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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Installed this product to avoid the security system draining the battery flat on a 96 Volvo which is driven less than once per month (usu. This battery disconnect switch from Moroso Performance is easy to install and is required by many sanctioning bodies. This easy to install disconnect switch from Moroso Performance is required by many sanctioning bodies.
This battery disconnect switch has a rating of 2000 amps intermittent and 300 amps continuous.

Easy-install battery disconnect has a removable knob that lets you disable the battery and prevent power drain.
This compact battery kill switch is perfect for those projects with room on the top of the battery. When installed between the negative battery terminal and negative battery cable, a simple rotation of the green dial effectively isolates and disconnects the battery from the electrical system on the vehicle. Battery shut off switch can be remote mounted or where specified for saftey and convenience.
Removing the knob reduces but doesn't eliminate contact between the two sections, still allowing a minimum current flow.

Also, when I tried to install this per the instructions, the area where the negative cable goes is too small. Guess they saved on brass, but it requires shimming to make it fit, so I haven't installed my switch.

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