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World's first, Decomposing & Preventing SULFATION on Plates in Lead-acid battery by directly supplying solvated-electrons to SULFATION from Electrolyte side. It's discouraging to see how evasive you are on showing us the run down on YOUR model, A tear down and set up and schematic of what you showed us would be great, the high quality number 9 Swiss bearings found in old Hard drives is genius!!A  They alone are 20 bucks a piece retail.
One place I found thatsucceeds in merging these is the MagicMenderWizard (check it out on gogle) without a doubt thebest info that I've seen. Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash.
Please show us YOUR model in detail and not send us to some other website especially one that has a bicycle wheel model for 1100 dollars !!I am tempted to build a van-digraph generator and pulse it's output into the batteries before I spend a grand. DIY World is simply sharing experiences from an experimental project.A There are a lot of statements being thrown around that are absolutes.

How arrogant to think that the laws of physics that humans have come up with are the be-all-end-all "way it is" across the world or even the universe. We have seen throughout history all the way up to today that new discoveries can change what we think we know.When I was in school as a boy I was told the pyramids were built by slave labor using conventional means. We now know that with all of the tools, technology, and heavy equipment we have today, we would be hard pressed to do some of the things that were done thousands of years ago. We have seen proof that bacteria can not only survive in space, but can mutate and become stronger.Neither of these things have anything to do with the type of technology we are talking about here. But if ideals such as these can yield new results, then why can't energy or even physics?Even nature can still do things we can't replicate. We can't change our outward appearance like a chameleon or make ourselves glow like a lightning bug.

But we must keep trying.In 1985 I was in high school listening to some kid talk about an article on stealth aircraft. Unfortunately for him, what we know now is that the stealth was viable and had been flying secretly since like 1977 or somewhere around that time. I think about it now knowing it is real and it still is hard to believe!Lastly, I'll refer to a point by Joe Pesci's character in the movie "With Honors" in regard to the forefathers of this country. The problem is that the acid reacts with lead and once the battery is sulfated the acid chemistry is changed a bit.

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