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More Results Related to amazoncom: battery life saver bls 12Battery charger with built in Defulfator. Battery + to light blub - to transformer - to + capacitor and - of cap to - of the battery. Now turn the transformer on and the light blub turns on and the battery now is changing and discharge 50 or 60 Hz. That wall wart may be designed for something that is really 13 volts, and since the battery is so much lower, more current flows.

I saw the schematic on your website, and if you keep an eye on the battery voltage there should be no harm to the battery. Completely safe to leave it plugged into your scooter for extended periods of time: days, weeks, even months. Thanks again -- especially for your great customer service throughout the purchase and exchange.
Again, thank you for going the extra mile with your services and I will strongly recommend you to my friends and anyone else that is looking to buy a scooter.

SO, PLAN AHEAD & ORDER NOW! You will be emailed confirmation of your shipment and a tracking number. Your order will normally arrive within 2 to 6 business days AFTER the day it ships!

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