostar por alguien yo apuesto por Panasonic (uno de los mayores especialistas del mundo en baterias) pero iApple??? Yo desde que me compre mi galaxy S2,( hace ya 2 semanas) no tengo problemas con la carga de La bateria, ya que me dura, practicamente 7 horas y poco mas, en pleno uso.[ navego en internet, leeo el EAL,omicrono, mis blogs los repaso a diario[5], escucho musica en google music, leeo las noticias AP, republic news, chateo con amigos, texteo, uso evernote para tomar notas, o grabar una idea para los blogs, y google doc [ este solo de vez en vez] y mas y la bateria ni se inmuta. Se los dijo, esta bateria rinde muy bien, sin tener que cargala cuando salgo de mi casa, para mi trabajo. Por favor que alguien responda por que mi bateria dura solo 5 horitas dandole uso normal y en 2G por queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tengo SGS AYUDA!!!!!!!! Yo he comprado la funda cargador de Samsung para SGSll , ha sido la unica solucion que he encontrado para durar 10h. Yo tengo claro que lo que hace consumir la bateria a mi LG 2x en reposo es la conexion de datos. Ahora estoy probando con programas q gestionan la conexion como juice defender pero sigo echando en falta una cosa que los ajustes del telefono no tienen tampoco, que es que se pueda poner conexion de datos solo GSM, q supongo que hara que el consumo sea menor y aun asi me enterare si me entra un whatsapp, ?o estoy equivocado? Pues yo recomiendo Battery Spy, tiene una grafica muy util en la que aparece el porcentaje de gasto de bateria, voltaje, temperatura, y ademas es gratis.
Hola q tal yo tambien tengo un problema con la bateria con mi HTC sense se descarga luego de 6 horas y eso que no utilizo casi ninguna app desearia que dure mas. The HTC One (M8) has one, the iPhone 5s is metal and Samsung has been making efforts to make its 2014 devices look less plasticky than previous generations. In reality this means it’s a polycarbonate combined with a layer of scratch-resistant material. Often they’re uncomfortable to hold in one hand, and one-handed operation is virtually impossible.
It’s certainly a lot easier to hold when making calls than the Note 3, which admittedly has a 5.7-inch display. The buttons are a little smaller and flatter than before, which is a bonus. You’ll ultimately have to spend a little time getting used to them if you haven’t owned the predecessor, if doesn’t necessarily come naturally at first. The 1W speaker is on the rear of the phone, so you’d likely tend towards laying it face down when listening to music or a podcast, which means you also have easy access to the volume controls.
There’s no need to worry on this front though, it’s one of the standout features of the handset – in every sense.
Under-the-bonnet there’s a quad-core 2.5Ghz Snapdragon 801 processor powering things, so performance is sprightly and you’re not left waiting for apps to open. Combining that beautiful, generously-sized screen with glitch-free graphics makes for a pretty rewarding gaming experience. And I’m not that much of a mobile gamer. The signal seems fine (even without extending the mammoth aerial), but the other person’s voice always sounded a bit distant.
With such a large display, it’s obviously going to have an impact on the overall longevity. For example, on one occasion, the battery reported 89 percent charge seven hours after being removed from the plug – which included just an hour of use.
You can probably guess the point at which I started playing games in the graph above, and equally unsurprisingly, the image below shows the main culprits for that drain. Instead of showing all the capture options on-screen as you take a shot there’s almost nothing.
I'll be charging my phone this night and will come back to you tomorrow evening to tell you if all those changes help! My battery last between 20 to 30 hours on average every day with about an hour of gaming, about 50 emails, some texting and a small amount of talking. Ya pronto llegamos a un nuevo Mobile World Congress, y volveremos a ver las novedades que tendremos este ano.

Todos estos datos mejoran su precision con el tiempo, ya que tendremos mas datos y seran cada vez mas concretos. Lo cargas al 100%, lo miras de vez en cuando a lo largo de 6 horas de clase y solo baja al 90%.
Si no muestra cual es la app en segundo plano que esta devorando la bateria, ?de que sirve?
Se que en los galaxy, pro ejemplo, si que se puede pero en el 2X no, ni con froyo ni ya con ginger. We’d expect the other variants to come pre-loaded with more appropriate services for their respective regions.
It also keeps the same ‘floating arc’ design language as seen in previous models, which also helps when it comes to actually holding it. In our testing – brace for the lack of surprise – you’ll need to charge this phone every day, but with a little attention it should get your through a waking day without a problem.
Later the same day, it was down to 30 percent after 15 hours with just over 3 hours of use.
I'm not sure if i'm in the good forum but here is my problem: this is my first ever smartphone and I have noticed, in a few hours of use, that the battery would drop 1% every few minutes, even though I barely use it. I had the Amazon App store running and whenever it was running in the background my battery would drain really fast (about 20-30% an hour).
Pensad que ha cubierto sus necesidades, su objetivo no era que esta aplicacion revolucione al publico.
Por cada 1% de bateria perdido, se crea una entrada, que nos muestra la hora, el porcentaje de bateria y lo mas interesante, la variacion de bateria por hora.
However, this really can vary – if you’re playing games or watching videos, your mileage will likely be different. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads A mixed Xperiance Reviewed: Sony Xperia X Performance The next generation Phone nerds, it's time to start caring about Huawei Unlocked!!!
I switched off all the battery-eating things (WIFI, GPS, Synchronisation,etc.), deleted apps I didnt need, turned down the screen at lowest brightness, restricted background data and stopped apps after each use.
I would just turn it off and then it would solve the problem until it was loaded again and I forgot to turn it off. Todos la sufrimos a diario, y ha llegado un punto en que tenemos asumido que necesitamos recargar nuestra maldita bateria cada dia. Como podeis suponer, este dato varia en cada lectura, y precisamente ver cuando aumenta o disminuye es lo que nos interesa.
Si tenemos mucha barra roja, querra decir que hemos pasado mucho tiempo con consumos altos.
I basically tried everything I saw on the forums but the battery is still going down quite quickly, and at some times it gets very hot. Todos estos datos iran quedando registrados en forma de lista, y con colores indicativos de lo positiva o negativa que es esa variacion. Un consumo de mas del 30% por hora se vera reflejado de color rojo, y segun disminuye tendremos amarillos y finalmente verde para un consumo del 1% por hora.
Si la mayor parte es amarilla o verde, quiere decir que somos unos grandes afortunados y tenemos un movil prodigio. Al menos a mi me lo ha parecido, y la tendre para ir echandole un vistazo de vez en cuando. Cada que regreso a la pantalla principal los iconos de las apss se tienen que cargar, como si estuviera entrando a una pagina de internet. Para ello hemos analizado ya decenas de aplicaciones exclusivamente dedicadas a la optimizacion de la bateria. I am thinking about changing to an Iphone if this problem persists, as I need a phone with good battery life for my job!

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